Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews - Summer Dresses

Sikuli Diamond Dress ($168)  I have the Sky Trails Maxi incarnation of this dress from last year, so I decided to give this cute geometric print version a try. I'm wearing a X-Small here, the same size I have in the Sky Trails Maxi, and the fit was spot on. Yep, even in a different print, this dress still runs huge - Anthro vanity sizing at it's finest! I thought it was cute, but I prefer the print and color of the one I already own. Pass.

Solene Maxi Dress ($168)  I was really excited to try on this dress. It's peasant chic vibe seemed right up my alley. I also liked the print and the mesh-type material which is cool for Summer and doesn't wrinkle. Sadly, the fit on me was horrible. I tried on a Small. It was too tight through the chest and the bottom portion hung away from my body in a very unflattering way. The medium would have probably been a better fit, but I was so turned off by the look of the Small that I didn't even bother to go there. Pass.

Caldera Dress ($128)  I really wanted to like this dress. Hence, the reason why I tried it on in two prints. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Medium was the right size, but the fit just didn't suit my body. It was crazy unflattering from the side. The pleating around the waist poufed out and made me look like I had gained 10 pounds. Oh well, I'll bet this dress will look great on a lot of people, just not me. Pass. 

Macrame Day Dress ($118)  I wasn't sure which color I preferred in this beauty, so I took both the black and blue versions to the fitting room with me. Once I tried them on it was no contest. The blue won hands down. It's such a gorgeous, vibrant color, and it really complimented my skin tone and hair. I'm wearing a size Small above, and it fit great although it was a little snug through the chest. In addition, the material, although comfortable, is very wrinkle-prone. Despite these negatives, I was still really digging it. I decided to try on a Medium for good measure, but the Medium looked really sloppy. The arm holes were too big and the bottom portion didn't hang as well on me as the Small. I tried the Small on once again and this time I belted it. After a second go around, I concluded that the tightness in the chest wasn't a big deal and decided to bring this one home with me. Purchased.

Sunbathed Maxi Dress ($168)  I actually purchased this one online and exchanged it in the store for the Macrame Dress above. However, I tried it on in the fitting room before I returned it in order to take a photo in it for reviews. I have a dress very similar to this that I purchased a couple of years ago. I love that dress, but I don't wear it much. It has very thin straps which means I can only wear it with that dreaded of all things - a strapless bra. I thought this version would be a more everyday alternative to that dress. Since I wanted to wear this one with flats rather than heels, I decided to order it in size Medium Petite. Big mistake. It was way too short. It had other issues, though. The fit was sort of weird through the waist, and I didn't care for the shiny, pink polyester material. It really cheapened the look of the dress to me, and for $168 the last thing you want to look is cheap. Back to the store it went. 



  1. The blue of the Macrame Day Dress is absolutely your color! It is amazing how one can scroll through blog posts, seeing clothing item, clothing item, clothing item and then POW something just leaps off the page! Same thing trying on clothes too I suppose.... we should all wait for such moments! That dress is just so perfect for you, color first but also fit and the vibe! And belted is just terrific! Glad that went home with you!

  2. Oh - wow! I'm so glad to read that you took that blue dress home - it is perfect for you - the colour, the bit of hippy-vibe of the top half, just gorgeous!

  3. Oh, and PS - Anthro should totally be paying you a commission...because I just went to check out that dress on the website, and NEVER would have considered it - looks like a sack on their model. Well done!

  4. I just tried on the Caldera dress last week and it was a NO for me, too. I really wanted to like it and it reminded me of the blue polka dot dress Kate wore to introduce baby George to the world. I still may look for the Solene Maxi Dress in my store, I just love that and I don't own a single maxi dress. Thanks for the reviews!

  5. I love the dress you purchased! PERFECTION!

  6. Bonnie, thanks for the reviews. I always like them. Very helpful. I like the dress you bought, but I especially like the ring you're wearing. Where is it from? Do you have a closeup photo of it?

  7. every dress looked blah but macrame dress looks outstanding on you and I'm glad you got it! I have to say nothing stand outs right now on the website so thank you for reviewing and showing it to us, sometimes it's so difficult to picture the dress on someone but the model, they all look flat-chested and not very flattering. Thanks again. Any good sweaters out there?

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  9. Glad your enjoyed the reviews! I purchased the Pointelle Wisp Cardigan last month, and I'm loving it. Perfect little light weight sweater!

  10. Hi, Lucy. I don't have a closeup of it. Sorry! I'll try to get one in a future post. I purchased it from The Limited last year.

  11. You don't own a single maxi dress? Good gracious woman, run out right now and buy one! Those things are fantastic!

  12. Watch it! That model might look you up and shame you for saying that dress looks like a sack on her. Stranger things have happened to me...if you remember. ;-)

  13. Wow, thanks Maggie! I'm feeling even better about my purchase now.

  14. LOL! Oh, skinny model biotch would have a fight on her hands...'cause the moon is in Cranky Phase! ;o)


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