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Cardigan: Old Navy
Boots: Frye Paige Riding Boots

"It's bigger than love, brighter than all the stars combined...burning within my heart and mind." - Ben Gibbard

After a couple of posts wearing items from Old Navy, I'm back to my Anthro ways. I managed to procure two more items off of my Fall wish list, the Spaced-Dyed Chemise and the Fritillary Ruffle Loop. It was actually chilly on this day, and I have to say that these two items kept me very warm and comfy. I know a lot of you think I'm crazy for buying so many items from one store, but it really does work for me, and I'll tell you why.

First of all, I love the merchandise Anthro offers. I have read on many occasions that people who shop at Anthro do so for superficial reasons, like portraying themselves as living a certain lifestyle or like a collector adding things to a collection. Maybe that is the case for some people, but I can say without a doubt that is not the case for me. The merchandise at Anthro just speaks to me and has for many years now. Except on very rare occasions, I have never walked into an Anthro store and not seen something I love. I'm aware there is a large percentage of ladies out there who are no longer as enamored with Anthro as they were say 2 years ago. I remember back when I got into this blogging thing, there were many popular blogs dedicated to Anthro, but the majority of those have died out now. I get falling out of love with a store. I really do. I used to buy a lot of my clothes from The Limited, but now I hardly ever see anything I like from there. Stores change, tastes change, but for whatever reason one thing that has always been a constant for me is my love of Anthro.

Secondly, the resale value on Anthro items is high. I've gotten a lot of flack for spending so much money at Anthro when I could find similar pieces from inexpensive stores like Forever 21. Many retailers copy Anthro styles, so I agree it's possible to get the Anthro-esque vibe for less, and I've been known to do just that on some occasions. However, once you get those inexpensive items you are pretty much stuck with them unless you donate them or sell them for a couple of bucks on Ebay. Honestly, I get tired of things pretty quickly. There are very few pieces that I hold onto for longer than a couple of years. I've been able to consistently sale the majority of my Anthro items for at least half the price I originally paid for them. All things considered, I end up paying around the same price for an item from Anthro as I would from one of the inexpensive chains. For example, I just sold my Cream Confection Jacket for $100. I originally purchased it for $150, so in the long run, I only ended up paying $50 for it.

Lastly, contrary to popular belief, Anthro clothes fit me pretty good. I have a hard time fitting these curves into clothes from stores like Forever 21. I find the inexpensive chains to have more of a junior cut to their clothes. The dress lengths are typically shorter, and the hip and bust measurements are narrower. Of course, most would say that Anthro just has vanity sizing. Whatever the case, it works for me. On a typical shopping day at Anthro, there are very few items that I take back to the fitting room that don't fit. In fact, I always have the hardest time narrowing down what items I'm going to take home with me. I can't say that about any other store which I admit is really weird considering Anthro carries so many different brands. My fitting room experience at other stores usually consist of me trying on awkward fitting item after awkward fitting item, only to come out of the fitting room empty-handed, tired, and thoroughly depressed. If I come out of Anthro depressed, it's usually because I had to leave behind a coveted item.

So, there you have it, my love of Anthro in a nutshell. I'm sure this is way more information than you ever wanted to know about my obsession, but it's what's on my mind today. I don't expect all of you to get it. If you thought I was an Anthro-freak before, I suspect this post will only enforce that belief. It is not my intention to change anyone's mind with this post. I gave up on trying to do that awhile ago. Besides, I like being an Anthro-freak. It works for me and makes me happy. Different strokes for different folks.

Ben Gibbard - Bigger Than Love



  1. Completely agree with all that you said here! I love Anthro too for a lot of those reasons. I feel like the clothes I buy there are standout items that are different from a lot of stuff I see walking around town here. I love that feminine, boho look, which is what I find a lot of at Anthro. I really do try to wait stuff out until it goes on sale though.

    Are these the Fryes you had fixed up? They look great! Love this outfit, Bonnie! I added the dress and scarf to my wish list. Here's hoping they go on sale! :)

    1. Thank Catherine! I wish I had your sale discipline.

      Yes, these are one of the pairs of Fryes I had fixed up. You were the one who suggested the refurbishing center, so kudos to you!

  2. well, you are not the only one. I have been with Anthro since 2004 and i shop 80% of my clothes from Anthro. Like many of your reasons, I like the fit, the style and their clothes also tend to last longer and timeless. I have many tops/dresses from Anthro that I have been wearing over and over through out the years and they are still in excellent condition and when you calculate the cost per wear, it is cheaper than buying from forever 21 or H&M and plus I can easily resell it too. By the way, I only buy clothes from Anthro when they go on sale and on rare occasion i will pay a full price.

    1. A fellow Anthro-freak! Uh, but another sale only shopper. I have not your will power.

  3. Love this outfit! You look great:)

  4. Bonnie you look so lovely and happy when you smile with your teeth, I know you don't like it but it really lights up your face!
    Until last week I hadn't purchased anything from Anthro since April 2011, being pregnant meant I just wasn't interested anymore and then once Elodie was here it was all a bit...hmm...not me let's just say. I've still been looking but NOTHING grabbed me at all, even on sale. I ordered a really old dress last week (Essential Stripes, it was £25 so thought what the hell) and today they've deeply discounted more sale items so that's another £40 on three items (bargain!)
    Some of the newer stuff makes my teeth itch but I'm still keeping an eye on the site :-)

    Louise x

  5. Bonnie, I must admit I use to be an avid reader of a lot of the anthro blogs, but when things got "ugly" it just got to be too much for me. At that same point in time I had a pretty major life event so I just stop reading blogs in general for awhile. However, recently I have been doing some catch-up reading of your blog and other anthro blogs as well.

    I have noticed that a lot of the anthro blogs have fallen. And it is true that I am one of those women who is not as impressed with Anthro as I once was. I feel like the shirts are getting shorter (I am tall and I like lengthy items, not shirts that end at my waist). Also, nearly everything knit I have gotten from there has shrunk in length (like said long shirts) even if I don't dry them. Another reason is simply inflation. I find there are more and more items that are going into the $300s and that's just too much for me to spend on something I will likely bore of in a month or two. Like I bought the pom flower shift dress when it went on sale and I loved loved loved that dress. Then 6 months later I was like, what on earth was I thinking?!! I can't stand this dress... lol! I think I have just "grown out of" the quirky prints that I use to love. Though they are neat ideas I just don't find it "me" anymore. That combined with the rising prices of items, I have just lost interest. But I really have not done much shopping in general anywhere.

    Like I said above I was doing a lot of recap over the last year since my absence. I respect you for continuing this blog after all that nastiness. Being a victum of internet bullying myself (though not as extreme) it takes enormous strength to continue on while others just look for any reason to tear you apart about. Anyway.... I am glad that you are still here after the storm.

    And now lastly... I LOVE the smile with teeth!! Do more of those!! I like the movement in the shot too. It feels "real" if you know what I mean.

  6. I'm more of a J.Crew / Madewell girl, but 60% of my clothes come from one of these chains (most of the other 40% are vintage or anthro). I have never had a problem with selling using clothing on ebay, and I will wear something for 1-2 years and STILL recoup half of the original price. My clothing budget mainly comes from my ebay sells.

  7. I totally agree with the smile! You have very nice teeth! :D

  8. Pix 5 & 6: wonderful smile! Caution thrown to the wind smile!! Could we see that one more often, please? :-)


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