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Ok, I'm going to try and make up for how shitty a blogger I've been this year by offering up 13 items for review in this post. Lucky number 13! Spring has sprung at Anthropologie, and it has a distinct boho vibe to it. Translation: I've added tons of items to my wish list and a few to my closet lately, including many items from this review set. 
Embroidered High-Low Tee ($78)  I thought I was really going to love this top, but once I got it on I felt pretty blah about it. This is a size medium, and I thought it fit good but the silhouette was not the most flattering. It made my hips look even wider than they are. Also, it's pretty see through which means I'd have to layer a cami underneath it, and I'm not a big fan on layering during the warmer months. Pass.

 Daisy Chain Tee ($88) This top is very similar to the one above, but I liked this one much better. It has a strong hippie vibe to it and the silhouette is very flirty and fun. Once again, this top is see through, but it's so darn cute I might be willing to sweat to death in the Summer and wear a cami. I tried on a size medium, and it was a little snug through the boobage area, but not too tight. Wish listed.

Micaela Tee ($68) I'm obsessed with lace lately. Most of the clothing I've purchased the past few months has had some sort of lace detail on it, so I couldn't resist trying on this pretty little tee. It's a great basic for Spring/Summer. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it with many different things. It has gotten some bad reviews on Anthro's website for being too boxy, but I didn't have a problem with that at all. The material is a lightweight cotton and is very comfortable. It looks slightly see through in this photo, but I checked when I got home and it's not an issue in daylight. Yep, that's right, I succumbed to the lace one again and purchased this tee in a size medium.   

Lace Peplum Tank ($68) I was really excited about this tank top when I saw it hanging in the store. It's my favorite color, it has lace on it, and it looks cool and comfortable for Summer. I was pretty disappointed in it once I got it on though. Medium was the right size, but there was something off in the sewing on this one. I don't know if it was just this particular one, but the lace detail that runs down the middle seemed crooked to me, making the front part hang really weird. I might could live with it at $30, but for $68, no way. Pass. 

Jasper Henley Tank ($48) Hello, Summer staple! This is just a simple tank top in a vibrant turquoise color, but it has some pretty little details that up the ante. There's a sweet little floral print that runs down the button placket and peaks out each side of the top. The double row of buttons is also a nice touch. I can see going for this one on those oppressively hot Summer days when I would rather have nothing on at all...except I can't do that because nobody wants to see this top will have to do. Purchased in size medium.  

Tail Stripe Tee ($58) Ah, the look, the feel, of super soft rayon that looks like cotton, the fabric of my life. This top is crazy comfortable. It feels like pure buttah on my skin, and it has an effortless casual chicness about it. I love the sexy deep v in the back that you can still wear a bra with. It also has a interesting long tail that I think is pretty cool. This comes in a variety of color combinations, but I was partial to this grey and melon striped one. Purchased in size medium.   

Quinby Dress ($168) I immediately gravitated towards this dress in the store. I love the colors and the pattern. It says "Spring" without shoving the pastely sweetness of it all down your throat. Many reviewers have complained about the seam running down the front where the pattern doesn't line up, but it didn't bother me at all. Weird, considering I'm pretty OCD about things in general. Another common complaint is that it's made of a weird mesh-like fabric, but that didn't bother me either. The two things that did bother me: the length and the crinoline thingy made into it. The length is just weird. It's in that no-man's land just below your knees. No-man's land as in no man will want to come near you in this dowdy dress. As for the crinoline, it is unnecessary and itchy. Cut a few itches off this dress taking the itchy crinoline with it, and you've got yourself a winner. Pass.    

 Laced Verbena Dress ($198) Remember that pastely sweetness I spoke of? Well, this dress is pretty much the epitome of that. This is a size 8 and the fit was a little too tight through the breastestes. I thought a size 10 would have been the perfect fit, but they didn't have a size 10, so I tried a 12. Surprisingly, the 12 was great. It was comfortable while still flattering to my figure. I ended up purchasing this to wear to my office holiday party which FINALLY took place this week. I mean, where else you gonna wear an over-the-top, Spring-in-your-face dress than to the office holiday party close to Easter?

Bam! It's Spring, bitches!

 Ikat Chambray Shirtdress ($148) I'm not a big fan of shirtdresses. They are usually made out of stiff, wrinkly cotton and the buttons gape open like a mofo. However, I couldn't resist trying on this dress because of the Ikat. I'm an Ikat whore. You put Ikat on it, and I'll buy it. Plain denim shirtdress? I'm not interested. Ikat denim shirtdress? Where's the checkout line? I tried this on in a size 8, and it was perfection. This ain't your grandma's denim. In fact, it's not denim at all. It's tencel. I have no idea what tencel is nor do I care. It looks like denim, yet it's super soft - that's all I need to know. Purchased. 

 Teahouse Dress ($148) This dress comes in a solid and a couple of patterns that are very different from each other. I chose this little black and white sophisticated number. It was a little bit out of my comfort zone style-wise, but I loved the fit of the size 8. The fabric is a bit heavy, but it's easy to put on and still pretty comfortable. This would be a great dress to wear to work. I might actually look professional, but who the hell wants that? Wish listed.

 Boteh Maxi Dress ($228) Oh, you knew I couldn't go to an Anthro without trying on a maxi dress. It's like against the laws of nature or something. So, here's the token maxi dress. Unfortunately, this one wasn't a winner for me. I tried on a size 8, and it was crazy tight through the chest. It's not even zipped in this picture and my boobs were still squashed down like pancakes. I can't imagine what size I would have to go up to in order to accommodate my ample bosom. I decided that this dress was just made for the flatter chested ladies of the world. Pass.

Liban Shawl Dress ($118) with Sapphire Flame Cardigan ($128) Last but not least, is this little combination that I fell in love with on the mannequin. I tried on a medium in both the dress and the cardigan. I loved them both, but Jerry thought the shawl front on the dress looked a little weird. I would definitely have to wear a cami under it to keep the girls from falling out, but I didn't hate the shawl effect. Dammit, I'm starting to run out of words to use to refer to my boobs! It's a definite trend with all these boobs are a problem. Life would be so much easier without boobs. Sigh. Anyway... I loved the lite, gauzy material of the dress. I loved the colors in the cardigan. However, I didn't love them both enough to drop $250 for the whole outfit in one fell swoop. Especially since I would only be able to wear the cardigan for another month or so. Wish listed both.



  1. Kristin Moore SzalayMarch 29, 2014 at 12:03 PM

    The last two are my favorite on you. The colors and style are very much your style. It's a shame about the boob problem-especially on the maxi. Gah, that dress would be perfection on you if it weren't for the fit issue. I probably need to remove that one from my wish list as well since I have the same boobage issue as you. Short and busty, that's me! Great review set-loved it.

  2. I really like the Teahouse dress--hopefully you can snag it on sale.

  3. Thanks for the reviews! I did buy the 1st and 4th tops and I agree with you that they look so lovely until you put them on but the shipping charges are way too high to send them back so I guess I will be wearing them. I did wish listed Jasper henley tank (it looks awesome on you btw) but I think I need to get petite since I'm assuming 28" length is the front and the back looks even much longer. I'm 5'4" so really long tops don't look too nice on me but I have no idea if I need to go size up in this top, any insights?

    Laced verbena dress is another winner, you look beautiful in that dress, very fresh and elegant.

    Once again thanks for the reviews!

  4. Love your holiday/Easter dress! A clear winner :)
    Thanks for the reviews, Bonnie! Much appreciated from a Canadian gal :)

  5. Thanks, Olya! I say stick with your regular size in the petite version of the Henley.


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