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Dress: Anthropologie Easy As Pie Dress - Size 8
Sweater: The Limited - Size M
Booties: Blowfish Blyth Booties - Size 8.5
Necklace: Anthropologie

"Where we live Spring comes early. Trees in bloom when the northern country is covered in snow. A windy fitful day in Winter...The climate now is cling to splinters. We hold hands while we work and play and hope tomorrow is a sunny day." - The Weepies

Due to the unseasonably warm temperatures we've been experiencing in my small town lately, some of the trees have decided it's Spring already and are in full bloom. This one particular tree located on the main drag downtown has really outdone itself. I couldn't resist getting some photos with it. Jerry even snipped a branch off and put it in a vase in the apartment. I'm really glad we were able to catch this tree in all it's glory. It has turned really cold today (the wind is un-freaking-believable) and am afraid the blooms might not last through the night. :-(

The weather may have turned cooler, but my life seems to be heating up. Today was one of the best days ever. Hurray, for a good day! I made sure I took time out in the middle of it to really soak it in and appreciate it. Every time something good would happen today I would break out into that song SpongeBob sings, "Best Day Ever..." Jerry would just shake his head and laugh. I know this blog can get gloomy at times, so please, dear readers, allow me to share the details of my wonderful day. 

I woke up completely pain and anxiety free, took a shower, and got ready for the day. My hair did exactly what I wanted it to do for a change, the zit I've had for the past few days had finally gone away, and I picked out my outfit in less than a minute. I put on my new earrings Jerry got me as a early Valentine's Day present from Tree and Kimble, and out the door we went to look at a house in the country. Now, you should know that our ideal house has always been an older house in the country. We've talked about this since day one of our relationship. However, houses like that are scarcer than hen's teeth (yeah, the country's coming out now). Especially ones that don't require a lot of work. So, imagine my excitement when, earlier in the week, my sister texted me about a cute house she saw in the country for sale. Jerry and I drove out immediately after work to look at it. The yard was a mess, but the house itself was gorgeous - a little cape cod style cottage with copper gutters and a big front porch! We didn't hesitate to call the number on the sign and schedule an appointment to look inside. 

We pulled up into the driveway this morning and a very nice older gentlemen greeted us. He started to show us around the grounds. Yes, this place has grounds - 1.7 acres to be exact. He and Jerry decided they wanted to walk the grounds. I told the boys to have fun with that, but I was going to go inside and have a look. As soon as I walked in, I got "the feeling." I knew this house was the one. My heart started beating faster in anticipation of each room, and as I made my way through the house, I got giddier and giddier. I know I must have look like a damn fool walking around with that stupid ass grin on my face. The inside of the house has been completely updated, but old details that give it a vintage charm still remain - original doorknobs, stove pipe plate covers, and cedar lined closets to name a few. It has a new roof and windows. There are still a few things that need to be done, like putting in a shower upstairs, but for the most part, it's finished. The gentleman selling the house grew up in it, so he told us all kinds of history about the house and his family. So cool! Jerry loved it just as much as me, and we decided to make an offer! Now, we're just waiting to hear back. I really hope we can get it!

What else could have happened to make this day even better you might ask? Well, a trip to Anthropologie, of course. I didn't expect to find much, because nothing has really caught my attention online lately. Boy, was I wrong. I got some really great pieces! Let's just say the budget has officially been spent for February. Oh, and reviews will be coming your way soon. After shopping, we had a delicious dinner and then made our way to Target to get some dish washing liquid. Yes, Target is the only store around these parts that sells Mrs. Meyer's products. God, I love that stuff. It smells so good! Anyway, while in Target I decided to see what the big deal was about this Jason Wu hoopla. I searched in vain around the women's clothing section. I couldn't see any evidence that it had ever existed. I wonder if it all sold out already or maybe this store never had it to begin with. Oh well, it wasn't really my style anyway, so I headed off to the home department where I became smitten with a set of 4 bird prints. Jerry said, "Those would look perfect in that house." Damn you, Jerry! At that point, I had to have them. I know, I know, I shouldn't be buying things for a house that's not even mine yet, but screw that, I was having the best day ever! Jerry went in 50/50 with me, so he totally redeemed himself for enabling me.

Wow, I'm typing up a storm, aren't I? It's midnight and am still high from my good day. I know everything could turn to shit tomorrow, but I'm going to ride this wave while it lasts. Besides, if a tree can bloom this beautifully in the middle of winter, anything is possible.

The Weepies - Hope Tomorrow



  1. Great post!

    The pics are beautiful and it's nice to hear some positive things- like u said anything is possible.

    Thanks for brightening up my night!

  2. So glad you had a great day! I hope you get that house too, because it sounds like just the sort of place you'd love decorating, and then your blog readers will benefit with lots of great photos and how-tos from you. Keep us posted!


  3. I love that dress! It looks great on you! The tree is gorgeous too! I've never seen anything like it here! Just beautiful! Can't wait to hear more about the house! I hope your offer is accepted. Happy packing!!

