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Top: Anthropologie Lace Tracings Tee

Skirt: Anthropologie Sun-Stitched Skirt

Belt: Anthropologie

Shoes: Kensie Girl

"Spinning out, gracefully going nowhere, quickly. I'm older, day by day but still going back to my childhood way." - My Morning Jacket

How excited was I when I saw this skirt hanging in my Anthropologie store with a price tag of $29.95? Very excited! I had tried on this skirt before and knew that it ran a little small through the waist, so I was happy to discover that it was a size medium. I love all the architectural shapes in this skirt and of course I love the bright yellow stitching. Now the only problem was what to wear with it.

I decided to kick it preschool style or, in other words, I played alot with shapes in this outfit. I love how the cutouts in the top mimick the shapes in the skirt. With this light color palette I needed a dark belt to define my waist, so I went with my new favorite belt from Anthro that has triangular shapes in the front. I really loved how this outfit turned out, and my kids were so proud that mama knew all her shapes.

I threw in a little bonus picture for you guys today. Alot of you have complained that my photos looked too forced and posey, so I decided to give you a big toothy smile in the last picture. What do you think? You like smiley me better? The funny thing is I felt more forced with the smile than without it. As weird as it may seem, I'm more comfortable in my posey shots. I'm trying to break out of my comfort zone. I really am.

My Morning Jacket - Circuital

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  1. love love your look and hot shoes! Its my first time visiting your blog and i would be back to visit! Come by and say hi sometime :)

    xo Nav

  2. Bonnie, I LOVE IT!!! When I want a more natural smile from a subject, I always try to talk to them through the camera and wait until I get the look I want. Maybe tell your photographer to do the same? Of course posing is always required for a great photo but it's what I call the "in between" moments...the moment before and after a true pose is where the magic happens. Keep it up! Loving it!

  3. You have a beautiful smile. Smile more often!

  4. You look lovely both smiling and looking natural! And I'm in love with those shoes!! Gorgeous!

  5. When people mentioned you looking posey, I think they meant your whole body, not just the smile. I think your usual smile is the most natural looking part of the picture, actually. The "posiness" lies in how the rest of your body translates into the photo.

    The first photo looks the least forced to me. The awkward expression on your face and the slight curve in your body really tells a story, as if you were caught by someone passing by the photo shoot. Its the best picture out of the bunch, and I'd like to see more photos like that. Not simple or boring in any way, just almost caught in the moment.

  6. The sky is clearing after the storm - you're much more calm and relaxed. You look like you've figured some things out. I looove that skirt! It has a sort of art deco look to it.

  7. Yes, I think a lot of the posing that looks unnatural has to do with how you position your body in addition to very little smile. The poses just don't look natural.

  8. Bonnie, you have a beautiful smile! I'm the one who posted the prior comments about relaxing and trying not to pose, just be spontaneous. What anon at 6:28 said is what I meant- your body positioning. I agree about the first photo! Your face though, in the 4th photo looks pretty relaxed, though your body positioning is rather posey. None of this is a big deal really. Just some suggestions that would make your pictures even better. Maybe try just walking around or doing something and having photographer friend just snap photos. See where that gets you.

  9. P.S. Not putting your hands on your hips or hugging walls would be the first order of business. ;)


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