Two OOTD's and Deep Thoughts on Blogging

It's good to be back home! I missed my family terribly, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm mourning the loss off my King size bed, good night's sleep, room service, and Anthropologie within walking distance. I'm sharing my outfit from yesterday and today with you. I decided to include my daughter in my outfit shot from yesterday, because we were dressed alike, and I'm a proud mama! When my husband was taking this picture of us, my mom was watching, and she made a sarcastic comment about how getting our picture made was "so important." It hurt my feelings, but I just let it slide because my mom wasn't feeling good yesterday. However, this morning she brought it up again. She said she thought taking pictures of myself and putting it on a blog was narcissistic and she didn't understand why I wouldn't be embarrased of putting pictures out there for the world to see. This got me thinking. Should I be embarrased? I started this blog because I enjoyed reading other people's fashion blogs, and I thought it would be fun to do one myself. I have a curvy body type, so I thought I could be helpful to people with similar body types. I get asked almost everyday where I get something I'm wearing, so I thought this would be a way of letting people know where they could purchase the things I wear. I look forward to typing on this blog everyday! It makes me happy to talk about fashion with other women. Growing up, I was terribly shy and had very low self-esteem. I still don't have alot of self-confidence, so for my mom to say I'm narcissictic really hurt. Sorry to get so deep on a Monday morning! I hope you all enjoy this blog and that it isn't something I should be embarrased about!

Top: Anthropologie Faint Lines Tee

Short: J Crew Classic Ripstop Brenna Shorts

Shoes: Anthropologie Sweet-Wrap Sandals

Purse: Anthropologie Miss Albright Canvas Purse

My outfit today is one I bought back in the spring at The Limted. After all the casual outfits last week, I felt like dressing professional today. My Bonnie pumps are officially broken in now and are no longer wearing blisters on my feet! Don't forget to enter my giveaway for some pretty hair clips here!

Jacket, Shirt, and Skirt: The Limited

Shoes: Pink Studio Bonnie Peep Toe Pumps also on



  1. I love your blog and seeing your outfits. Please don't be concerned with your Mum's comments - maybe it is a generational thing as she is not aware of how popular blogs are now. Perhaps show her some of the fashion bloggers you follow if she would be interested. If not then just try to put it out of your mind - hard I know as however old you are you want your mum to approve!

    Please don't stop posting your outfits - this Mum of 2 from England would miss seeing them.

  2. Thanks so much for your thoughtful post, Bonnie. When I first started my blog, my boyfriend also wondered if it might be narcissistic. But I really don't think that it is, and I think he's come to understand my perspective. I view it as a way to connect with other women over a common hobby, and share something that is important to us. Like you, I'm also a bit shy "in real life," so bloging gives me a chance to express the truest version of myself. I also think that it's valuable for us as individuals, and especially as women, to have something that is truly our own -- for me, blogging is my "Jamie time." And I can only imagine how much more precious and essential that will be down the road, once I am a wife and mother!

  3. I love reading your blogs Bonnie! Don't let your mom upset you. If you enjoy blogging, then do it! I want everyone to know that Bonnie is not only a GREAT dresser, but she's a fantastic mom and person. I am so thankful that are kids are friends, b/c it allowed me the chance to meet you! :)

  4. You two are so cute in your matching outfits!

    I don't think that we are vain for having outfit blogs but I can see how an outsider could say that. Outfit blogs have enhanced the way I think about clothes because it allows me to see things on lots of different forms. Items that would not even think twice about become interesting because of the inspiring looks that people put together.

  5. Bonnie...first, your daughter and you are so cute together in those pictures!! And both of your outfits are great. As for your mom...take it with a grain of salt and move on. I too felt funny about taking pictures of myself and putting them on a blog at first but I started doing it for the same reasons as you--I saw others doing it and LOVED looking at what everyone else was wearing. I think if one was doing it simply to gain praise everyday for what they wear that's one thing, but clearly this isn't your intent (or mine!) Fashion blogs have become super popular and are just as legit as personal blogs in my opinion. If your mom doesn't get it, no big deal. She doesn't have to. It's important to do what makes YOU happy!

