OOTD: Strolling Through Downtown In My Beda Dress

Good morning! I'm so happy it's almost the weekend, and a long weekend at that! I decided I better wear my white Beda dress again before Labor Day. You're not suppose to wear white after Labor Day, right? Or is that not the case anymore? I would love to wear this dress with some boots and a cardigan in the Fall! What do you think? Is it ok to wear white after Labor Day?

I have very special outfit pictures for you today! We have a graphics department at my company and one of the photographers that works in it said he would like to take some pics of me! I have to tell you - I was in my element! It was so much fun! If I had been skinner and taller when I was younger, I would have loved to have been a model! I'm so jealous of people who get to do this as their job! We walked around downtown and got some really cool pics! We plan on doing more photo shoots together in the future, so I'm really excited about that!

Now, about that sale today...I ended up placing a order at 3am. I got this entire outfit:

I think this will transition well into Fall with a brown cardigan and boots. I already know I love the skirt - I've tried it on and it has been on my wishlist for awhile. I just hope the top and belt look as good on me as they do on the model. I'm glad I was crazy and placed the order at 3am, because the belt is already sold out online. Did you guys get anything at the sale?

Dress: Anthropologie Beda Dress

Belt: Anthropologie Mosaic Beaded Belt

Bracelet and Ring: The Limited



  1. You can definitely still rock this dress after Labor Day!! Boots and a cardi - you're there! I love the outfit you got from the sale today. I'm so tempted to go to the store at lunchtime, but I think I'll be pressed for time. Maybe this weekend...
    Your photoshoot is lovely!!! I think #6 is my fave :)

  2. I just blogged about white after labor day a few days ago- That rule irks me. :-) YES, wear the heck outta that dress in the fall! Just dress it up with different colors. I can't wai tto wear my white Beda with some boots, tights and a cute gold or purple cardigan!

  3. AH! I love these pics! You look AWESOME! :)

  4. The pictures are gorgeous! The last 3 pictures look like photos of the Anthro catalog.

    Do you mind me asking what size you got in the Graces tank? I was going to pick it up but decided against it cause of the sheerness. Have not seen the top in person.

  5. Yes, since we live in the south, the rule is definitely that you can wear white well into October. Go for it! It looks lovely - I have the white Beda too, but will need to downsize a bit in the chest department before it will fit well!

  6. Annie, I think the only Graces tank with the sheerness issue is the white. The other two colors have not had a problem I believe.

  7. Erin: I hope you get to go the the store soon. I can't wait to see what you think of the Sweet Biscuit Tee!

    Jenny: I can't wait to see how you style yours in the Fall!

    AppGal: Thanks!

    Annie: Thanks! I got a size small because that is the size I tend to wear in Deletta tops. I think they run a little large. I think Kim at Anthroholic did a review of the white one, so you could see how sheer it looked on her.

    hs: Yeah, I know what you mean! I have a size 8 and mine pulls a little through the chest when I sit down.

  8. Well, I am a california girl, and we don't subscribe to any fashion rules...we wear shorts in winter and ugg boots with mini skirts in the summer... and we definitely wear white after labor day BUT I moved to Atlanta last week and something tells me I'm going to have to be a little bit more mindful of these rules. The truth is in CA, the weather permits us to wear whatever, whenever, but that is just not the case in the South, I hear...I guess we'll see about that...

    Eboni Ife'
    The Fashionista Next Door

  9. you look absolutely beautiful and YES, you can rock the white beda after labor day!

  10. I just bought the skirt today in store and it is SO COMFORTABLE! The silk just feels amazing and it's so cute (: I can't wait to see you wear the whole outfit!

  11. I love that you ordered all the things in that outfit, what a beautiful source of inspiration. I'm sure you will rock the look! As you are rocking that Beda :)


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