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Tights: Hue
Shoes: Blowfish Blyth Booties

"I'm wearing my new dress tonight...Where have all the cowboy's gone?" - Paula Cole

Well, check me out! My whole damn outfit is new and from Anthropologie, and I'm loving it! I really needed a little pick me up today because it has been a horrendous week at work. As a Database Analyst/Information Reporter, the first of the year is the busiest time for me. People be trippin' for their reports! I know what you're going to say. I'm suppose to find fulfillment within myself and not use clothing as a crutch during the bad times. Yeah, you're right, but screw it, maybe some other time. For now, I'll just be shallow and enjoy my new outfit.

I'm wearing three of my new items. I originally planned to wear the belt over the sweater, but I found this sweater a little too bulky to belt, so I opted to wear it over the dress instead. I also intended to wear my saddle colored Frye boots, but at the last second I changed my mind and went with tights and booties. I'm really happy with how this outfit turned out, and I love that I can mix and match these three items with many different things in my closet. My only fear was the metallic threads in the sweater would be too shiny in the light of day, but they turned out to be just the right amount of shiny.

I've introduced Jerry to another one of my favorite TV shows this week: Deadwood. I love me a good Western, and Deadwood is so endearing with all that violence, whoring, and cussing. We were watching the second episode last night and one particular scene really struck a chord with me. A lady came down for breakfast in a hotel, and all the men stood up and removed their hats when she walked into the room. I looked at Jerry and said, "Wow, that's pretty cool." Call me old fashioned, but I really like that sort of thing. You know, chivalry and all. I know what you're going to say again. If women want equal rights then chivalry must die. Yeah, I guess you're right again, but screw it, I want to have my cake and eat it too. Hell, the way work has been going lately, I'd be cool with being a homemaker. Well, on second thought, that wouldn't bode too well for my Anthro addiction. Never mind.  

Paula Cole - Where Have All the Cowboys Gone



  1. I think you say stuff just to piss people off.

    I have tried really hard to like you.
    But, sorry- another reader...GONE.

    You know how boring you would be without all the controversy surrounding you, so you have to make stupid comments to keep people interested.
    Chivalry may be dead- but your bad attitude isn't.
    (And ya it was the equal rights /chivalry comment that made me cross the line from disliking you to hating case you were wondering.)

  2. Ummm ahhh Bonnie! You're gonna be in so much trouble when your haters see this outfit!

    Great combination though! Would that cardi/sweater work with the other color version of the dress too?

  3. Everything looks great together - that belt will become a staple, I'm betting. My brother and I LOVE Deadwood - Al is our favourite - the swearing!! Makes us laugh our asses off.

  4. Thanks! Swearengen is my favorite too! C***suckers! LOL!

  5. Thanks, Anna! I don't think so. I think the print on the other version would clash with the stripes in this sweater. It would be too much going on, ya know? That's one of the main reasons I opted for this version. It goes with more and is easier to style.

  6. Why so serious? Glad you decided to move on. This is clearly not the place for you.

  7. I hear ya. Equal rights is a great thing. No one wants to be barefoot and pregnant and tied down but I would totally LOVE to stay at home, paint, and take care of my house. I wouldn't even every day. What's so wrong with wanting that?

  8. I love the dress! I also love the last photo and how beautiful your eyes look!

  9. I just like the other colour too, so want to see you wearing it before it goes on sale so I can snap it up then! Kinda hard making purchases from across the globe when I can't try things on, so I rely on people like you to sell it to me! Not that I'm enabling or anything! ;o)

  10. I'm a pretty hardcore feminist and I think chivalry is great--albeit, a more modern version. I think the world is a much better place when everyone (regardless of gender) behaves with courtesy. In my opinion, there's no excuse for letting doors slam in other people's faces or shoving past others without saying "excuse me."

    My fiance and I are big fans of Deadwood, too. We have the whole series on DVD. Now you've made me want to watch it all again!

  11. Bonnie,

    I have never commented before. I really like you and like your blog an do not judge you for your decisions because they are just that, yours, not mine. I do feel like you have a lot of negative things to say and yes it is your blog but I just wonder how you stay afloat. If it were me I would be so down hearing negative things about myself, my choices an my life all the time. It seems to me like you're trying to pretend that all those negative things don't bother or affect you but really, they deeply affect you which is why you go on major defense and try to make "jokes" about it all. The thing about life is, you're never going to get everyone to like you, it's impossible. So just take it with grace and really don't let it get to you because there are people that don't like all of us. I wish you would stop with all the "hater" and "I don't give a crap" talk, it makes it really hard to read. I am in no way a hater and do not mean any of this in a rude way, just trying to give a little constructive criticism.

    I challenge you: stop caring (or try) if people don't like you and make a conscious effort to stop addressing negativity on your blog. Not to say you can't say you had a horrible day at work, that happens. But I someone comments on your blog saying they think you look awful, don't write a paragraph about it the next day. I challenge you to that. And after practicing that for a while, see how you feel. I guarantee you will be a lot happier.

  12. Meredithenglish1234January 19, 2012 at 3:12 PM

    I agree these jerks don't deserve your time. I would not be surprised if they enjoy the attention you are giving them. Once you stop acknowleding it they will go away.

  13. You offend utterly affabble readers every single time u post irritating details about shitstorms.

  14. thank you for all the dressing room pics and angles of the clothing, it really helps me decide what i'm gonna buy,i currently live overseas and can only shop anthro online right now, and your blog helps since we have similar measurements. i ended up buying the same belt in M , it is now sold out online in that size, so i was glad i gotta snatch it up.

  15. I've also never commented before...I felt bad for you at first, but you've really convinced me to not like you. Another reader lost. You're just kind of bitchy. Learn to be a bigger person and IGNORE the comments people make. Instead, you just make yourself look worse. Sad.

  16. HAHAHAAH!! EXACTLY. Have you seen him in the movie "44 Inch Chest"? My brother made me watch it - brilliant!

  17. I love the look, the sweater and dress look great together! And I like your attitude, stay strong!

  18. I love your outfit - all the components are on my wish list. I'm glad you treated yourself! I'm a big proponent of retail therapy :)

    I've always admired people who have the courage to expose themselves in some way - song writers, novelists, bloggers. I think it takes a lot of strength of character to be able to reveal your inner thoughts and your experience; especially the things that people are likely to judge. I also think it's interesting when people have a strong negative reaction to what someone has shared. I think it reveals a lot about them as well...maybe they are reacting to the parts of themselves that they find most difficult to accept. It's a lot easier to take that out on someone else. Especially for the people that react anonymously.

  19. I think this is flattering to your figure and the colors look great on you. I'm glad you did the belt over the dress, not the sweater. Just a personal preference, but I'm not a fan of belted sweaters. This outfit looks great!

  20. Hey Bonnie - I love the look! I, too, make myself feel better with clothes... so if there are some people that wanna judge me - I say if you are perfect, then you have the right to throw stones at me. And I live in an RV - so I REALLY DON'T HAVE THE ROOM for anything new! (Don't tell my 2 new pairs of shoes and 2 tops that are the way to my rig there really isn't room for them... it might hurt their feelings! LOL!) Anyway, I love the outfit and you look really cute in it. Have a great weekend! Wishing you enough (that'a a whole other story), Cheers! Sherry xoxo


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