Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Last Friday night, I ventured out to my closest Anthropologie store intending to pick up the Gull Wing Dress in the black polka dot print. Of course, when I got there I decided to take a few new arrivals back into the fitting room with me. I didn't get to the store until 7pm, so I only had a couple of hours to browse the store and try on some things. As a consequence, I ran out of time and didn't get to try on everything I took back with me. Even though I love the Gull Wing Dress, I ended up purchasing a totally different and much more expensive dress (why does this always happen?). An outfit of the day of that purchase is coming tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few of the things I did get a chance to try on:
Bocagrande Dress ($248). Ok, so when I picked up this dress and looked at the price, I thought this must be made out of some really nice silk. Nope. Rayon. $248 for a rayon dress? No thanks! This is a size small and it fit fine. The fullness of the dress wasn't very flattering on my figure. I think a belt could have helped with this. The color is pretty, and I love the cutouts at the top, but for this price, I expect better material. Pass.


Wavering Grid Dress ($148). I'm a sucker for a jersey dress, and this one did not disappoint. I loved the interesting print, and the fit was to die for. It was a little longer than I had anticipated, hitting just below the knee, but I didn't mind it. However, it may be a problem for someone on the shorter side. This is a size small. Wishlisted.


Whirligig Dress ($138). Yet another jersey dress. I've had my eye on this one online. I love this purple color, and it is probably the most comfortable dress I've ever had on my body. The material is super soft. This is a size small and the fit was excellent. This will be my next purchase from Anthro. Wishlisted.


I couldn't find this dress online, so I don't know the name. What I do know is that this dress is freaking gorgeous. I let out a gasp when I saw it in the store. The color, the corseted top, the embroidery... It runs really small. This is a size 8, and I couldn't zip it. I didn't have time to try on a larger size. I'm hoping to try this on again someday, because I think in the right size it could really work on me. Wishlisted.


I saw this combo on a mannequin and really wanted to try it on. Of course, none of the items were anywhere in the remote area of the mannequin. I told my man that I was going to the sale room and that while I was in there, I had a little mission for him if he chose to accept it: locate all the items on the mannequin. When I emerged from the sale room, I expected to see him with a armful of clothes, but he had nothing. I looked at him with a little pout on my face and said, "You didn't accept my little mission." He said, "Nah, decided not to." As I stood there rejected, he said, "Walk over here. I want to show you something." He walked me over to a rack of skirts that matched the one that was on the mannequin. Then he said, "I got something else to show you over here." Of course, it was the sweater. This continued until we had all the pieces. He's such a tease! Anyway, I was so happy and excited to try on this outfit. Once I got it on, it didn't disappoint. I pretty much loved it, but it was way out of my price range to purchase all of these pieces. Oh well, at least I had fun with it and maybe I can accumulate all the pieces one day. I must add that I was so proud of my boyfriend for finding all these pieces in the store, but he confessed during a conversation with friends a few nights ago that he asked an SA for help. Hmm...I guess I'll give him an A for effort.


Orbweaver Dress ($258). This is something I wouldn't have normally tried on, but my boyfriend picked it out for me, so I decided to give it a try. What do you know? I loved it. It has a really cool boho vibe to it, and I love the Y-shaped strap in the back. Too bad for me my boyfriend has expensive taste. I expected the price tag on this one to say $148. Nope. $258. Most expensive thing I tried on all night. Bummer. Waiting for sale on this one. Wishlisted.




  1. Um, lady, I think you NEED that yellow dress in your life! I love it on you! The Whirligig is nice, too, but that one's my favorite. Thanks for the reviews!

  2. LOL @ your guy! Too funny. I love that entire outfit on you. Casually stunning! I hope they find their way into your closet at some point. :)

  3. Your BF is too funny! That outfit is great on you... I think I will make it my mission to find all the pieces on the mannequin for my closet too. :)

    I love the whiligig dress. It looks like such a versatile dress and it looks amazing on you.

  4. Great reviews! I love the Whirligig on you, as well as the Grapevine Tank/Circle Vest/Cloudless Skies Paperbag Skirt/Mystery belt combo -- I imagine those pieces would work individually with many of the items you already own.

    "my man" :-)


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