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Dress: Anthropologie Sprightly Shirtdress

Belt: Anthropologie Red Mesa Belt

Shoes: Steve Madden

Jewelry: The Limited

"And the criss cross of what is true, won't get to us cause you know me I could not give up on you." - Blind Pilot

Looking at these pictures, I laughed to myself. For one, my photographer seemed to enjoy editing the pictures to make funny phrases on the wall behind me such as "Used Equipment" and "Trance on Blount St." Secondly, I'm committing all the "posey-picture sins" such as "hand on hip" and "hugging the wall." So, you know what? I give up, or more accurately, I don't give up. When I see a camera, I pose. That's just me. For me, "forced pictures" are trying to look normal when there is a camera around. I just can't do it nor do I want to. I like the posey pictures. I'm going for a Anthropologie catalog look and those girls look down right mean and posey in most of their pictures. As much as I would love to please everyone, I'm finding out that it's impossible. This is my blog, and it should be a reflection of who I really am, not what someone else wants me to be. I appreciate your critiques, I really do, but I think I'm going to stick to what feels comfortable to me.

As I've said before, I've always been a people pleaser. So, my first reaction when receiving criticism is to try to correct myself. Lately, I've been trying to correct myself from correcting myself. As a result, there has been alot of criss crossing of ideas in my head. In the last photo shoot, I decided to follow some of the advice I had been given and try to step out of my comfort zone a little bit. On this shoot, I forgot all about that and did my thing. When I saw these pictures, my first thought was "Oh no, I shouldn't post these because they look too posey." Then I said to myself, "I really liked this outfit and this photo shoot. Why shouldn't I post them? This is me in my comfort zone. It may not be what everybody likes, but it's what I like, and I should stick up for myself." Then I gave myself a high-five and took myself out for drinks.

Blind Pilot - 3 Rounds and a Sound

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  1. Oh now, Bonnie- don't walk away from a challenge! You can do it! Bingo on the first shot! Looks great and not posey! LOVE the dress and the belt, and the hair!

    Does photographer friend ever just snap away a bunch of candids of you? I'll be they would be fabulous! Okay, now I've typed a lot of exclamation points. Cudos on taking yourself out for drinks. (wanted to insert an exclamation point there but am trying to exercise restraint!- ack!).

  2. I've said it before, I'll say it again - you have the prettiest knees in the world. How can knees be pretty???? I dunno, but yours are. And I like your posey pictures, dammit! They're a sight better than other bloggers who refuse to even INCLUDE their heads in the photo, or shot the exact same pose in the exact same doorway every day, looking down at their shoes....

  3. Even if you're a people pleaser, there is just no way on earth you can please everyone if you have a blog. So you should do what suits you, and those that don't like it, don't have to read it.

  4. Gosh, Bonnnie, you're making me rethink that dress! It looks great on you. What size did you get? I thought it ran a bit large, so I wasn't sure (I have a similar build). Thanks in advance! Amy

  5. I love your pictures...I don't know who these non-posey people are but they are nuts. It's your blog and pose away--I love posed photos! They look like a magazine to me. What are you supposed to be doing, picking your nose?

  6. You're photos are GREAT! You look like you can be in an Anthropologie catalog. Seriously!

    Also, I love Blind Pilot!!! Saw them a few months ago in Portland.

  7. You rock on with with your posey self, sister. I totally agree that this is your blog and you should have fun. And, it's a blog-not a catalog, you aren't a model, and I don't see Tyra Banks anywhere,so don't take it too seriously everyone. And, I agree that if you are going to blog about yourself and what you are wearing and post photos all over the web, then let them be pretty shots with beautiful settings that you've given thought to-rather than a bathroom photo or the same doorway staring down at your feet. Keep having fun!

  8. Anon@2:43: I've got a photo coming up on Thursday that I think you are going to like!!!

    Tracy: LOL! Your comments always bring a smile to my face - guaranteed. I'm flattered that you like my knees and glad that you enjoy the posey photos - dammit!

    lisa: Couldn't agree more.

    Anon@4:07: Girl, this dress runs really big. This is a size 2! However, my girlfriend, who usually wears a size 2 was able to wear the size 2 also. It was a baggier fit on her, but still really cute. Hope this helps!

    Saskia: LOL! I refuse to pick my nose!

    cheryle: Thanks! Blind Pilot is awesome. Saw them open for The Decemberists a couple of years ago.

    Anon@3:53: Too funny about Tyra Banks. I feel like I need to work on my "smize." Am I posing H to T? LOL!

  9. I was going to comment on your most recent post. But then I caught a glimpse of you in this Shirtdress. Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bonnie. The combination of Greens and Brown are Perfect. And it's obvious that there is a hailstorm of love flying about. The photos are stunning. If you can turn my head, I can't imagine what you must do to him.

    Not to say that the Whiteout Skirt Post wasn't fabulous too. I was compelled (or propelled) here instead.

    Now I want that dress.


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