Darth Vader Dress

Shoes: Latigo Zaca Heels

"So let it fall and watch it break into shards of light and gold. A perfect end...cascading." - Atlas Genius

Another day, another bralette. This one's even color coordinated. Again, a dress that would not have been possible for me without it. This bralette is actually the most supportive one I've bought. It's classified under sports bras on Free People's website, but let me assure you, it's a bralette. I'd probably put an eye out if I wore this as a sports bra. Of course, I would actually have to exercise to do that and that's not gonna happen...

My kids were so fascinated with this dress. I don't think I ever recall them noticing an article of my clothing as much as this one. My little girl kept touching the back of it as I walked and asking, "Mommy, why is your dress so flowly?!?" My boys dubbed it my Darth Vader Dress because it reminded them of the movement of Vader's cape as he stomps around the Death Star barking out orders and dealing out death via the Force. Yep, sounds just like my parenting style. How fitting.



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