Guest Post: Wet Weather Fashion Advice for Those of You on the Other Side of the Pond

Get in gear for the wet weather

UK women – and more importantly – their wardrobes, can't hide from the wet weather much longer, so now's the time to get your style weatherproofed.
The British summer is often linked with a few days of hot sunny weather amid rain and wind, before it arrives, inevitably late. This year it's taking its time to arrive due to currents of warm air lying further south than normal. If you've already packed up your sun cream, summer dresses and sandals until next year, then you've got the ideal space to replace these items with trend-setting wet weather gear.
Shake off the rain
British ladies are used to a bit of rain and showers throughout the day – but your wardrobe may not stretch to continual showers week after week. If you're tired of wearing the same coat then invest in one of this season's fashionable raincoats. Trench-style cuts may not be 100 per cent waterproof, but light materials will dry quickly and the classic look of trench coats has staying power, meaning you can wear it as the seasons change. Bold colours are on-trend and for added effect, buy one with bright prints on its inner lining. Button designs are more traditional, but for a twist try out zip or toggle types.

Keep dry and accessorise
Wrestling with umbrellas in windy weather will leave you and your accessories open to the elements. Get a good quality umbrella to avoid the worst happening and for extra oomph co-ordinate with a weatherproof handbag. Perspex pouches are bright, while leather satchels have a timeless appeal. Even in if you own a waterproof handbag, your phone could still get wet. A rainproof cover will help to keep out moisture and special water-repellent sprays can also guard against water damage.

Shop smart
Racing around shops and trying to hide from the rain can really put a dampener on shopping trips – especially if you haven't got your wet weather style sorted yet. Make sure you wear layers while you're out, as muggy weather can hit, as can the cold. Shopping online is another option and you can co-ordinate outfits from different brands as you sit in the comfort of your home. Collect Plus delivery schemes also mean you don't have to wait in for your gear to arrive, but you can collect the goods from an agreed outlet at a time that suits you.



  1. Morning Bonnie!
    This made me giggle, the weather really isn't all that bad here! Maybe I'm lucky as I live in the south and we avoided all the floods in Yorkshire/Northumberland this week but in general it doesn't rain for days and days on end. Autumn has arrived, it is cool in the mornings, anywhere between 6-10 degrees at present but the last few days have been bright, sunny and crisp.

    We had a fairly good summer down here as well, it started at the end of March before I went back to work and extended to early September, granted with cooler periods in between but that just meant everything in my wardrobe got an outing this year :-D

    Louise x


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