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Whew! It's been a long day! 4 hours of driving in the rain has worn me out, but it was so worth it! I met up at Anthropologie with fellow bloggers Erin from Designer Me and Dea from The Dea Diaries. They are just as sweet, beautiful, and fashionable in real life as they are in blogger world. We had such a great time browsing around the store, talking, and eating a yummy dinner at Cheesecake Factory (my first time eating there).

I got there an hour earlier than the other girls, so I could do some dressing room reviews. As luck would have it I fell in love with an expensive dress and cardigan. I ended up getting them in exchange for some items I returned. Of course, it wasn't an even exchange, so I just told hubby to deduct it from my shopping money for January. He was pretty cool about it! He's too good to me!

It was really great getting to know these girls better. I even found out I've been pronouncing Dea's name wrong all this time. I always thought it was pronounced "d" like the letter d, but she told me that it's pronounced "day-ah." Such a pretty name! Leave it too a small town Southern girl like me to mess up that pronunciation! LOL!

My outfit today consisted of another dress I bought without my husband's consent. Do you see a pattern developing here? My poor, poor husband! I saw that this one was starting to sell out online, so I decided to go ahead and get it. I was hoping I wouldn't like it, but oh no, I pretty much love it. My husband loved it too, so he was cool with me keeping it. I didn't take these outfit pictures until I got home, so that's why I look so rough. The last picture is a look of, "Please get this picture over with so I can get into my pajamas!" LOL! I'll have some reviews coming soon. Have a good night!

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Bloggers 006

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Cardigan: The Limited
Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots
Ring and Earring: The Limited



  1. How fun getting together!! I'm happy you got to meet your blogging buddies!

  2. Super-cute post Bonnie and it was so so nice being able to meet you IRL! No worries about the name mis-pronounciation, it has happened so many times I'm just used to it! I love that picture of us at the store, we should have taken more and used the tree as a prop! Enjoy your new purchases and look forward to seeing them on the blog soon.

  3. It sounds like you three had a bang-up time hanging out together. And I would have mispronounced Dea's name as well -- the correct pronounciation is definitely more fitting, now that I know it!

    And the Easy-as-Pie dress looks fabulous on you. It is most definitely your style. I saw it in store and nearly swooned -- the bright honeysuckle (apparently the IN color for 2011) skirt was just stunning in person). Definitely worth breaking a shopping ban over. So good your husband is understanding! My BF rolls his eyes at my love of shopping, but admits that he has no say until we have join checking!

  4. Lovely picture at the top of the post, I too say 'D'ea in my head but I'll try to pronounce it properly from now on!

    The Easy as Pie dress looks great too. Were the SAs aware that you were all bloggers meeting up?

  5. How incredibly fun to get together and shop with kindred spirits! I love the group shot of you pretty girls! You look great in the Easy as Pie Dress!

  6. Aww, I love this picture of us in the store! So cute!! :)


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