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Dress: Anthropologie Counting Angles Dress

Shoes: Steve Madden

Jewelry: The Limited

"There are angels in your angles. There's a low moon caught in your tangles." - The Decemberists

Life is what we make it. We all have our own unique set of circumstances and burdens to bear, and it is up to us how we deal with them. I was reminded of this during this photo shoot.

There is a "wild man" who has been a part of our small community for many years. He's famous for riding his bike all across town and screaming out profanities, so it was no surprise when he happened to ride by on his bike during this photo shoot. He stopped and wanted to get a photo with me, so I obliged. He's a really nice guy and seems to be very intelligent, but he has some physical issues that make him different. He walks with a limp and sort of holds his head to the side all the time. Anyway, what I find interesting is how he has chosen to respond to his affliction. He seems very angry about it and has adopted a sort of "screw society" attitude.

On the other hand, I know a girl who has cerebal palsy and has chosen to embrace her disorder. She is a very loving, kind individual who truly cares for other people. She is devoutly religious and seems to be very happy despite her handicap.

I've often wondered which path I would take if I were in their shoes. I've come to a point in my life where I have my own choice to make. My burden right now is mental illness. I can choose to be angry about it or embrace it. I'm still undecided.

The Decemberists - Of Angels and Angles

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  1. Love this reflective post, Bonnie. I've had both bipolar disorder and high anxiety ever since I was a child, and I've only really learned to use my "gifts" given to me by my mental illness to my advantage in recent years. I don't know anyone with mental illness who'll say it's been an easy path, but it sounds like you're light years ahead of many people in the way your thinking, lady! Best of luck to you in whatever you're dealing with in your life whether it's your own struggle or that of another person! :)

  2. I'm glad you posted your picture with wild man. And even though I don't post on here often, I always enjoy your introspection.

    And I LOVE this dress on you! I hadn't loved it when I saw it online, but seeing this ootd makes me look at this dress twice!

  3. Hi Bonnie,

    there may be a number of reasons for your symptoms, psychological, spiritual and/or physical issues in your mind-body. What I mean is that sometimes there are physiological reasons for nightmares and obsessive thoughts and psychological reasons for chronic pain and illness. Mind and body are not as separate as we'd like to think. As someone who wants to live life on her own terms, you may be interested in looking at alternatives to conventional treatments. Therapy and meds can and will help, but there may be more components to finding true healing. Consider GAPS diet - a nutritional program ( designed for people with mental illness, consider acupuncture, homeopathy and other energy treatments. Healing is possible, stay with your heart's deepest truest desire for your life.

  4. I love your shoes! Where can I find them?

  5. So really liked this dress but I never tried it on...I don't know why because it is so "me". Anyway, you look awesome in it! And, again, I love the pics... you have the best photog...! LUCKY!


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