Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews: Day 3

Happy almost Friday readers! Today has been a good day! I learned alot of interesting stuff in my class, I made another trip to Anthro, and I've been nominated for a Anthropologie Blogging Award for Best Photography! I'm so honored to have been nominated, but most of all, I'm so proud of my husband for taking such great photographs with my little phone camera, and I'm so thankful for my very talented photographer friend! So, I made a final trip to Anthro today, and since I'm inching ever closer to 100 followers, I picked up a little something for a 100 Follower Contest. Of course, I loved what I got for you guys so much, I had to get one myself! LOL! Once I hit 100 followers, I will announce the details of that contest.

I ended up returning the Maximum Capacity Jacket, and getting 2 knit tops in exchange. I gave the Floral Frappe Top another try since Louise and LilMissSeamstress commented they liked it on me. I tried on a different color and size (green in medium), and it made all the difference for me. I also got the Ascending Roses Top. It is super comfortable and so pretty! I took a medium in it which is unusual for me in Deletta tops. I usually wear a small. So, stick to your true size in both of these tops. Here they are:

Oxer Jacket ($158). This one's for you Stephanie! I tried this on in a size 6 because the store didn't have an 8. I fit good everwhere except the third button down pulled a little bit. It was super itchy! I couldn't wait to take it off! I don't think it was very flattering on me. It is kinda boxy, but I really like the color. I'm not impressed with this one.

Foilage Finder Jacket ($148). OMG! I adore this jacket! This was new to the store today. I'm so glad I got a chance to try this on! I love everything about this jacket - the purple color, the ruffles, the sleeves! Well, there is one thing I don't like - it is itchy, but I'm willing to suffer for fashion in this jacket. This is a size 8. Wishlisted!

Fluid Flush Dress ($188). I really liked this dress. It was comfortable and it fit well. I love the hem! I just felt good in this dress. However, the price is ridiculous! I will wait for this one on sale. This is a size medium.

And now for the Grand Finale....

Jacinth Sweaterdress ($148). Wow! This dress is gorgeous! It looks red online and in the catalog, but it is definitely a burnt orange in person which makes me love it even more. I'm heartbroken, though, because I will never be able to tolerate the itchiness of this dress. I think most people will be alright with it, because it is not that ichy, but I'm super sensitive to wool, so I just can't do it. If it was a jacket or sweater, yes, but not a dress that is all over my body. I have a feeling this one is going to sale out quickly. It is super flattering! I think it will look good on most people. This is a size medium. I think I could have sized down to a small in this for a tighter fit, but I like the roominess of the medium. I envy you girls who can wear this! :-(



  1. Just catching up with all your Anthro trip fun to be able to go back a few days in a row and really scope out the store...without kids! =) Loving so many things I'm seeing on you...looks like you picked up some really cute pieces! Safe travels for you (and your new goodies) back home!

  2. Ooh I can't wait to see what you picked up for us! :)

  3. Thanks for the reviews Bonnie, it was great seeing so many items IRL and love love the sweater dress, such a pretty fall color. A little worried about its itchiness factor so let's hope I can try it on at the store.

  4. Yay for giving Floral Frappe another chance, green = good with your new red tinted hair.

    Such a shame the sweaterdress is itchy as the shape on you is fantastic.

  5. awww!! Love love Ascending Roses Top on you!!!
    so elegant!! The neckline is so flattering~


  6. Wow, Bonnie, the two knit tops you got in exchange for the jacket look FABULOUS on you!!! Now I want to try them :) I am glad you are enjoying your trip!

  7. both of those tops are absolutely beautiful on you- I love that shade of green, so pretty!

  8. Great reviews! Quick question--I am trying to decide between the saddle and tan Fryes. I have dark brown and black and need a lighter pair. What made you pick the saddle?

  9. wow, I really like the Fluid Flush Dress but I would never have looked at it based on the picture online. Thanks for the reviews!


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