Swept Away

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Dress: Anthropologie Cinch and Flow Maxi Chemise
Shoes: AE
Necklace: Anthropologie

"I get swept away when I think of you. Take me to that place. Your words control my moves." - The XX

I was having a hard time with the wind while taking these pictures. My hair kept blowing in my face, and I was fighting as best I could to push it back. Jerry told me to just let it blow in my face. I felt stupid, standing there with my hair all in my face, but he kept telling me I looked beautiful. I wasn't expecting much when I took a look at these pictures, but I was shocked to see that the ones with my hair in my face were the best ones in the bunch.

I have a tendency to want to control everything in my life. It causes me a lot of stress. It's so nice to have someone around to remind me to just let go.

The xx - Swept Away




  1. Great dress! I feel like you'll get so much wear out of it.... works well for all seasons... and you can change the look with layering...love!

  2. I love your lip gloss in these photos! Do you mind telling me what color it is?

  3. the last 3 sentences describe me perfectly - i've been struggling with this lately myself. thanks for the reminder. :) you look beautiful, love your dress!


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