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Sweater: Anthropologie Arched Ripples Pullover - Size S/M
Top: Gap - Size Small
Jeans: AE Jeggings - Size 8
Booties: Blowfish Blythe Booties - Size 8.5

"It's like a bad day that never ends. I feel the chaos around me. A thing I don't try to deny. I'd better learn to accept that there are things in my life that I can't control." - Phoenix

Ah, yet another bad day. I woke up late and mad at the world. I just can't seem to catch a break lately. Work was hell. I seriously wanted to lay the smack down on some people. The only thing that got me through the day was looking forward to having a good dinner and some drinks with Jerry. Once I got off work, we drove to one of our favorite restaurants, and it was packed. On a Wednesday freaking night? WTF? Then, some old lady freaked out and blew the horn at Jerry because he was backing up to get in the parking space better. She literally entered the parking lot as he was backing up and then proceeded to speed up to where he was and blow the horn at him like a crazy person. Lady, when someone is backing out of a parking space before you even enter the parking lot, I think they have the right away. Step off granny! 

Things started looking up when we entered the restaurant because our favorite booth in the bar was available. The seating in the bar has always been first come, first served. We were getting all comfy in our booth and preparing ourselves for an awesome meal when the hostess came up to us and informed us that the bar was on a waiting list tonight. Embarrassingly, we had to get up and put our names on the waiting list behind people who came in after us. Why would they just change the rules all of the sudden and not at least put a sign up or something? I found out later from the hostess that a person who was on the waiting list complained to her that we got to come in and sit right down, so she was put in an "awkward position." Well, I'm sorry but we were put in an awkward position too just for following the usual rules. Anyway, we waited 15 minutes to be seated and another 15 minutes to be waited on. When I finally got my drink, it was weak and only managed to give me a headache instead of a buzz. To say today was an epic fail is an understatement.

On a happier note, do you recognize my sweater today? It's the one that got away on Black Friday. I was browsing around in my local Anthro a couple of weeks ago and it was hanging at the end of a sale rack all by it's lonesome. I swear there was a light shining down from heaven on it. It's like it was hanging there just for me. I know it's just a grey sweater, but I loves it. It's my precious... Seriously, it's one of the few wool sweaters that I can tolerate, and I just love it's relaxed vibe. 

It seems I'm going through a rough patch right now, but that's life. You have good days and you have bad ones. The last couple have been bad, but the day I scored this sweater was a good one. Believe or not, they do exist in my world. I sure hope I have one of those again real soon. 

Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better



  1. You know, I think the holiday period can bring out the worst in the best of us! It's stressful at the best of times, but especially so, when you are spending your first Christmas juggling kids between "newly" separated parents. This year has presented many new challenges for you Bonnie, so it is little wonder that you are stuggling to stay afloat at the moment.

    Try to stay focussed on the things that are truly important to you, and hopefully things will start to become a little easier. Those "firsts" are always going to be hard!

    Great sweater though!! Comfy, casual and warm! Perfect really!!

  2. Oh sorry for your day. Believe me I have had a few of those days too. Takes some time to get over and get back in good mood. But clothes always put me in good mood atleast make it better. And I love that sweater too. I still think about some stuff that I did not go for or was just sold out. oh well.

    Bonnie I have a question for you. I recently bought Buckled Paddock boots, the one you wore in one of your outfits few weeks back. I loved them when saw on you. I bought them when they went on sale. Unfortunately I think I should have sized up. I wanted to know did you size up or did you get your usual size?
    I am size 6 so got a 36. Its little struggle to get my foot in but when i get it in i have some space in back so its not tight and boot is not touching the back of my foot. The problem I have it in the front, there is a crease just below the laces. And it should not be there and it does not look good. So I was wondering if a size up would resolve that or whether that's how the boot is made. I would appreciate your answer on this. Thanks :)

  3. Bonnie, I'm wearing the same sweater today! I bought it early in the fall on a whim since I usually like flowy things, and I've worn it to death. It looks great on you, and I'm glad you found it!

  4. Geez, seating at the bar (booth, table or literally at the bar) is always ALWAYS first come first serve, NEVER on a waiting list. Everybody knows that. You were justified in being pissed off about that, it was rude for the hostess to unseat you and make you do the shame walk back to the waiting area. How embarrassing, I would have been politely livid with the management for putting ME in an awkward position. Even worse, you ended up paying for the entire 'yuck-feeling' experience. Grrrrr. I hate it when things snowball like that. It's like, you see it all unfolding, and the rational part of your brain says to just stop now, turn around and leave but the part of your brain that puts one foot in front of the other wins out and you just keep going hoping that the end result might maybe just possibly turn out the way you wanted it to originally. Sigh.....

  5. Oh, and that sweater is very flattering on you. The first photo is by far the best of the series, closely followed by the reverse wall hug 2nd photo.

  6. Thanks for this comment, Anna! It's so refreshing to feel some real empathy from a commenter and to get some advice I can really apply to my life.

  7. Thanks, Lisa! I love this sweater and hugging walls (even in reverse)!

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Exactly! I'm so glad someone else gets this! "Shame walk" was exactly what it was. You know what's even more infuriating? The hostess was like, "Well, I could sit you and that table over there, but there is a guy talking to those people who is just sitting there in the way." So, she had no problems telling us to get up, but she couldn't walk over their and tell that guy to get up?!? It's like you can see that the night is not going to go well, but your brain is too damn stubborn to believe it! Jerry asked me if I wanted to leave, and yeah, I kinda did, but I stuck it out for some stupid reason.

  9. That's so cool, AmyP! I have already worn this sweater like 3 times, and I've only had it a couple of weeks. It just a great staple piece to layer over tops in the winter!

  10. Thanks, Rachel! Clothes make me feel better too, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Life is hard enough without denying myself one of the things that makes me happy.

    So, about the Buckled Paddock boots...I'm a size 8.5, but as you know those boots do not come in half sizes, so I got a size 39.

  11. My god, if it was so busy, you can just confirm that you can walk up to the bar.

  12. Well, except there's the fact that the other 50,000 times I've been in that bar I've been able to walk in and seat myself. There's that...

  13. Sorry, but after seven years of working in restaurants, I have to give you a heads up: the holiday season is a different animal when it comes to food-service operations. I worked in a busy steakhouse, as a host then as bartender, and during the holidays, the bar was considered part of the dining room. It's too bad the host didn't catch you before you made it to the bar (something we always tried to do for regular bar diners during the holidays) but any night the week before Christmas is extreeeemely busy and many restaurants must use the bar as a dining room.

  14. Sorry about your sucky day! I have them too..... and no one really to talk to about it. I LOVE THIS outfit on you! I am partial to "big" tops right now. And you look TINY in it! Big 2012 hug! Sherry xoxo


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