Skirt: Cracker Barrel
Necklace: Anthropologie Bijouterie Layering Necklace
Flip Flops: Old Navy

"Show me my silver lining. Try to keep on keeping on..." - First Aid Kit

So, I fell in love with a dress. Yeah, I know, that's pretty much a daily occurrence for me, but no, seriously, I FELL IN LOVE with a dress. From the moment I saw the Shibori Maxi Dress on Anthropologie's website, I knew it must be mine. The subdued grey tie-dye print, the gauze-like material, the cute cut out in the back...ah, it's a hippie chicks dream dress.

Even though I think I spied this dress the minute they put it on the website, it was on backorder. I think Anthro does that just to torture the junkies like myself. They'll put a dress out on the website way before they have any inventory. You know, just to fuck with us and make us want it even more, and it totally works. As the weeks went by, I was practically foaming at the mouth to get my hands on this dress. Finally, it shipped! It felt like Christmas when the package arrived in my mailbox, and I ripped into it like a crazed, hope-filled kid jacked up on Christmas spirit. Of course, once I got it on my body, it was a total letdown. The dress fit beautifully everywhere guessed motherfreakn' boobs. I got a medium, and I couldn't even zip the damn thing. So, back to the store it went.

Over the next couple of weeks, I found myself thinking about the dress at random times, wondering what might have been if the makers could have just considered that busty gals want to wear cute hippie dresses too. Eventually, though, I let it go and moved on with my life. After all, I had a road trip to take to Tennessee.

As is the case with many of our road trips, we ended up at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast one day, and as usual, I got suckered into buying toys at the parental money pit that is the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. However, this time, mama got a little something-something for herself. While my little girl was seeking out the perfect toy, I found the silver lining to this story: a Cracker Barrel Exclusive Tie Dyed Maxi Skirt. Yep, I bought a skirt at Cracker Barrel. I can't believe I just typed that sentence...

I'm telling you, though, the country fried set has apparently gone cookoo for boho. There was a little section in the corner of the store that looked like a mini-Anthro. I saw several tops and necklaces that I would have bought if I had the money, but in the end, I just stuck with the $30 skirt. It's no Shibori Maxi Dress, but it comes pretty damn close.   

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  1. Kristin Moore SzalayJuly 25, 2014 at 6:09 PM

    This is hysterical! I'm not at Cracker Barrel often, but I was there last week and was shocked at the mini boho paradise that was the clothing section. I turned tail and ran, but didn't think I'd be finding a side of Anthro with my biscuits and gravy! That skirt is gorgeous. Wish I wasn't so damn short so I could buy "off the rack" at Cracker Barrel.

  2. AHA! Cracker Barrel skirt, wife-beater, flip-flops: now *that* is fashion I can identify with! PLUS, this sentence came dangerously close to being over-stimulating (but then I am a dirty old man), so I'm going to give this post an A+++: "The dress fit beautifully everywhere guessed motherfreakn' boobs. I got a medium, and I couldn't even zip the damn thing."

  3. Cracker Barrel has all sorts of gems. This is sort of off topic but I once bought fake poo at a Cracker Barrel to place by the hot tub at a Myrtle Beach time share to "reserve" it for my group (and keep all the drunk college kids away.) Worked like a charm - NO ONE went anywhere near that hot tub!


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