Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews - Round 1

I made a trip to Anthropologie over the Easter holiday to pick up a dress on my wish list that went on sale. Of course while I was there, I took the opportunity to try on some of the new offerings. I was excited to see a couple of items I had been dying to try on for awhile now were in the store this time around. In fact, I tried on so many things that I'm going to split these reviews into 2 posts. Up first, 5 boho inspired dresses.

Arched Careena Dress ($158). This dress caught my eye online a few weeks ago. I recently sold my Laced With Grace Dress due to an overabundance of green dresses in my closet, so I was intrigued when I saw a similar silk dress by Lil. I think this one is a better silhouette for my body, and it's available in 3 different colors, none of them being green. I was torn between the blue and cream colorways, but ultimately decided to take the blue back to the fitting room with me. I tried on a size 8 since I figured I would need a little extra room for the buttons at the chest. The fit was perfect. I really love this dress and have moved it to the top of my wish list.

Flared Caraz Dress ($158). I was drawn to this dress in the store for it's lightweight fabric and bright, bold print. I tried on my usual size medium in Weston Wear, and it fit great. It's such a fun, no-fuss dress. You just pull it on and go. The length was perfect, hitting me just above the knee. Yet another cute dress added to my wish list. Damn you, Anthro! I need to buy a couch for my new house. I don't need this temptation in my life right now!

Scattered Stellata Dress in Navy ($128).  I just can't quit this dress. I tried on the other print in my last set of reviews, and it was all kinds of wrong on me. I was so disappointed, because I wanted it to work so bad. I rationalized with myself this time that a darker color would work better, so I grabbed a size medium in the darker print and headed back to the fitting room. Yeah, the color ain't the problem. It's my stupid, flabby body that clearly isn't meant for a dress like this. I just need to face the facts and let this one go.

Urcos Handkerchief Dress ($118).  Now, that's better. I saw this cute little number belted on a manequinn in the store. Love, love, love this dress! I didn't think it would work for me because it's strapless, but it did! The elastic band around the top is awesome! It's tight enough that it doesn't slip down, but it doesn't cause underarm fat rolls either. My strapless bra will work just fine under this. And the print? Have I mentioned the print? So cute! I'm also digging the asymmetrical hem line. Basically, I love everything about it. I've always wanted a cute little handkerchief dress, but my chest has always gotten in the way. No more! Purchased. 

Mirror-Dotted Maxi Dress ($228). I've been wanting to try on this dress since the moment I saw it online. I searched for it the last time I was in the store, but the SA told me that they hadn't gotten it in yet. So, I was very excited when I saw it hanging in the store this time. I grabbed a size 6, and it fit beautifully. I will warn you, though. This dress is a beast to get into. It has a virtual medley of snaps, zippers, and hook and eye closers to go through, but once it's on, it's worth it. The only negative is the material. I didn't read the description online and assumed by looking at it and from the price that it was made from a high quality cotton knit. Nope. It's rayon. I was a little shocked by that, but, on the bright side, it definitely justifies waiting for this pricey dress to go on sale before purchasing it. I just hope it doesn't go on sale until next month cause mama needs that couch. 



  1. Hi, Bonnie! Thanks for the reviews. I really like the Arched Careena dress on you; it flatters in all the right places. I have been lusting after that dress but so far resisted trying it on for fear of plunking down the moola that I don't have to spend right now. I've followed you for awhile and really love your blog. I think we are kindred spirits in that we like to shop a whole lot and mostly at Anthro so I hope you will check out my brand new blog. Thanks.

  2. Dress 1: Love the shape and color on you :) Dress 2: I think your figure is much better than that dress is giving you. Dress 3: I like..not sure what you're seeing that we are not. Dress 4: I think totally "fits" you, personality and stylistically Dress 5: Stunning :D

  3. Oh my goodness. So many pretty new dresses at Anthropologie! The Arched Careena dress is seriously perfect on you. As for the Scattered Stellata, I don't think your body is the problem-- loose-on-the-top-tight-on-the-bottom is a universally unflattering silhouette. Even when Sandra Bullock tried to wear it to the Oscars. It just doesn't work on most people. (Although I think it works better for you than you're giving yourself credit for-- the other dresses just seem more special.)

    Can't wait for the rest of the reviews!

    xo Julie

  4. I love the first dress too. Looks great on you.

  5. Love the first and fourth dress! I just bought the Arched Careena dress and think it's one of the best dresses in a long time at anthro!

  6. I had to comment. You really look good in all the items. The Maxi dress is gorgeous. There is no way it would look that way on me (too short, too busty and too thick waisted). And from looking at your blog for a few months now, I concur, the strapless dress looks like your style. I think that was a great purchase. It's funny how we may like certain items but it is good to keep in mind what we really will end up wearing and not just fall for the garment because it's beautiful. That is the only way I can keep my anthro purchases to a decent level...

  7. Totally agree with Julie Rose Sews - and Sandra Bullock was the perfect example. Freakin' love the maxi dress!

  8. Blue dress is PHENOMENAL! Maxi dress is a close second but it looks a little sheer. Love the fitting room reviews, as always. Gives me ideas for my birthday discount I get this month! :)

  9. Does the Mirror-Dotted Maxi Dress require a slip? I love it, but I don't know if I would wear it much if a slip was required.

  10. No, it's lined. I had on black panties this day, and you can see them if you try really hard, but for black panties under a white dress I'd say that's pretty good.


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