Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews - Day 2

Hello readers! Thank you all so much for your advice on my purchases yesterday! I think I've decided to keep everything! I just can't let go of any of them. My husband is going to kill me! I'll have to sweet talk him and promise him I'll sell alot of items this month on Ebay! It's rough being a shopaholic! LOL! I've got some more reviews for you all! So, let's get right into it.

Harbingers of Fall Dress ($158). Here's another Tabitha dress similar to the Zoya Dress that I love so much. The details on this dress are really pretty. I love the beading up top and the tweed on the skirt portion. I tried a size 8 in this, and it fit good. It was a little on the short side, but I still think I could wear this to work with a cardigan. However, I have a dress from The Limited that is very similar to this one and was much cheaper, so I can't justify getting this dress too. I might consider it on sale.
Here's The Limited dress...
Perthshire Dress ($158). This dress surprised me. I tried it on for fun, but ended up really liking it. I think it would look so awesome with boots. It has my dreaded wool in it, but it is fully lined, so the wool didn't bother me. This is a size 8, and it couldn't have fit better. I'm adding this one to my Wishlist!
Boucle De Souffle Jacket ($128). This is a very pretty jacket. I tried a size 8 and it fit good. It is a little too itchy for me, and I think the sleeves are an odd length. It is very figure flattering, though. So, if you can tolerate some itch and the sleeves don't bother you, this is a great jacket for the price. Also, it has a really cute lining!

Humbled Hydrangea Top ($78). I love the print on this top. I tried a size small, and it fit but there were some things about the fit that were just "off." The cap sleeves seemed a little tight around my arms and the diagonal ruffle in the front made me look wide. However, I still kinda liked this top. I might consider it come sale time.
Mystery Top. I couldn't find this C. Keer top online. It was very pretty on the hanger, but it was really odd on. I tried a small in this, but I could have sized down to a x-small. So, you tiny girls will be sized out of this top. It is huge! I didn't notice on the hanger that the neckline was kinda asymmetrical. It just looked weird to me.

Bon Soir Blouse ($98). This was another really pretty top on the hanger. I love the lace around the neckline! Once on, however, this top did not impress. It was really bulky around the bottom and I felt like it was too short in the front. This is a size small.

Blueberry Tuft Cardigan ($128). This little cardigan felt like a dream. It is so soft and comfy. I tried on a size medium, and though it fit good, the collar just killed it for me. I think this sweater would look so much better without that hideous collar. Also, this is another piece where the sleeves are just an odd length on me.Floral Frappe Top ($58). I thought I was really gonna like this top, but it just didn't work on me. This is a size small, and it fit fine, but I just didn't like it. Even in this dark color, it was very sheer. I could see my nude color bra! Also, the flowers on it are made out of material that moves. So, it looks like they are fluttering. For some reason, this bothered me.
Raw Elements Top ($68). This top caught my eye online, so I was exicted to try it on in the store. Boy, was it a disappointment. The sleeves were very frayed and the pleating down the front looked awful on me. This is a size small.

Well, that's it for now. I will be back tomorrow with another round of reviews. I seriously think I've tried on the whole store at this point! Have a great night!



  1. Thanks for the reviews! They are very helpful for someone who doesn't get to go to Anthro often. I'm really intrigued by the Boucle de Souffle Jacket. I want to try that one on. I think it's very pretty.

  2. I know what you mean about buying too much this month. I ordered a bunch of stuff and I will probably keep three items. I already sold most of my stuff on eBay. I don't have anything else. Thanks for the reviews they are very helpful.

  3. I adore the Boucle de Souffle jacket - I've tried it on a few times now. I'm trying to wait for it to go on sale, but I'm not sure I'll make it!!

  4. well, at least your husband will be happy with this round of reviews - nothing to take home with you! :o)

  5. Bonnie,
    The picture you have Perthshire Dress on, it looks like you have a gigantic bow on the back of you head hehe silly me. Thanks so much for the review. Now I need to go try "Floral Frappe Top" looks so gorgeous on you!!!

    BTW you look much taller than 5'6" on all your pictures!!

  6. I like the Floral Frappe on you same as I liked it on Carol. It hasn't arrived on the EU site just yet.

    Love that you will sweet talk your husband! Mine doesn't care what I buy but that makes me feel even more guilty when the Anthro boxes arrive!

    The (full price) Dagmar just came back in my size so I ordered it today = Anthro ban for October! Unless something I really want makes sale which is unlikely as it is all fairly new :)

    Yay for another set of reviews to come!

  7. Hey, Bonnie...this is my first visit to your blog. I found you through Kim at your photography. I have three small children, too, and my husband is from Salisbury, NC! So crazy...we live in Indiana now, an hour away from the nearest Anthro, so your reviews are really helpful...I'm a new follower.

  8. Lorraine: I'm so glad these are helpful to you. I usually don't get to go to a store that often, but I'm out of town for a class, so I'm taking advantage. The jacket is great! I just can't tolerate wool!

    Alexandra: Fall clothes are my weakness. I just love 'em! My husband is not speaking to me right now, but it's worth it! LOL!

    JanAlyssa: It is a great jacket! I'm glad it's itchy on me because I don't think I could resist it otherwise. Just try to hold out a little longer. It is definitely a Fall weight jacket, so it should go on sale before Winter, I think.

    Tracy: After the amount of money I've spent, he's far from happy with me, but at least, I'm not digging my hole further! LOL!

    LilMiss: LOL! It does look like a big bow! I need to pay more attention to what's behind me from now on!

    Louise: I wish my husband didn't care, but it's probably a good thing he does or I would buy the whole store! LOL!

    Kristina: Welcome! I'm so glad you found me. It sounds like we have alot in common! I live 2 hours away from the nearest Anthro, so I know how that is. I'm out of town at a class this week, so I'm doing my best to try on the whole store while I'm here! LOL!


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