It's Not Easy Being Green

Necklaces: Tree and Kimball and The Limited
Booties: Anthropologie Irene Lace Booties
"And I wanna find myself so free." - Wake Owl

You would think with as much time that has passed since my lost post that I would have tons to talk about, but I'm just not feeling it today. It's cold, rainy, and I'm so over Winter. Usually, I would wait to post something until I was feeling it, but who the hell knows when that will be? Besides, I wore this nice, green dress last week with the plan of posting it on St. Patrick's Day, so here ya go!

P.S. I took a trip to Anthro this past weekend, so I have some reviews coming your way!

Wake Owl - Madness of Others




  1. Bonnie, I don't think your heart is in this blogging thing anymore. Maybe time to rethink.

  2. Hooray! New post!

    Anthro has lots of new things right now and I can't wait to read your reviews.


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