Making It Work

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Dress: Ruche Spring Soiree Dress

Belt: Anthropologie

Sweater: Old Navy

Shoes: Steve Madden

"Just try to see in the dark. Just try to make it work." - The Cure

I've tried to sale this dress for months now. I've probably listed it like 10 times on Ebay, each time slowly whittling away at the price. However, there were still no takers. It seemed I couldn't even give this dress away. As time went by, I started feeling sorry for this poor, unwanted dress. I really wanted to give it some love, so I decided to take Tim Gunn's advice and "make it work!" I adore the print on this dress, but my problem with it was the fit. It pretty much looked like a huge, shapeless sack on me even with the attached sash belt tied around my waist. I decided to try it with my miracle-working belt from Anthropologie. It has done wonders for other dresses in my closet with this same silhouette, and this dress was no exception. I also "made it work-appropriate" by wearing a cropped cardigan over the spaghetti staps. I really love how this outfit turned out! Thanks people for not buying my dress!

07 Close To Me - Acoustic Cure, The

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  1. When I saw your post, I was thinking..."yet another new purchase". How great to find out that it is something you already had. You seem very creative in your posts in terms of the title of your posts and what you write about. I'd love to see you get more creative with your wardrobe by not always buy, buy, buy, buying but instead by mixing and matching with all the millions of clothes you have and coming up with different outfits. I think this outfit looks fantastic, and I think you could probably come up with so many fabulous outfits by just shopping your own closet.

  2. Hi, Bonnie:

    I like this outfit! I totally agree with the above comments. Soemtimes remixing is just as exciting as buying new outfit. Keep up the great creativity!

  3. I love this outfit! I know it is hard to shop your own closet sometimes... I have a hard time doing it! :) Anyway, if you wanna sell the dress I might be interested... send me a private email with details (size/cost) and maybe we can strike a deal! Thanks for sharing yourself with your readers again today! Cheers!

  4. I really love this outfit. You truly made it work. Great remix!


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