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Top: Anthropologie Printed Boy Tee

Jeans: Pilcro High-Waisted Flares

Shoes: Anthropologie Wishbone Wedges

"A laundry list of all my wrongs, but at the end of the day this is my beautiful disaster piece I've made." - John Mayer

Sometimes I get really overwhelmed by all the things wrong in my life. Most days I'm able to focus on the positives, but somedays it seems like my brain just wants to focus on the negatives. So, I've decided that when this happens I will make a laundry list of all the positives in my life in order to not get lost in my negative thoughts.

Yesterday's negativity was brought to me by the torture device known as the swimsuit. I've pretty much avoided swimsuits since having my last child. Let's just say after 3 kids, my stomach ain't what it used to be. I've avoided situations that require a swimsuit like the plague. However, I've decided that it is just plain sad that my children have not been to the beach in years. In fact, my poor daughter has never been. This is made even more sad by the fact that we live an hour away from the beach. Shame on me! So, I've decided to bite the bullet and purchase a swimsuit to wear to an impending trip to the beach. (Cue the scary music.)

The good news is it's a good time of the year to get a swimsuit on sale. The bad news is my options are very limited. I need a supportive top and belly coverage in a color that flatters my pale skin. I looked around and focused my search at J Crew. I thought I was limited to a one piece or a tankini. I hate both. Which is the lesser of two evils? It's hard to say. I feel so uncomfortable in one pieces, and just the name "tankini" makes me cringe. I decided to go with a one piece in a cute print. It arrived yesterday, and it was too big and the girls had absolutely no support. So, my search began again. After hours of searching in vain, I had a breakdown. I cried, cursed my body, and went to sleep with a crying headache.

A new day brought a new perspective. I decided that I was going to try to find a bikini that would work for me. I discovered a retro style high-waisted bikini bottom at J Crew that would do a good job of covering my stomach. I'm afraid it's going to look granny on me, but I decided to take the risk, because if it works, it could be the solution to all my swimsuit problems. My girls at work made me feel better by telling me that I could probably pull off the high-waisted look because I have really great legs. This reminded me of my list of positives. I added great legs to the list. Take that, flabby stomach! So, I placed an order for a polka dotted one. I'm not usually a polka dotted person, but I thought the polka dots gave it even more of that retro feel. Plus, my man said he thought I would look cute as a button in it. (Added "man" to the laundry list) I really hope the polka dots come through for me. Otherwise, I might be going to the beach in clothes.

This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday - John Mayer



  1. Hi, Bonnie:

    Did you check at athleta? They have great selections. I am skinny but I am also concious about my stomach area after having kids. After searching,I found mine from Athleta.

  2. Try Esther Williams, they have great swimsuits that are very flattering!

  3. I just wanted to say I love this looks like you have stepped back in time. Always love the way you match your settings/props with your outfits.

  4. Hello Bonnie, don't fret about the swimsuit. Get what you are comfortable in. No one at the beach will have a perfect body--NO ONE. Don't worry! I think we are unnecessarily hard on ourselves for not looking perfect. Just remember that everyone else will have something they don't like either. We think we will be judged at the beach, but in reality, no one will even bat an eye lash.

    Have a great time lapping up the waves with your baby girl.

  5. Tankinis are actually a good compromise b/t the bikini and one-piece suits. You should just try one if you never have. You might be surprised. Victoria's Secret is my go to place for bathing suits. They have some one-piece suits that have a retro look that I think you would like as well! Happy hunting!!

  6. Modcloth has some really cute retro one-piece swimsuits that I bet you'd love and look great in!

    I have a retro looking one piece from Anthro that I got last year on sale and I love it.

  7. Hey there! I feel your pain! I have an upcoming honeymoon cruise and forced myself to look for a new bathing suit. I came across this store on etsy with cute vintagey styles. I ended up buying this and it was soso cute and had all sorts of slimming technology. Check it out:

  8. This photoshoot is ridiculously perfect. I mean, HOW did you find a laundromat with the same colours as your shirt??? Too freaking gorgeous. Two thumbs up to you and the photo dude - I love it!

  9. I'm late to the party on this post, but you look AMAZING - I love your outfit, and the laundrymat is the perfect complimentary location! Kudos to you and your photographer!

  10. I really like the options at Land's End Canvas. They have some cute styles. I've never had a flat stomach, so after three kids, I'm definitely self-conscious about my midsection. Good luck and have fun at the beach!

  11. I do love the location of this shoot. Regarding swimsuits, I have a similar body -- and I have really liked the suit I got from I have a black cherry one. And, although they don't look particularly supportive, they are. (I am a few cup sizes above a DD.)


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