Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bonnie's Closet: Winter Sale

Bonnie's Closet: Winter Sale: Anthropologie Dipped Lace Marled Sweater Size M - $20 shipped Anthropologie One After Another Cardigan Size S - $20 shipped ...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Party

Since I mentioned my Halloween party in my last post, I thought I would share some photos from that night. I mean, what's the point of doing anything these days if you can't show off how awesome it was on the Internet? In reality, it was very stressful and expensive. The whole day I was setting everything up for the party, I kept repeating to myself like Edgar Allan Poe's Raven, "Nevermore." I've checked this one off my bucket list, and I'm pretty sure I won't be hosting one of these again. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, even with only 4 people, but I'm no good at these things. Hosting parties doesn't come effortlessly to me like some. Martha Stewart, I ain't.
"Enter If You Dare" Luminaries
I wish I would have gotten a picture of these lit up at night. I used battery powered flicking lights, and the effect was very spooky. I ordered these orange translucent bags from Etsy. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find large orange bags, even on the Internet! Jerry printed the letters out on card stock, and then cut and adhered them to the bags with double sided tape. We threw some dirt into the bottom of them for stability. I was really happy with how they turned out. Here's a photo of the luminaries I was trying to copy. These were from Grandin Road for $100:

Our Haunted House
My 10 year old son suggested we change the 1 in our house number to a 6 for Halloween, so our house number would be "666." I never got around to doing it, but I'm so proud of my little Satanist for his creativity...

Banjo Playing Skeleton
My favorite Halloween purchase this year. I'm easily amused.

The Spooky Spread
Doesn't look like much, but damn if it didn't take me all day to make this shit.

 Spooky Tree Cheese Cubes and Spider Cheese Ball
 Vomiting Pumpkin Guacamole and Haunted Trail Mix
 Severed Finger Cookies
Tree Toothpicks from Crate and Barrel

 Eyeball Punch

Shot in the Arm
I made some really nasty shots called Gangrene to put in this arm. They were used as punishment in one of the games. I got the recipe and game idea on a Halloween forum.

 Game Station
 Tempt Your Fate
This is the only game we ended up playing since there were only 6 of us at the party. There were some prizes won, and some bad fates that everyone seemed to have a good time with. Although, one of my guests got sick from the dreaded Gangrene shot.
 Die in the Wink of an Eye
This is our spin on the Winking Murderer Game. We worked really hard on this one, so it was a shame we didn't have enough people at the party to play it. Oh, and Jerry would like everyone to know that he came up with the name...He's creative, that one.

 Wax Sealed Cards
These cards were suppose to be handed out to each person as they arrived at the party. I thought the wax seals were a nice touch.
 Murderer Card
 Victim Card
Last, but not least, some pictures of the Hostess and her extremely masculine assistant. Not many men can pull off a skirt. Nice legs, Antony!

Queen Cleopatra

 I had a hard time deciding on a costume this year. In the end, I went with Cleopatra because it looked comfortable (maxi dress, holla!), and I wanted to have fun with some eye makeup.


Cleopatra and Antony
Tragic Lovers - How Apropos!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Keep On Swingin'

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 11.00.56 PM
Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 11.02.14 PM
Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 11.02.03 PMScreen shot 2014-10-27 at 11.02.34 PM
Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 11.02.24 PM
 Ring: Lucky Brand

"She sees them walking in a straight line. That's not really her style. And they all got the same heartbeat but hers is falling behind." - Echosmith

Well, here I am wearing the dress that everyone and their sister has blogged about. This dress is one popular little number and for good reason. It's both beautiful and comfortable. It also transitions well from Summer to Fall. Oh, and most importantly, it makes me want to break out into random twirls throughout the day while singing The Sound of Music.

I must admit, though. I'm kinda jealous of this little dress's ability to be loved by the masses. I've never been one of the cool kids. If you read the comments on my last blog post then you know that I managed to piss off one of the last people who comments regularly on this here old blog. Only I could get into an argument with a reader while averaging 2 posts a month and even less comments. To say I'm not a "people person" is a bit of an understatement.

For example, take my number of followers over there on the right hand side. I have had around 360 of them for the past 3 years. That number has not budged in 3 fucking years! It's crazy, especially when you consider that I still average about 400 hits a day even with my pitiful amount of postings. I know people are looking, but they sure as hell ain't following.

It's not like a want lots of followers for the more common reasons like monetization and free stuff. Although, I'm not gonna lie that sure would be nice. I've got a pair of free glasses coming my way just for being a blogger, and you would think I had won the damn lottery because I'm so excited about it. Free stuff is all well and good, but I have more humble and corny reasons for wishing that follower number would budge a little. Put simply, I just want to be loved. I mean, isn't that what we all want, really?

I look at my kids, and I see that their main motivation for doing anything is to get approval from me and their father. "Look at this, mommy!" is probably one of the most uttered phrases in my household. I don't hear it as much from my 12 year old these days, and I guess that's the way it's suppose to be. As we get older, we should require less and less validation from others, but I believe for most of us, no matter how old we get or how hard we try to suppress it, the need to be excepted never completely goes away.

I'm reminded of this as I get ready to host my very first Halloween Party. I've always wanted to throw a Halloween party but have been too scared of the inevitable rejection that comes with either no one showing up or no one enjoying it. This year, though, I said "Fuck it!", and invited 60 people to my house for a Halloween Bash. The party is tomorrow, and I have 4 confirmed guests. 4. I'm trying to look at the bright side... At least it's not 0, and my hostess duties will be much less stressful. However, it's hard not to get discouraged when you can't even bribe people to hang out with you with the promise of free booze.

