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Dress: Anthropologie Hanhaba Dress
Sweater: The Limited
Shoes: AE
Earrings: Anthropologie Cloud Cover Earrings

"When your heirloom's wilted brown, when the devil's pushing down, when your mourning has a sound, and you hesitate to laugh, how quickly will your joy pass?" - Sufjan Stevens

I sure am glad to see Friday. This has been one hellacious week. I literally didn't sit down to eat something until 9pm last night. I think I'm probably happier than my kids that I don't have to do homework tonight. Oh, and in response to the commenter who doesn't understand why I help my kids with their homework, I just really feel they need the help. My 10 year old only needs help on studying for tests and such which usually consists of calling out words to him. My 8 year old has ADHD and ODD, so he needs special attention, and by special attention I mean I have to get the fly swatter out just to make him sit down at the table.  Lastly, my 5 year old has just started school, so I want to help her until she gets the hang of things.

I always know the week with my kids is going to be hectic, but I feel like I'm never fully prepared for it. Jerry and I went to the county fair last weekend. It's was the first time I've been to the fair without kids in tow since I was a teenager. We had a blast! I felt so carefree. I remember telling Jerry while we were there that we needed to soak it up while it lasted, because the kiddos were coming the next day, and we would have to be responsible adults again. I didn't know at the time how truly rough this week would be. We've gone from two teenagers in love to two old, tired strangers in a span of a week. The demands of 3 kids can really take it's toll on a relationship. I think it's a testament to how much we love each other that we have made it this far. I mean, think about it. We moved in together, had 3 kids, and bought/remodeled a house all in the span of a year. Just one of those things can often break a relationship.

It's also helped that I have received a lot of support from Jerry's family. When my own family abandoned me, they were there, making a complete stranger feel welcomed. They really have been great. In some ways, I feel closer to them than my own family. I can certainly talk to them about things that I couldn't with my own family. They are so open and warm. They give each other big hugs, and even include me. I got hugs the first time I met them. My family doesn't do hugs.

I was especially touched when a couple of months ago one of Jerry's sisters gave me the ring you see in the above photos. It is so special to me because it was their mom's ring. Jerry's mom died a few years ago, so I never got to meet her. He often says we were a lot alike, and he thinks she would have really liked me. I'm honored that I get to wear the ring of a woman who taught her children to be so kind and accepting of others. I only hope I can instill the same values in my own children.         

Sufjan Stevens - Heirloom




  1. Somebody questioned that fact that you help your children with their homework???!!!!! (*Sigh.)

    That must be a really nice feeling, being loved not just by your man, but also by his entire family. Like a triple sundae with 30 cherries on top.

  2. Lovely story behind the ring. Hugs are important! My in laws are much more affectionate than my own family too.


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