Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews - Dresses

As promised, here's my second round of reviews featuring dresses.

Pieced Column Dress ($178).  Since so many people loved the Sorted Stripes Dress on me minus the ruffle, I decided to give this one a try. This is a size medium, and I thought it hugged my curves beautifully and was much more flattering than the Sorted Stripes. It's not really my style, but I'm trying to take your advice, readers, and branch out a little, especially when the fit is flattering. Besides, this isn't too far away from my aesthetic. I felt comfortable in it, and it still felt like me. When I walked out, Jerry was speechless. He must of liked it because he followed me back into the dressing room. ;-) Purchased.

Four Corner Shirtdress ($138).  This dress was on a mannequin outside the store as we walked in. I immediately gasped and said, "I must try that on." Once in the store, I quickly located it in a size 8. I love the vibrant color on this one and the asymmetrical hem. I think it would look so pretty with flat sandals in the Spring. The SA said she could see it looking really cute with wedges. Shoes aside, it just didn't work on me. The buttons pulled across my chest, so I asked the SA to bring me a 10. The 10 didn't pull in the chest, but it was too big everywhere else. It seems this dress and I just weren't meant to be. Oh, and I've broken my streak of always loving the first thing that catches my attention in the store. Well, it wasn't technically "in" the store, so I'm gonna say this one doesn't count. The streak is still alive. My love for this dress is not. Pass.

Watercolored Gems Shift ($168).  The SA suggested I try this one on. It's a really beautiful dress, and I'm sure you are all going to say that these are the types of dresses I should be wearing because they make me look tall and thin, but it's just not me. I feel so fancy shmancy in it. Like...a little too cute and polished. This is a size 8, and Jerry struggled a bit to zip it up. My breast were packed in there like sardines. If I was really interested in this dress, I would have tried a size 10, but I just wasn't feeling this one. I don't know. Maybe I would consider it at a lower price. For now, I'll pass.

Minutiae Dropwaist Dress ($128).  This little dress caught my attention online, so I was happy when I saw it in the store. Once I got it on, I hated it. The floral print was really overwhelming and the neckline and sleeves made it look really granny on me. I opened the door and showed Jerry. He shook his head, and I closed the door. It just wasn't happening. This was a size 6. Pass.

Cinch and Flow Maxi Dress ($78) with Couple of Feathers Belt ($58).  I saw this combo on a mannequin in the lounge section and instantly fell in love. I just love the elegant ease of this simple black maxi dress with a belt that adds just a little bit of interest. The SA said she loved this on me more than anything else I tried on that day. I went with a size medium in the dress and the belt. The lightweight material of the dress moves very well giving this outfit an effortless feel. I can't wait for the weather to warm up, so I can rock this outfit. Purchased both.

Cross-Strap Chemise ($98).  The SA brought this one to me because she thought the color would be awesome with my skin and hair. I was really digging it. It's so fresh and feels like Summer. I see it looking fabulous with my pewter colored Seychelles sandals. However, it's extremely see through and a little on the long side. Still, I think if this one went on sale I would snatch it up and make it work. $98 is just too much to pay for a nightgown. Wishlisted.



  1. Loved all the dresses on you except the maxi dress. Maybe it was just the cell phone pic though. I agree with Jerry that dress #1 (the Pieced Column dress) is phenomenal on you! Love these reviews! Thanks for posting them as they are very helpful!

  2. I love your choices Bonnie! I'm really surprised that you purchased the Pieced Column Dress, but I think it looks great on you! I think you can certainly accessorise it your way to make it suit your style too! The Cinch and Flow Maxi is great too! You'll get so much wear out of it!

    Enjoy your new purchases!!

  3. The Watercolored Gems Shift looks great on you but you are right, if it's not your style don't even bother buying it then. For example I feel completely "not me" when I wear pink, I feel like a barbie which I am not. I only have 2 items that are pink but I hardly wear them (I shouldn't have purchased them in the first place). It just doesn't feel right when you wear something that doesn't read who you are.
    The Maxi dress looks awesome on you though. Although I don't really know you I can tell it's much more you than that shift!


  4. The Pieced Column Dress was a great choice. It's a very flattering style for you. The Watercolored Gems Shift really does look nice, too. I have tons of shifts and buy them for the reasons that you dislike them: I feel like they make me looked neat and polished, even when I'm a hot mess ;-) The Cross-Strap Chemise looks like it could have potential as well. I didn't like it on the Anthro website, but it's really pretty cute once it's on.

  5. very helpful reviews! thank you. I have to say pieced column dress looks great on you so as watercolored gems.

  6. Fantastic reviews, Bonnie! I *love* the Pieced Column Dress on you, and as for the Maxi dress & feather belt ensemble... I like it so much, I'm going to see if my local Anthro has it in for me to try (it takes new items SO much longer to get in our Canadian Anthro stores).

    Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday! (:

  7. Thanks! I hope you find the Maxi dress and belt. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. It's an awesome outfit!

  8. Oh, Rebecca, I wish I liked shifts. I really do, but I just feel so uncomfortable in them. I never would have noticed the Cross-Strap Chemise if the SA hadn't brought it to me. Damn her! Now, I've added something else to my ever expanding wish list.

  9. LOL! I don't wear a lot of pink either. Also, purple makes me think of Barney.

    I tried on the Maxi dress after the Shift, and I looked in the mirror and said, "Ah, I feel like myself again." I think it's really important to own your style even if it's not the most flattering piece.

  10. I wore the Pieced Column Dress yesterday and added a necklace that I think really made it more my style. Stayed tuned for that post in a couple of days.

  11. Oh no, Catherine! No love for the maxi dress? It must be the cell phone pic, because I'm telling you that dress is freaking awesome!

  12. it's = contraction for "it is"
    its = something belonging to "it"

    Examples: I like this top but it's too small.
    I really like this shirt, especially because of its birds.

    If you do one thing, please learn the difference. Good grammar is important if you're job/hobby is writing.

  13. Great reviews, Bonnie. As usual I appreciate you taking the time to put these up for your readers! It's so helpful to see things IRL when you don't have a store nearby :)

    Love the Pieced Columns dress on you. It is absolutely stunning. It's like a magic dress, isn't it?. It works on so many body types. I tried it on a while back and was shocked that it actually worked on me. I also agree with your views on shift dresses. I have only one dress that's technically a "shift" style and I feel so "meh" in it. It's just not my style and I don't feel comfortable wearing it. I'm interested in that maxi dress now...what a nice price point (shocking for Anthro!)

    Have a great day :)

  14. Okay, grammar mistakes like that drive me batty. Where did you see that? I don't see any misuse of "it's" or "its."

  15. I hope the your/you're error at the end of your comment was intentional.... otherwise *guffaw*

    I don't see any issues with Bonnie's its/it's use in this post.

  16. LOL the Barney comment was awesome :] For some reason I am not attracted to purple either, it also doesn't feel right on me but I really get bad vibes with pink, like if I were tying to be someone else! it's weird!!

  17. I am sure you are right! I actually saw it in the store yesterday when I was back there to return something. Is it sheer? It does look comfortable!

  18. I am totally copying that maxi dress & feather belt combo - it looks adorable, versatile and comfortable. Throw a jacket over it and a few long necklaces & you dress it right up. And what a great price!!!!


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