OOTD: Mint Julep Top

Hello, I hope everyone is having a great day. Not much longer till the weekend! So, I broke down last week and bought the Mint Julep Top. I know you all suggested I wait for this to go on sale, but I just couldn't do it! My willpower sucks! My rational was that I needed to go ahead and get it so I could get some wear out of it before it gets cold. I've paired it with some pants from The Limited and my Bonnie pumps.
Pants: The Limited

I need your help again. I'm on the hunt for a great pair of boots that aren't too expensive. I've ordered two so far: Steve Madden's Candence Boots in Cognac, and Urban Outfitters BDG Tall Boots in Tan. The Urban boots are on backorder until next week, but I have received the Steve Madden's. What do you think? Sorry I couldn't give you a full shot, but I don't have on any pants! LOL! These boots are extremely comfortable and were only $90! Is the toe too pointy and what do you think about the slouchiness?

Oh, and one more thing. I'm thinking about purchasing one of the cardigans on sale at Anthro right now. I've narrowed it down to 3: Jet Stream Cardigan, One After Another Cardigan, or Roaming Frills Cardigan. Which one do you think I should get? Thanks!



  1. how funny, i posted pictures of boots on my blog (www.acollectorofhobbies.blogspot.com) earlier this morning! i'm pretty much on the same hunt as you, always looking for the perfect pair. i like the boots you have on, the toe might be a little pointy for me personally, but for that price it is hard to beat! you should try them on with skinny jeans and/or leggings, and see if you like the total look. good luck on your hunt.

  2. those boots are going to look great with jeans- the slouch factor is great!
    I say go for the jet stream cardigan, I think it will transition well into fall (and look great with the boots!)

  3. Nice boots, me likey! I was just posting about boots today too and was saying how they don't fit my calves. Those look like they are roomy!

  4. I like the boots! I think you should keep them. I too would go for the jet stream cardi - it screams Fall to me. I like the Mint Julep top too but I have to wait for a sale. You got the Medium, right?

  5. Cassie: Yeah, the only thing that is bothering my about these boots is the pointy toe. I posted on your blog that I broke down and order a pair of Frye's. So hopefully between the 3 boots I ordered, I'll like one of them.

    Spiffy: Thanks! I was leaning Jet Steam.

    Cindi: These boots definitely have plenty of room in the calf area.

    Anon: Thanks! Yes, I got the Medium.

  6. I am kind of in love with those Steve Madden boots.... and now I really want a pair!! I don't think the toes are too pointy, and I like the slouchiness. I love Steve Madden stuff - it almost always fits me perfectly.

    I personally like the last cardigan best!

  7. Love the boots! They are perfect, love the color and the fit looks great. Also, I would go for the roaming frills cardi.

  8. Bonnie, your new top is lovely. I hadn't considered that top until I saw how pretty it looks on you!

    Do you go to the Anthro over at Streets of Southpoint? I was thinking you must work in that direction - from where I am in Raleigh, it takes me an hour with traffic to get there, so I don't go in person too often (sadly).

    I would say of the three cardis, go for the Roaming Frills as it has the cutest silhouette and looks to ber very figure flattering, if you look at all three from that perspective.

    Hope this helps


  9. JanAlyssa: I'm glad you like the boots. I'm probably gonna keep 'em since they are such a good price and so comfy!

    Sara: Thanks for your opinion! I like the roaming frills too! It's so hard to decide!

    Heidi: Yes, usually when I go to Anthro I go to the one at Streets at Southpoint. I live in Kinston, so it is a 2 hour drive for me, so I don't go that often either. I was on a business trip last week in Washington D.C., so that's why I was able to go so often then.

  10. I like the boots, but I think the point people always make is true: if you don't love them, you should hold out for something else! There always seems to be another pair coming along.


  11. Hi Bonnie,

    Love the Mint Julep Top on you. I am new to blogging and Small Town Fashionista.

    If your enything like me I am always looking for alternate ways to style my Anthro.

    I did a post (A Now and Later Outfit - I had this before You Anthro on my blog Anthro Closet Chaos) The post shows a re-style of the Perpetual Layers Outfit using the Mint Julep Top in place of the New Year's Lily Top with everything else from my closet.

    Hope you find it useful. Please visit Anthro Closet Chaos and add me to your list.


  12. I love the middle cream cardi with the frills but it probably isn't very autumn/winter so maybe the first one? Happy shopping!

  13. I think the Roaming Frills cardigan would look adorable on you. And so glad to see that you're getting good use out of the Bonnie pumps!

  14. Hi Bonnie,

    I am a long time follower of your blog and I love your new Anthro blouse! Very flattering.

    I picked up the Seychelles Four Leaf Clover boots about a month ago, and I am absolutely head over heels in love with them. They are leather, extremely comfortable and very stylish too. I highly recommend them.
    I have a brand new, never worn brown pair of them that I just missed out on the return window on (I got two and ended up picking the black ones). I don't know what your size is, but mine are a size 7. If you, or anyone is interested, I want to find them a new home. Thanks again for your post today!



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