Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

I got the cure for your Monday blues - Anthropologie fitting room reviews! Ha! I'm a poet and didn't know it. I tried on a ton of items this weekend, so I'm going to split the reviews into two posts. Today's post is all about tops, and tomorrow's will focus on dresses. So, let's get started shall we?

A Novel Tee ($68).  How long has this top been on the website? Enquiring minds want to know. I am dying to know how long I've overlooked this cute little tee. It seems to have been purposely hiding from me. I wouldn't have seen it in the store if someone hadn't abondoned one on a random table. God bless that person for being too lazy to put the top back where it belonged! It was a size small, and I could tell by holding it up that it was too little for me. I couldn't find the other ones anywhere in the store, so I took the small back to the fitting room and asked the SA if they had it in a medium. She came back with a large, and what'd you know, it was a pefect fit! I adore this tee. I mean, how can you go wrong with it? It has ruffles and mother freaking birds on it! Twee to the extreme! I even love the neon orange color, and I'm not usually a fan of brights. Oh, and if all that wasn't enough, the haters will be proud of me for finally wearing my true size. Purchased. 

Euclidean Top ($58). This little tank adds an interesting twist to the basic white tank top with its embroidery and sheer panels. I thought this would be a cute layering piece for Spring, so I took it into the fitting room with me. I tried on a size small and the fit was good, but it just didn't do anything for me. Also, it would require I wear a nude strapless bra, and I didn't feel this tank was worth the trouble. I think this would look awesome on someone with a little less junk in the front (if you know what I mean). Pass.  

Pyracantha Blouse ($88).  I was really digging this blouse, but Jerry thought the color washed me out a bit. I kinda see his point, but I still loved it. The cut outs on the shoulders are super cute as is the pretty floral print. I tried on a size 6, and it was a good fit. I didn't notice the sheerness factor until I saw this picture, but it's nothing a little cami couldn't fix. Wishlisted.  

Field Biology Blouse ($88) with Micro-Striped Cardigan ($78).  I saw this combo hanging together on a rack and couldn't resist. It was so "me." I tried it in a size 6 first, but the arm holes were a little big and the bottom was a little too poufy. The size I'm wearing in this picture is a 4, and it was a much better fit. I wish this blouse were a little longer, but I can live with it. I can see this going with many different things in my closet. However, it looks great on it's own too. The detail at the shoulders is to die for. It's a shame to cover it up with a cardigan, but this caridgan is just so darn cute and comfy. It's the perfect lightweight cardigan for Spring. I tried it in a size medium and loved it. Purchased both. 

With Wings Tank ($68).  I was intrigued by this top with its pretty little cape. I tried on a size small, and the fit was good. However, I kinda felt like a boho superhero in it. The cape detail was a little over the top for my taste. Pass. 

Dieppe Top ($98).  This was one of the few items that had caught my attention online, so I was very excited to try it on. I tried a size small, and although the fit was good, this is one of those tops that's not flattering on busty girls. From the front, it looks great, but the side view is a whole different story. My ample bosom (couldn't help myself, I just wanted to use that in a sentence) made the shirt hang away from my belly, making me look preggers. Not the look I was going for. Pass.

Tufted Dots Sweater ($78). This sweater is so not my style, but Jerry really wanted me to try it on. I think the artist in him liked the "tufts." Please pardon my lack of top underneath. By this point in the trying on process, I was tired and cranky and was throwing clothes on and off like a mad women. This is a size medium, and the fit was good, but I just wasn't feeling it. Pass.

Mystery Top ($58). I can't seem to find this one online. I was attracted to it for its comfort factor and effortless style. This is a size medium, and I really liked it, but I thought $58 was a little pricey for a glorified lounge top. I'll definitely consider this one when it goes on sale. Wishlisted.



  1. Lots of cute tops today! BTW, that last shirt is the Downward Rush cowlneck. I have it on my wishlist, but it's out of stock online. Looks great on you!

  2. I like your personality but you have terrible taste in clothes. You have no idea what looks good on you or any idea of your true sizing. The clothes you "passed" on all looked fantastic on you, and the ones you purchased look dreadful and boring.

  3. JHW, What the heck? She passed on the last 4 tops, and I'm sorry but they are horrendous! The 2nd and 3rd top are awful too but she didn't buy them! Ok, She did wishlist the last one and the 3rd one, but hopefully when she sees the photos, she'll see that they aren't good. Anyhow, I think the best top on her is the Field Biology Blouse. But I just wish she didn't need a quick shot of shopping in her veins to make herself feel good, because if she were patient, she could've picked it up on sale, as this top is not getting good reviews. But that's her choice!

  4. your hair is so pretty! did you change it? it looks darker.

  5. Nope. Still the same shade of purple. ;-). Thanks!

  6. Well, at least I've got my personality going for me!

  7. Yeah, you tell her...oh wait, now you're telling me...:- /

  8. Thanks, Jen! Glad somebody's got some sense around here. ;-)

  9. Hi Bonnie, everything you bought looks really beautiful both on you and as such and the Mistery top should have come with you home too ;) (this is me playing the devil's advocate)! As for the items you have passed on I must agree with you: they deserved to be passed on! Now, on the Pyracantha dilemma...hmmm, Jerry was all too kind about it :)! But of course, this is only my opinion ;)

  10. Bonnie, I absolutely LOVE the Field Biology Blouse and Pyracantha Blouse. Now I'm going to have to try both on :-)

  11. I totally overlooked the A Novel Tee on the website! It looks cute on you! I actually don't have luck with knits from Anthropologie but I will see if I can spot it at my local store! The Field Biology is very cute too. I think you have a good taste and things you purchased look good on you, I too would have passed on all tops you also passed but I wouldn't have wishlisted the other ones, and if you can afford them full price that's your problem. Lucky you!

  12. You are hilarious, Bonnie! :) I think that orange tee with the birdies is adorable! That last one is gorgeous! Needs a cami but definitely go get it! It is beautiful on you!

  13. I personally love the second top on you, but I agree. It's too sheer, and trying to make it less sheer just doesn't seem to be worth the trouble - at least for that ridiculous price. If it ever goes on sale, you should snag it, wear it with some strappy piece underneath and a boyfriend blazer (like this one: - in whatever color). It will elongate your torso and make you look slimmer; please don't take that the wrong way - you're very beautiful - I just think everyone can look taller and more slim. But that's just me. Enjoy your Valentine's Day; I'm sure you have a beautiful Anthro piece just for the occasion :)

  14. Gosh Bonnie! How dare you go shopping and do a review that doesn't please anyone!! Really, that is just unacceptable! As a blogger, it is your obligation to keep all of your readers completely satisfied!


    Love the birds, love the peasanty style, love the cardi, think you've chosen well - cute tops, and they suit your personality!! I also liked some of your "passes" but perhaps they should become MY purchases, not yours!

    Thanks for these reviews! Can't wait to see the dresses!!

  15. If you like the novel tee you might like this one from Old Navy that is very cute as well:

    this one was very pretty too


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