I'm trying to tell myself, though, that it's not always about me. I need to stop taking things so personally. Most of these people have kids, and it is Halloween after all. Some have to work. Some probably just don't like me, and that's okay. Life isn't all about being popular. Quality over quantity is my motto where friends are concerned. The important thing is that I don't let my insecurities keep me in the shadows like they did for so long. I need to keep putting myself out into the world, and if the world doesn't appreciate what I have to give then that's the world's problem not mine.
Cool Kids by Echosmith on Grooveshark

Monday, October 13, 2014

Bonnie's Closet: 4 Dresses For Sale

Bonnie's Closet: 4 Dresses For Sale: Anthropologie Flared Caraz Dress Size M - $45 shipped      Anthropologie  Henley Striped Day Dress Size M - $25 shipped Ant...

Tasseled Out


Booties: Ruche
"And we try in our own way to get better even if we’re alone." - Strand of Oaks
I'm back...with tassels on. It's been awhile, even for me. This has been the longest hiatus I've taken from the blog since I started it almost 5 years ago. 5 years. Damn. Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday, I was defending myself against a hoard of angry skinny Anthro bitches and trading insults with the likes of the great and powerful GOMI. Ah, those were the days.

It wasn't a planned absence or even an intentional parting of ways. No, it was a slow, gradual decline into the abyss. I lost my zest for life, and I'm just now trying to find it again. Most days, I didn't want to get up in the morning much less blog. I think I've been living in denial about entering this next stage of my life. I mean, who the hell wants to be middle-aged? Who wants to be middle anything for that matter? Middle Class, Middle Child, Middle Finger - they're all bad news. The struggle is real or in my case, surreal.

I want to know just who in the fuck is this old, fat person I'm seeing in the mirror these days. What zest I lost for life, I gained it for food. And who is this moody, deep-voiced, pimply-faced, taller-than-me person who calls me mom and suddenly knows more than me? I don't like this strange new world I find myself in. It's a world full of a stresses - emotional, physical, financial, you name it. Through it all, though, the dresses must flow. By God, the dresses must flow.   

I resorted back to old shopping habits to ease the pain, but instead of easing the pain, it just made things worse. As a result, I have a huge stack of items to return to my favorite store, and the huge task of turning my life around. One of the dresses that made the cut is the one in this post. It's just the sort of dress I need in my life right now - easy, comfortable, and fun. A reminder to not think about things so much, to be comfortable in my own skin, and to find the fun in life again.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bonnie's Closet: First Day of Fall Sale

Bonnie's Closet: First Day of Fall Sale:  Anthropologie Askew Ruffled Cardigan Size M - $25 Shipped     Anthropologie Ruched Basketry Dress Size M - $40 shipped Ant...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Earrings: Anthropologie Coined Gypsy Hoops

"We're built to last..." - The Wind and + The Wave 
I've been wanting to take photos with this tree growing out of the wall for years. I mean, how cool is it that some random tree is growing out of a wall in the middle of town, not to mention the metaphors I could write related to this sucker? However, it just hasn't been big enough to capture both me and the tree in a photo until now. I can't believe how much it's grown! It's even bearing some kind of fruit or nuts or something... See them hanging down way at the top in that last picture? Anybody know what kind of tree this is? I would love to know.
Anyway, this thing was a twig a few years back when Jerry and I first started taking photos. I figured it would die or be destroyed before it would ever get big enough for a photo. It seems like all our other photo spots are being destroyed or boarded up. The one thing this town had going for it was all the crusty, old buildings for photos. I mean, I get the ones that are being torn down because they are being rebuilt or are condemned, but I do not get putting a piece of plywood over a perfectly good door.
Given the city's new found affinity for plywood, I was glad we were able to find a new photo spot under this amazing tree. I say amazing because how the Hell does this tree survive, let alone thrive, in a fucking wall? I like to imagine there's some little gnomes or something living inside the building giving it magical fertilizer and water. More likely, there's some drug addicts in there throwing their old crack pipes and needles in it. Maybe I should call it the "Magical Crack Tree." There used to be a tree on my college campus that everyone called the "Cancer Tree" because it was full of cigarette butts...

Damn, I'm rambling. I meant to write this deep, metaphorical post about how life is like this tree, struggling to survive with the odds stacked against it, but I'm just not feeling it. Nope, I'm fresh out of hope today. I'm getting old, my kids are getting old, Robin Williams is dead... The world seems like a dark place.

I wish it didn't bother me so much that time keeps marching on and things keep changing. I suppose I should be glad that my kids are growing up, thriving, and becoming individuals, but instead it fills me with great sadness. Like, my heart physically hurts when I think about it. It seems so surreal that my baby making days are over, that yet another chapter in my life has come to close. I feel that I'm edging ever closer to becoming obsolete like the boarded up buildings in town. I have 10 more years with my kids and then what? It's a scary fucking thought.

 Sorry to be all pessimistic and shit, but just keeping it real, folks. Something about this tree is comforting, though. It reminds me that even though our circumstances may be different the cycle of life is pretty much the same for us all. There are plenty of things we can't change about life, but we do have control over how we perceive it during the short time we are here.

From the Wreckage Build a Home by The Wind and The Wave on Grooveshark