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Jeans: AE Jeggings
Earrings: Target
"The golden years are meant to leave a gleam in your eye. You're starting to discover it's a great big lie." - Brandon Flowers 
Whew! I'm finally getting some time to catch my breath. The kids just left for their dad's and here I sit by myself. As usual, I've gone from complete chaos to complete silence in a matter of minutes. I don't think I will ever get used to that. We had a good weekend, though. We probably should have gotten out more because the weather has been gorgeous, but we ended up just hanging out in the house, watching scary moves and eating candy corn. The kids seemed to enjoy the low key weekend, and after the busy week I had, I know I did.
My hectic week in real life certainly didn't help me get caught up on outfit photos on here. Not only am I behind, but I'm still modeling clothing better suited for warm weather. I must say I'm jealous of all the beautiful Fall styles I've seen on other bloggers, but up until this past week, it's still been in the 80's around here. In fact, I just about sweated to death in that maxi dress from my last post. Not to worry, though, I've got some Fall-esque outfits coming up real soon.
This outfit was from the Friday before last and features another piece from Old Navy. They've had some really good sales going on there lately, so I took advantage and picked up a few things. You can expect to see a couple more items from there in the posts to come. Jerry thought the colors in this top would look good in a field of those yellow flowers he has seen popping up lately around ditch banks and such. I told him it was called Goldenrod and that some people were extremely allergic to it. We set out looking for some and got lucky and found this little patch of it in the middle of town. Well, I say lucky, but maybe I wasn't so lucky since my allergies kicked into overdrive after this photo shoot.
I guess in my mind I still think I'm young and invincible. I never had allergy issues in my twenties. I was talking about this very subject with some friends yesterday. We were discussing how many people got injured a couple of years ago when the company I work for decided to have a kickball team. We had a good laugh about how us 30-somethings still think we can move like we could 10 years ago and end up paying the price for it. I came to the conclusion that sports teams for out of shape old people is never a good idea. Apparently, taking a stroll through Goldenrod in your golden years can be hazardous to your health as well. I've got a ways to go until I'm in my golden years, but, just to be safe, I think I'll stick to photos next to brick walls and abandoned buildings for the next few weeks. 

Brandon Flowers - The Clock Was Tickin




  1. The outfit looks like it wears so comfortably. And I love your hair in a braid. The earrings give the ensemble that extra touch of color. Love it!

  2. These are such dreamy photos. You look beautiful, Bonnie!


  3. LOVE the top, Bonnie! I hear ya on the late developing allergy thing. It's happening to me too.


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