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Good morning readers, all 61 of you! I don't know if it was the Babergh Dress review or the fact that I mentioned having a contest, but I went from 47 to 61 readers overnight! I'm so thankful for each and every one of you! So, a few ladies had specific questions about the Babergh Dress, so I decided to go back to Anthro yesterday and try on the 8 again. I wanted to try a 10 also, but as luck would have it, the store didn't have a 10, so I tried on a 12. First up, size 8.
The size 8 is tight, but not uncomfortably so. I had to struggle a little with the zipper around the rib cage area, but I was able to get it zipped. The top portion is made out of silk and very soft and the bottom is made out of a very heavy cotton. The cotton has a very rough feel to it on the outside, but not on the inside. There is not much give to the skirt portion because of the material, but I did a sit test and was able to sit comfortably in the size 8.
The side view doesn't look as good as the front view to me. You can really tell my boobs are packed in there! The skirt looks fine, though. You can tell I have some room in the back, so I think the skirt portion fits perfect.
Here is my major problem with the dress. Even though I could barely get the zipper up, it gaps over the top of my breast. This is something that got worse when I sized up to the 12. I think this is because the scoop is too wide for my frame.
Again, I think the skirt portion fit well. Not too tight, not too loose.
I don't like the way the material is cutting into my back fat! Not flattering!
The conclusion with the size 8 is that the skirt portion fits well, but the top is too tight for my size D cups. Sizing up to a 10, might help with this, but I would definitely have to get some alterations to fix the gaping scoop neck.
Next, I tried on a size 12. This was definitely easier to zip up. I like the fit up top much better than the 8. However, the skirt portion was too big.

The "girls" are happier! LOL!
Still gaping around the neck.
My back fat is not being cut into, so that is a good thing, but there is too much room in the skirt portion.
The conclusion on the size 12 is that I like the fit better on the top portion except for the weird gaping around the neck. However, the skirt portion is too roomy.
I honestly don't think this dress was cut for the hourglass figure. If I was going to get this, I would probably size up to a 10 and have the gaping around the top altered.
I hope this review was helpful! If you have any specific questions, comment below and I will do my best to answer them. Since I've hit 50 followers, I will have details about the contest very soon. I hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Thanks so much for detailed reviews! I blogged about your first look at this dress the other night and linked your site, so maybe that drove up traffic?:)

    I must have this dress!!!!!

  2. I think the dress looks great on you, by the way. I would consider getting the 10 and having it altered on top. I already know I'm going to have to alter the top in my size, because Floreat tops run huge on me.

  3. I love this dress. But must order from online sight unseen. It would really help me out if you could answer a couple questions?
    How did you feel about the stiff cotton skirt fabric?
    Would you say the dress is TTS?
    I don't like the corsage on the shoulder. Did you happen to notice if the flowers can be easily removed?

    Thanks, Laura

  4. Hello! New follower here! I joined not because of the Babergh dress or the contest, but because I followed the link from Chrissy's blog - and I'm glad I did! You're roughly my size/measurements, so your reviews are incredibly helpful - thanks! (PS - I think this dress looks amazing on you - hope the 10 works out)

  5. Chrissy: Thanks for the shout out on your blog! It looks like I have you to thank for my surge in followers. I can't wait to see how this dress looks on you!

    Laura: Personally, the fabric on the bottom is not my favorite. It's very still and heavy, almost like denim. I would say the dress fits true to size on the bottom, but it runs small up top. I didn't really notice if the flower could be easily removed or not, sorry!

    Tracy: Welcome and Thanks! I'm going to get my husband to measure me today and then I will post them on the blog, so that should give you a better idea on how we compare. I'm definitely an hourglass figure which sometimes is a blessing and a curse! LOL!

  6. hi,

    started following also from a link on chrissy's blog. i follow hers as well. i love this dress on you. unfortunately, doesn't work for me.


  7. Laura: I just read a review on Anthro's website that said the stiching on the flowers could be easily removed! Hope this helps! :-)

  8. Bonnie, thanks so much for the more detailed review. I really appreciated it. I was worried all along that the scoop neck was a little too wide - not sure why Anthro does this. I think the dress silhouette and shape is lovely, but read more than one comment on the website about the bottom of the skirt being a bit strange( someone said they felt like they were wearing a chenille bedspread!), and other people commented that the skirt colors were dull, so I'm on the fence about this one. I went from definitely wanting to order it to now not being sure!

    Your review has definitely helped me be closer to making a decision though.

    On the top of the dress (wide neck), -question - does it seem to you as if this could be altered to be a cutre, regular (non-wide) scoop neck? That is how I thought it was when I saw the original product shot.

    Thanks again and your review of this dress is much appreciated!


  9. Also - just joined as a follower! I had seen your website before, but you were the first blogger to do a dressing room review of the Babergh - and, especially, your being responsive and giving us a more detailed, in-depth 2nd review of it to answer questions made me a confirmed follower! Thanks!


  10. Heidi: So glad your a follower! I'm not an expert in sewing, but I do think the neck could be altered to be less wide.

  11. Thanks for your opinion Bonnie. I'm a "local" follower also - Raleigh! Go NC! :))


  12. Hi!

    Just saw your review. I have to order online - I'm pear shaped, much larger on the bottom. Do you think I should size up? I'm undecided!

    Thanks for the review!

  13. New follower! Sorry the dress didn't work for you, but I think it does look gorgeous on you. Maybe when it goes on sale, it would be worth getting altered?

  14. Chic Girl: I don't think you should size up. The hip fit true to size. The top was the problem for me.


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