  6. Oh Bonnie, I'm so sorry that your mom upset you! I agree with everyone here that if it makes you happy, then don't even think twice about what others think. Clearly you have a community that loves you and your blog! I think all of us bloggers have felt the same way at one point, but it's not like we're putting up glamour shots of ourselves with the point of "look at me, look at meee!" We do this to help others and document outfits! However, I totally understand how you feel...I haven't even told my family that I blog (mainly because they aren't interested in fashion)--plus, I fear they would have the same reaction. Keep it up...we definitely appreciate all you do!

  7. You are adorable and shouldn't feel embarrassed at all! I love reading your blog and as a curvy gal myself, I love seeing your style. I also started my blog because people would always say that I looked cute and would ask me where my clothes were from. I don't think there is anything wrong with putting yourself out there, it's not vain, it's brave. BTW, your daughter is adorable!

  8. Bonnie, I think whatever makes you feel good (and helps other people, which is exactly what you are doing) is the right choice. I know that many people appreciate your reviews and your nice and friendly blog.

    I don't think your blog is at all narcissistic. I have a mother-in-law who (unfortunately) is very narcisssistic as a person and writes a blog that shows it all over. I think your blog reflects you as a person, and you are not narcissistic at all!

    Sounds like your mom is one of those people who may be a little too blunt in things she says sometimes. We all appreciate your blog!


  9. Wow...sorry that you had such a negative response from your Mom - please don't stop blogging! There's so many reasons why your Blog is awesome, and helpful, and encouraging - you are so gorgeous, and I think it helps other hour-glass-figured women (ahem, me) realize we can look fabulous too! Also, it's a great history for you and your daughter - if you save a copy of your posts, you will love looking back on these stories and photos. You should be proud, girl! :o)

    PS: LOVE that even your shoes are similar in the mother/daughter shot.

  10. Sorry to hear that your Mum upset you but don't let it put you off doing something that you clearly love. I live vicariously through all the Anthro-based blogs having never been to a shop, there are only 2 in the UK, both in London. I'm an hour from London by train and am hoping to get to a shop before the year is out! I love seeing all the new arrivals on actual women rather than on the website mannequins and the reviews on fit are brilliant, I sized down to a UK 6 for the Sugar & Cream dress and Two Wheeler dress based on the blog reviews! So thanks for being part of the Anthro community, it really helps. P.S. your daughter is a real cutie : )

  11. Jules: Thanks for your kind words! I think it might be a generational thing, as well. I think it's so cool your from England! I would love to go there one day!

    Jamie: You are so right! Blogging is "my time", which I don't get alot of working full time and being a mom!

    Amy: Thank you for the sweet words! I'm glad we met too, and I hope we continue to get our boys together even though they will be at different schools next year!

    fallonroxann: Thanks! Yes, I have gotten things that I love that I didn't even notice until I saw them on someone in a blog.

    Jenni: Thanks for the inspiring words! I think your blog is fantastic!

    AppGal: It's good to know someone understands how I feel. I live in a very rural community and they just don't "get" my interest in fashion.

    Sara: Thanks so much for your kind words! I think your daughter is pretty adorable too!

    Heidi: I'm so thrilled you appreciate my blog! That is the main reason I do it!

    Tracy: Thank you for the words of encouragement! Great idea about saving these post for my daughter!

    Louise: Another follower from England! So cool! Thanks for the kinds words!

  12. I love your blog and your style! Please don't let your mom get you down. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.

  13. I felt the same way when I started my blog, but quickly came to realize that blogging is simply a form of self-expression; no matter who is (or is not) reading, I blog for myself. As far as your mom, I'd agree it is definitely a generational thing. However without getting too personal it's interesting to note that you grew up with low self esteem and now your mother is calling you narcissistic... those two things are on opposite sides of the spectrum! Oh, and I can tell you are clearly not narcissistic because it's not like you are posting only super great pictures of yourself... you post pictures of yourself in non-flattering outfits sometimes (in the reviews) and you have no problem posting pics even when you are sick and not looking your best. I say rock on sista and keep up the great work.

  14. Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites,and I just started reading it last week! :) Your taste is amazing,and I love how you describe where you buy your things. It helps us as readers know where we can buy the items if we wish! The pictures are great as well,never would I ever think it narcissistic,I think of it as a "tutorial" of letting us see how the outfit can come together! You are a GREAT addition to my blog roll!!! :)

  15. I look forward to reading your blog at the end of the day as I relax after work. We own a number of similar items and I like seeing how you style it differently. Doing a blog takes a lot of work, time, and sacrifice from all you bloggers out there. I admire you for it. As long as you enjoy doing it and gives you happiness, continue to do so as it inspires many of us out here. I really like how your love of your family shows in your pictures. I agree, your mom's comment is generational so just let it pass.

