Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Back View Dress ($168). This was my "gasp dress" of the day. In other words, this is the dress that I let out a gasp for when I saw it. Problem is, every dress is slightly different in regards to the placement of the pattern. I really loved the pattern on the one on the mannequin, but it was an x-small, so I settled for another pattern so I could try on a small. It fit great and is really comfortable. Also, I love the fabric threaded V in the back! The only thing that bothered me were the "flapulations" (yes, though I hate to admit it, I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 back in the day) from the sleeves that hung down in the front. The SA suggested that I tuck them into the belt and that looked much better. I'm really digging this dress and wish now I would have tried on that x-small. It might have worked since I had a little extra room in this dress. I'm kicking myself now. Oh well, maybe it will still be there on my next trip. Wishlisted.



Noon and Night Dress ($158). "My, what heavy fabric you have," I said to myself as I picked up this dress. I was skeptical that this dress would work on me but thought I'd give it a try for the 'ole blog. What do you know? I loved it! It is super cute! I love the flirty length on this one - just above the knee. It gives a light feel to a dress made out of heavy fabric. The size small fit perfect. Wishlisted.


Tupelo Dress ($168). How do I love thee Tupelo Dress? Let me count the ways. Beautiful, silky fabric: check. Vibrant colors in a cute print: check. Gorgeous cut-out in the back that I can still wear a bra with: check. Fit to die for: check. Money to purchase this beautiful dress with: no check. In case you couldn't tell, I adore this dress. It makes me happy, and I must have it. It will be mine as soon as I get paid on Friday. I tried on a size 6 and loved it, but the SA suggested I try a size 4 because there was some extra fabric in the waistline. I was skeptical, but my SA knew her stuff. The size 4 was even better. The smocking in the back gives it plenty of stretch for us well endowed girls. Love, love, love!


Collecting Dots Dress ($198). What a cute dress! This is one of those dresses where Anthro decided to conveniently hang a belt with it. Of course the belt is sold separately and cost $48, bringing the grand total of this outfit to $250. Even though it sucks for us consumers, it's a smart move on their part because this dress looks much better with a belt. The size small fit good. This dress just didn't blow me away, especially for the price. Wishlisted for sale.


Gallica Tank($78) with Colorblocked Sweater Skirt($118). I really liked this skirt, but was really stumped as to what top to pair with it. My awesome SA came to my rescue once again. She suggested the Gallica Tank, and I loved it! The fit of the tank was nice and the colors in the print matched perfectly with the skirt. I was afraid the skirt was going to be itchy since it is made out of wool, but it didn't feel bad at all. I tried a 6 in the blouse and a small in the skirt. Both items wishlisted.


Loosened Shelby Blouse($58). I tried this top on with the sweater skirt so as not to be naked on bottom in this picture. I didn't really think they went together, but the SA got really excited when I walked out of the dressing room. She loved this top with the skirt. Although, I love the print on this blouse, I wasn't really digging it with or without the skirt. It's just kinda boring on me. It is a good price for a blouse, though, so I might consider it on sale. I tried on a size 4.


Seeing Spots Shorts($68). These shorts looked like a lot of fun. They also looked like they ran big when I held them up, so I sized down to a 4. I really loved the fit and the cute polka dot pattern, but the material was itchy to me. It's a shame, because I really liked these. Damn my sensitive skin!




  1. the tupelo dress is gorgeous! i loved it too.

  2. Great reviews! I love the outfit with the Gallica Tank and the Colorblocked Sweater Skirt. I picked up the Noon & Night Dress the last time I was in Anthro and can't wait to wear it!

  3. I HAVE to have that Backview Dress... if I don't I might die.... seriously - I might. I think hubby needs to let me get it unless he wants to find a new wife... because if I don't have it I might die.... LOL. I am just being dramatic. But now that I see it on you I am SO ENVIOUS of owning that dress... my heart skipped a beat. And, by the way, you look so great in shorts!!! I am a bit "jeally". ;) Thanks for the reviews.. I wondered about the wool skirt and it is wish-listed for me, too! Cheers! xoxo

  4. I really like all of the items you have tried :) They all look great, I especially loved the Tupelo on you :))

  5. Great reviews! The Collecting Dots dress looks so great on you, and I love the belt you paired with it. (I recently bought the belt for myself.) All the dresses really look great on you!! Can't wait for fall.

  6. The Tupelo looks fantastic Bonnie. I must have that dress. Since we are pretty much the same size, I think I can safely order a 4. So thank you very much for this review in particular.

    I guess you didn't have an issue with the Colorblocked Skirt falling apart at the waistband. Many reviewers said it ripped right open since there is no zip and it pulls on. I love it with the Gallica Tank. Great advise from the SA.

    Did you happen to try on the Backswept Dress by Corey Lynn Calter on sale? It's gorgeous. If the bare back bothers you try Anthro's Reversible Seamless Tank in either Raspberry or Turquoise under the dress. You will fall in love.

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Back View Dress on you! I also love your blog and think you are very inspiring.


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