  4. YAAAAAY! Good days like that are the best. I don't even know where to start because I like this post so much-- well, I guess with the outfit and photos. Totally gorgeous on both fronts! You look gorgeous-- I love the softness and simplicity of the white top and black cardigan with the bright skirt. And the second-to-last photo is just wonderful, so delicate and pretty. And I am so excited for you to have found a house-- a cottage, no less-- that fits you so well! I'll be sending good house vibes your way! (Seriously, when I watch House Hunters, it's like a guy watching a football game. I start shouting "Get the cottage! Look how charming it is! Step away from the condo!")

    Hope you're having another great day!

    xo Julie

  5. Love that dress on you. I just spotted one at my local consignment shop that was a size or two too big- now I'm even more bummed out I couldn't make it work after seeing how great it looks on. Good luck on the house!

  6. Good Luck. I really hope you get the house and make it your home.
    Love the dress on you and thanks for sharing the early blooms. Now I can deal with the cold here with blooms in my mind.
    Your happy post made me happy. :) I am going to get my new boots out and make myself happy and go out with the kids and have some fun shopping for Valentines cards. :)
    Havent been to Anthro in few months, hope i can squeeze in a visit today or next week.
    Good luck again!!!!!

  7. I love that closeup of you and the petals! So gorgeous.

    That's fantastic about the house! I really hope you get it.

  8. Hi Bonnie you don't need to approve this comment but I was browsing on eBay and I saw a picture of you!

    just wanted to let you know, maybe the person asked for permission, or maybe you won't even mind but I thought about letting you know. Beautiful picture!! I regret not buying those sandals..!


  9. I love the color in these picts. So bright and cheery! I have followed you for awhile and though I am in a much better place today I can def feel for your days of down. Stay positive and know that only goodness awaits! I also am loving this hair color of your's - very vibrant and really shines on you. Have a great day!

  10. We all have our ups and downs. I am glad the day was an up for you! Good luck on your offer! I hope you guys get it! Fingers crossed, knocked on wood! :)

  11. I hope you get the house, it sounds lovely! So jealous you have trees blossoming already, we went skiing today and just about froze. Good luck with everything!!

  12. Beautiful pics. That 2nd to last one is absolutely amazing. Truly beautiful. Good luck with the house! Sounds perfect.

  13. Omg I hate that Sponge Bob song! My sister says she gets it stuck in her head whenever her kids are driving her crazy and her husband is being an ass."best day ever" indeed! Also it was 19 degrees here today! I'm so jealous of your early spring!

  14. All great news and am glad for you! I think buying the bird prints is an excellent way of making the possibility of owning the house real - in fact every morning or night you ought to visualize yourself hanging those prints in a room in that house and let yourself feel all of the emotions and energy that would accompany that act, as if it were really happening now. And maybe your boyfriend should visualize this too (shared energies = more powerful). Also, have you heard of the books "To Wake in Tears: Understanding Interstitial Cystitis" and "Along the Healing Path: Recovering from Interstitial Cystitis," both by Catherine Simone - both excellent books which you might find helpful and interesting.

  15. Meant also to add her third book, which I think is the best one, entitled "Awakening Through the Tears: Interstitial Cystitis and the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection" (Catherine Simone).

  16. Good luck with the house, Bonnie. I know exactly what you mean when you said you got "the feeling." Sending positive vibes your way. Hope you're hanging those bird prints asap. (:

    p.s. Pictures are gorgeous - the close up of your face is breathtaking!

  17. Thanks, Julie! I'm loving what you said about House Hunters. I even read it to Jerry because he knows how crazy I am about that show. I shout too!

  18. Thanks for the vibes! I'm on pins and needles.

  19. I like your suggestion of letting myself feel the emotions. After all, that's the best part. I've been telling myself not to do that because I didn't want to get too emotionally invested and then not get it. However, I think your way is better. I'm all about feeling and not suppressing anymore. If we don't get it, at least I had those feelings. Thanks for reminding me of this.

    Also, thanks for the book suggestions. I'll check 'em out!

  20. LOL! My kids love SpongeBob, as does Jerry ( sorry, babe. Your secret is out.) I'm with you, though. I find him very annoying. It's funny, because now when something bad happens Jerry teases me by singing that song to which I promptly reply, " STFU!"

  21. Thanks! It is perfect. I so hope we get it.

  22. Thanks! Well, I'm jealous of your snow. Wanna trade places for a day? ;-)

  23. Thanks for the sweet, encouraging words!

  24. I take full responsibility for that shot, as it was my idea. Jerry just, you know, took the picture. :-D

  25. I'm so glad this post brightened your day! Thanks for the good luck wishes!

  26. Thanks! Sorry the one you saw was too big. It does run a little on the larger size for Anthro. I was swimming in this dress 5 pounds ago, but it's fitting much better these days.

  27. Thanks! I'll post about the house as soon as I know one way or the other.

  28. Oh, Beth. I adore this house! I really hope I can do a post on it one day.


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