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"Ah, lure! Alluring." - Crystal Castles

I can't believe I'm typing up a Monday post right now. It's been forever since I've had the time or energy to do a post on a Monday. However, I've got something to share with you guys that made rolling my ass out of bed this morning and actually using my brain on this most dreaded of days worth it.

My friend and co-worker has started a little jewelry business with her favorite fisherman called Pretty Fly Jewelry.  It's the classic case of a passion for a hobby morphing into a business venture, because  Pretty Fly specializes in earrings made from fishing lures. These crazy kids make some seriously cool and unique earrings.  I ordered up a custom pair last Wednesday and received them the very next day. The hardest part was just deciding what I wanted. There are so many options of lures, embellishments, and colors.  After a long, agonizing decision, I chose a 14K Gold pair of Willow Leaf Lures with turquoise Swarovski crystals. I really love them with my new top from Anthropologie.

Despite the agonizing decision, it was pretty awesome to be able to custom build my own pair of earrings. If you're interested in having your own pair, check out the photos on the Pretty Fly Jewelry Facebook page and then email them at or call them at 252-286-3410. You can also find their merchandise at the following retailers: The Village Craftsman on Ocracoke Island, Xpress Yourself Apparel and Gifts in Kinston, North Carolina, or Blue Water Outriggers in Port St. Joe, Florida. Pretty Fly will "hook" you up with some seriously beautiful jewelry.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and what a lovely top :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

  2. Those are really cute earrings!

    And kudos to you for rocking those white leggings. I wish I could pull off white pants!

  3. Those are really cute earrings. Hope you have been ok. I love your blog and have been missing your frequents posts.

    I guess life often gets in the way of blogging which is good:) just wanted to make sure you are ok

  4. Are we to be left with naught but converted fishing lure jewelry much longer? I think it's, you know, interesting and artistic and all...and maybe stylish (I'm no judge of that) but some of us could really use a new infected hair update. Or something.


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