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Skirt: Anthropologie Lithe Skirt circa 2006 (I think)
Belt and Jewelry: The Limited

"An inspiration is what you are to me. Inspiration, look see." - Led Zepplin 

After a couple of outfits that were directly copied from print ads, I'm changing things up and giving you an outfit of a different sort - the inspired outfit.  The inspired outfit is kind of the best of both worlds. It requires some personal creativity but is still influenced by the handiwork of the professionals. Today's outfit was inspired by the following photo from Anthropologie's April catalog:

I was instantly attracted to this outfit for many reasons. First of all, I loved the classic 50's housewife silhouette despite that fact that it's not my usual style. You see, I am well aware that this particular silhouette is flattering to my figure, but items in this silhouette are usually a little too twee or froufrou for my taste. I need some details to boho things up a bit, and this outfit did just that with it's stripes and embroidered floral details. I also loved the color combination of the vibrant orange and the pale blue, which looks almost chambray in nature (even though Anthro calls it lavender).

My first instinct was to put these items in my cart and purchase them immediately, but I refrained. I wish I could report that my willpower was what kept me from pulling the trigger, but, in all honesty, the reviews on the skirt are what gave me pause.  The majority of reviewers complained about the length, fullness, and heaviness of it. Given this, I decided to go with Plan B - create something similar with items already in my closet. Although, to clarify, the top and shoes in today's outfit are relatively newer purchases that I haven't worn on the blog before, but I purchased them a few weeks ago before I saw the April catalog. All in all, I think Anthro's version is far superior to mine, but I still enjoyed putting this little ensemble together, and I believe the influences from the original are represented nicely in my little concoction.

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  1. My personal style is also more boho than the catalog picture. So I must say I your version is more to my taste and I like it better! Those sandals are so cute.

  2. Bonnie? Your slip is showing.

  3. I'm diggin' your little concoction! Nicely done, B.

    p.s As per usual, stunning photos! I especially like the twirly skirt one (:


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