Winter Wonderland

Well, we finally got some snow! I was skeptical when it was 50 degrees yesterday afternoon, but it started falling in the middle of the night and it hasn't stopped yet! It is just gorgeous! The kids went out in it and rode the new golf cart their Grandaddy got them for Christmas. About 15 minutes and they were done. They were all complaining they were cold and ready to go inside. LOL! My poor husband had to stay out and finish the snow woman. He did a great job! Then I went out and decorated her. I gave her pecan eyes, a fake carrot nose from my daughters kitchen, a twig mouth, and accessories from J Crew. Of course, I got my husband to take some photos of me while we were out there. I'm wearing a headwrap and fingerless gloves/mittens from Charlotte Ruche. I love this headwrap because it keeps my head warm, but it doesn't give me "hat hair."

I have tomorrow off, and I plan on doing absolutely nothing. I took my Christmas tree down and cleaned my house today, so I have all my work done and can spend the rest of my holiday relaxing. I'm hoping to get some more pretty pictures in the snow tomorrow. Have a great night!

Snow 098

Snow 040

Snow 032

Snow 029

Snow 068

Posing with Fiona the Fashionable Snow Woman

Snow 094

Headwrap and Mittens: Charlotte Ruche
Coat: Ruche
Jeans: AE Jeggings
Boots: Target Kaden Boots



  1. you look adorable in your winter wear! Enjoy your day off!

  2. Ahhh the snowwoman!! looks adorable, bravo to your hubby.
    Love your coat Bonnie - it's so perfect and cute for the kind of weather you are experiencing. have a good time relaxing :-)

  3. love love love the headwrap and look so cute! My boys would be jealous of all that snow...they'd love it!

  4. Aaw you look so warm and cozy in the snow! Enjoy your day off doing nothing, sounds like bliss to me. I managed to pick up a cold on Christmas eve so I'd love a day on the sofa doing nothing watching tv :)

  5. Beautiful snow pictures!! You look cute and cozy! :-)

  6. I just love that coat and the hat together. So cute! And the snowman! Ahhh...just lovely. I wish we got snow this Christmas!

  7. I love your boots! Are they the tan or grey or black ones?

  8. Cailean: They are the grey ones.


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