OOTD: Hues Ascending Cardigan

It's Friday! I for one will be glad to bid this week adieu. It has not been a good one for me. It started with doctors appointments for my boys where I found out my oldest needs glasses. Then I got 2 phone calls from school about my younger boy's behavior. Then there was the "you're not a good mom" Facebook drama, and all the kids had cavities at the dentist yesterday! To top things off, I've had a ugly red zit on my nose the past couple of days which my younger son thought he needed to point out for me at dinner last night. "Mom, you've got a big red zit on your nose." To which I replied "Yes, honey, thanks for pointing that out for me." It's got to get better right?
I ended up purchasing the Hues Ascending Cardigan on sale last week. I'm wearing it today and feel very Robin Hood-esque in this outfit. This cardigan is so flowy, I felt I needed to wear something form fitting at the bottom, so I broke out the "jeggins". Looking at these pictures, I think the jeggins make my butt look big. Oh well, I'll just tell myself I look bootylicious! LOL! Have a great weekend!

Sweater: Anthropologie Hues Ascending Cardigan

Jeans: Joe's Super Stretch Jeggins

Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots

Ring: Banana Republic - very old

Bracelet: The Limited

Hair Pin: Anthropologie



  1. Aww look at it this way, it's Friday! :) Your son is so cute to point out the zit. Kids can be so funny huh? I hope you have a wonderful weekend to just relax and recoup from today!

  2. Oh I'm sorry it's been a bad week - you are like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible No Good Very Bad Day! So it's bound to get better!
    This cardi is so cute- I was wondering about it! I am sooo excited- my Anthro had a huge sale last night -they had found some hidden sale items and by the time they got them out they were at lowest cut! Whoo-hoo. I never find Anthro cheap! Was there anything in particular you were looking for I could pick up for you? I got the Chromatic Canvas Dress, SunWashed Spots Dress, Charted Course Tank, Raccoon Rumpus Blouse, Keeping Tabs Tee, Free Flow Tank!

  3. I wish I was brave enough to wear jeggings. They look so cute on others, but I'm afraid that if I already hate how I look in normal jeans that I'll really hate how i look in jeggings. I guess I just need to try a pair out huh?

  4. YOu and your outfit are super hot !!!!!!!!! FEFE

  5. Bootylicious Bonnie! you look super! That cardi is so nice on you. ANd your jewellery and hairpin adds the perfect touch!

  6. love the cardi! you look fab!! have a great day :0)

  7. Hi Bonnie! Love your blog! I wore my hues ascending cardi the other day and someone asked me if I was expecting! Um, no. LOL!!! I should have paired it with something more fitted on the bottom, but I was at work so I thought better. Oh well!


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