Review Leftovers and 7 Facts About Me

Happy Anthro Sale Day! Thank you all so much for your kind and inspiring words on my blog post yesterday! I appreciate each and every one of you! I'm not gonna let my mom get me down. I love her, but she is a very negative person, and I'm just not going to live my life that way! Anybody get anything at the sale this morning? I have the One After Another Cardi and the Roaming Frills Cardigan in my cart right now. I'm still debating whether to pull the trigger. Thanks for all your suggestions on cardigans! Keep 'em coming! I'm wearing the Hanhaba Dress again today (so comfortable), so I'm not going to post an OOTD. I have some leftover reviews from my trips last week to Anthro, so I thought today would be a good day to post those.

River Tyne Tee. Wow, this did not look good on me! It was tight around the hips but loose up top. This is a size medium. Please excuse my muffin top. I tried on some Joe's Provocateur Jeans that were clearly too small on me! Yet, more proof that I'm not a narcissist! LOL!

Growing Conditions Tank. I really liked this little tank - ginormous flower and all! I loved the green color of the print and the drop waist was very flattering. I think it's too pricey for a tank, so I will wait until this one goes on sale. This is a size medium.

Night Petals Tank. I have no idea why this is called a tank. I thought a tank didn't have any sleeves. Anyway, it fit good, but I think it looks kinda granny on me. This is a size medium.
Sweet Biscuit Tee. This one's for you, Erin! I know you have had this on one of your outfit sets, and I'm pretty sure I read this was on your wishlist, so when I saw it, I instantly thought of you! This is a size medium, and I liked the fit. Also, it was very soft and comfy! It's a little pricey for such a basic tee, so I will wait until this goes on sale. Wishlisted!

Hidden Valley Top. This one showed up at the store during my third and final trip last week. I loved the color, but the fit was awful - way too big! I didn't like the material either, so it wasn't worth trying a small.

So, I've won another blogger award! I feel so special! Thanks Debbie at Dark Horse for passing this along to me!

As part of the award, I have to reveal seven facts about myself. I apologize in advance if these are lame, but I'm not very good at talking about myself and I've had to do it so much lately with all these contest and questions that it's getting harder and harder to come up with interesting stuff.

  1. I used to love wrestling when I was a little girl. And not the real kind, the fake kind with Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, etc. I was obsessed with it. My parents paid for me to get every pay-per-view event on TV. My whole weekend pretty much consisted of watching wrestling. I remember there was even a news type show that came on Monday nights with Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan. I'm sure I've lost most of you by now....

  2. I play the piano but my favorite instrument is the violin. I just love the sounds violins make! So beautiful! I had a really small wedding, but the one thing I had to have was live strings for my music, so I did!

  3. I was valedictorian in high school. I was terrified to talk in front of people, but when I gave my speech this weird calm passed over me. I didn't get nervous at all!

  4. My favorite TV show ever is "My So Called Life." I was obsessed with it as a teenager! I watched it on it's first run on ABC. I dyed my hair red like Angela's, wore lots of flannel, and thought Jordan Catalano was the hottest guy I had ever seen - I still do! LOL!

  5. I'm afraid of water. I can swim, but I don't really like being in water. I feel like I'm suffocating or something. I was so afraid when I had to take a swimming test in college that I put it off until my last semester, but I passed.

  6. I'm addicted to Lemon Heads. I've told you before about my sweet tooth and how I was addicted to cotton candy for a few years. Well, now I'm addicted to Lemon Heads. I eat them every night while I watch TV. They have stopped selling them at my grocery store, so I have to make a special trip to Walgreens to get them. The grocery store replaced them with "Chewy Lemon Heads and Friends" - not the same!

  7. I'm currently having an X-files marathon. I got Netfilx Instant Queue recently, and there are alot of old TV series on there. I'm in the middle of watching all the X-files episodes ever. It's gonna take awhile!



  1. I LOVED My So Called Life when I was younger too! I didn't dye my hair, but I did wear the flannel and I tried to talk like they did on the show. I'm still tempted to buy the DVD box set every time I see it in Best Buy, but I'm waiting for it to go down in price.

  2. ohhhh YAY YAY YAY YAY! I am so super excited to see the Sweet Biscuit tee on you - now I like it even more!! I'm going to *try* to wait for a sale, too, but we'll see :)
    Thanks for the great reviews, Bonnie!!

  3. Wrestling and violin, really cute combination. :)) My daughter played the violin when she was younger and it is a beautiful instrument.

    Nice reviews - I saw the River Tyne tee in store, but something about it just looked a bit off, so I didn't try it on.

    Re/ today's sale, just wanted to pass along that the Tea and Sweets Dress is now on sale as of today for $79.95. I just noticed it now and I don't think anyone realized it was one sale, because it wasn't mentioned anywhere. It's a beautiful dress.


  4. *cough* Here you go Bonnie: *cough*

    Also, you can make some mean Chocolate Chip Cookies. College was fun.

  5. Chris, my fiance, said the same thing about giving the valedictorian speech at his high school. :)'re a smart gal.

  6. Sara: I have the DVD box set! You should get it! It was worth every penny!

    Erin: That tee does not disappoint! It feels even better then it looks!

    Heidi: Thanks for info on the dress. It is beautiful!

    Vijay: Prime Time Wrestling! Oh, how I loved that show! Thanks for the link! I still make mean Choc Chip Cookies and Dark Chocolate Brownies too! College was fun! I miss it!! I didn't know you had a blog! I'm a follower now!

  7. I'm obsessed with cherry heads!!! And you know what's worse than having to make a trip to Walgreens to get them? Buying them online b/c no store near you carries them. Wish I was kidding:

  8. I manage to find something to buy, even on the skimpiest of sale weeks...
    today I bought the Glazed Fondant Vase ... and the Porch Parties Cocktail Recipe Book. I am bummed because the Bianka Blouse is sold out online in my size...I should probably call and track one down in the store before it is too late! Oh and My So Called Life, one of my absolute favorites!

  9. I love Lemon Heads too! My mom doesn't like sweets so we never had any snacks in our house growing up. But her one weakness was Lemon Heads. I haven't had them in ages -- I think I need to track some down.

    Thanks so much for these great reviews! And I actually think the jeans look great on you. But maybe this means I wear my pants too tight, haha!

  10. I also loved my so called life. I was so sad when it ended. I'm also loving the sweet biscuit tee. I can't wait to try it on. It looks fab on you. Thanks for the reviews. They are very helpful.

  11. Thanks for these reviews!

    I too, loved WWF wrestling when I was little. I used to get up early on Saturday mornings so I could watch WWF (with Hulk Hugan, Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant) and then followed it up with GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling!)

  12. Kelly: I bet Cherry Heads are hard to find! I used to order cotton candy by the case, so I know the lengths we can go to! LOL!

    Cassie: Definitely call and track one down at a store. You won't be disappointed!

    Jamie: I'm so addicted to the Lemon Heads! You know, I liked the jeans too! LOL! I loved the color of them, but they were $178! I didn't love them that much!

    Lorraine: Glad the reviews were helpful! Yeah, the Sweet Biscuit Tee is great! My So Called Life was so good! I was mad and wrote the network when they canceled the show!

    Lisa: I forgot about GLOW! LOL! They used to come on late at night, I think! I would wake up early on Sat mornings too, but I would have to watch cartoons first(Smurfs, Snorks, etc.) because WWF didn't come on until noon.

  13. Thx for these reviews and for sharing the tidbits about yourself. I have a feeling we would be great friends. We share a lot in common!


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