  16. Hi Bonnie! I read your blog a lot, really enjoy it, and also am originally from a small town in NC. I completely understand how you feel when people don't 'get' you and your fashion interests. If you want to use the internet to connect to people who have similar interests to you, then so be it! You are great at it and bring a bright spot to other people's day!

  17. Like all the others who've posted, I don't remotely think you or your blog are narcissistic. I know this sounds weird, but all the Anthro blogs I read seem to me like a way to connect socially as much as they're a forum for the clothes. The odds of us meeting IRL are extremely low, but it still feels like a tiny kind of friendship gets built between the bloggers and their readers. I think that instead of being selfish, you're being generous to share yourself and your life with strangers, and to initiate that tiny but still worthwhile friendship. Thank you for your blog. I really look forward to reading it every day.


  18. Also, Bonnie, another thought. Not sure if your mom is like this, but my husband's mom constantly finds something to put him down about and has since he was little. It's just how she is, sadly. I think that if someone wants to say something negative, and so many of the responses (like here) are positive, we can safely assume that there's just something about that person that felt the need to insert something negative. Your blog is great!

  19. Bonnie,
    Your blog is one of my favorite anthro blogs. I'm so glad I found it, because I used to live in Kinston. I lived there 13 years ago and I only lived there about 8 months. I remember driving to Raleigh to get to a decent mall. I certainly was surprised to see a fashion blogger from Kinston! You represent your city very well! Thank you for taking the time to do your blog. Karen

  20. Debbie: Thanks! I won't!

    Kelly: I agree that a blog is a form of self expression. My mom is a very negative person which is probably the reason I had low self-esteem.

    Chris: Aww, thanks! I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog!

    Marie: So glad you look forward to my blog and you're right doing a blog does take alot of time and work!

    Erica: Glad you like the blog! It's so good to know someone else understands what it's like to love fashion and live in a small town.

    Beth: Thank you for your sweet words! I'm glad we can be friends because of this blog!

    Heidi: My mom is exactly like that! Thanks for your support!

    cleosmom: That is so cool that you used to live in K-town. Well, maybe not cool for you for having to live here even for 8 months, but I'm glad we have that connection! LOL!

  21. fashion is AMAZING...your blog is are *AMAZING* :D i wouldn't worry about your mom, all of us fashion followers love what each and every blogger does for this community :) and that includes you! thanks for the reviews and i hope you have a great day :0)

  22. Such a great topic! I have been blogging at the library lately and I always wonder what people think as they walk past and see the hundreds of photos I post of myself on my blog. I love the way you put it that it's more about having self esteem, and not about narcissism. But it does kinda feel strange, sometimes. Don't let your mom get to you :). As long as you are happy, that's all that matters!

  23. I'm a little late as I've been out of town, but I wanted to comment.

    Your mom's comment is the reason I don't tell anyone in my real life that I have a blog. Some people know, but I'm not giving them the link. People judge too much- because I enjoy posting photos, talking about clothes I would probably be viewed as shallow and narcissistic as well. Which I'm not.

    I enjoy seeing you in outfits and pieces because, like you said, you have a curvy body and I love it!! I'm curvy as well and I get sick of seeing just the smaller women posting clothing photos. it doesn't help me determine if I could wear something or not, so thank you thank you for having this blog :-)

  24. Bonnie - I love your blog and having a blog definitely does not make you narcissistic. I happen to know 100% that it is not one of the criteria for diagnosing narcissism ; ) I love your's friendly, down to earth, and fun and also helps me see how clothes fit on me (which would make me more narcissitic than you). As one other person mentioned, I do think the internet, blogs, twitter is different for each generation. BUt most important, I want hope you are able to do what's best and feels best to you.

  25. Meg: Thanks so much for the kind words and reading my blog!

    Ashely: Yeah, I feel weird about it especially when I'm taking the photos of myself, but it makes me happy, so I'm not gonna worry about what other people think! I love your blog! So honored you read mine!

    Jenny: Thanks for commenting! I think it takes alot of courage to post pictures of yourself when you don't have the "ideal" body type. I don't think there is an ideal body type, and we should be proud of ourselves!

    SKV: Doing this blog makes me happy, and I'm so glad you enjoy it!


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