Happy Birthday to Me!

This past Wednesday, I made a trip to my local Anthropologie to use my 15% off birthday discount. I was so excited when I got my discount card in the mail. It came in a cute little pouch. I was so impressed with the packaging that I took some pictures to share with you guys.



When I arrived at Anthro, I made sure to get some pictures outside the store. The vine growing on the wall outside had grown alot since last year. There were big sale signs hanging over the doors. My plan was to pick up the Plaited Brushstrokes Skirt because it was on my wishlist and went on sale this week. Once I took some things back to the dressing room and tried them on, though, I changed my mind. My wishlist grew a little larger after this latest Anthro excursion. Sigh.





So, what did I get myself with my birthday discount? Two items at full price. It was a tough decision because I loved just about everything I tried on, but these two seemed liked the more "special" Anthro pieces out of the lot. I'm hoping the other items will be more likely to be around come sale time.

The first item I fell in love with was the Heartsease Habotai Blouse($98). I would have usually grabbed a size 6 in this, but there wasn't one in the store, so I tried on a size 4. The 4 fit great. I love the print on this and the fit is so flattering. The lightweight silk feels great against my skin. I can see myself wearing this alot this summer.


This next item was the first thing that caught my eye when I walked in the store. For some reason, I usually have good luck with the first item I pick up. It's the Dynamic Zigs Dress ($158). I tried on a size small, and the fit was perfect. I love the bold pattern on this dress, and it is so comfortable. I see this as being the dress I go to on the days where I don't feel like thinking about what to wear. I can just throw it on with some cute sandals and go.


Of course, I took pictures of everything else I tried on. I will post reviews on those items tomorrow. There was one top in particular that I loved so much that it broke my heart to part with it. I think it will still be around for awhile, so I'm going to be patient and get it a couple weeks from now.

So there you have it, my birthday haul. I'm so happy with my purchases, and I've enjoyed sharing my experience with you guys! Thanks for reading!



  1. I just love being in Anthro. There's something about it that's so relaxing and chill! My Anthro is the one in Greenwhich, CT...Most of the women that shop there are tiny so that leaves loads of size 8's and 10's for me. Score! Anyway, here's my art shot from last week.

  2. I spent my birthday discount pretty much the second I got it in the mail at the beginning of the month. In fact, I think I spent it on May 1 :) I love the Zigs dress on you! It's totally on my wishlist too. I just love a good printed jersey dress that requires no thinking! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy Birthday to you is right! WHat fun purchases! I love that top but it would be soooo super short on me and my long torso.

  4. What gorgeous pieces! So glad you were able to snap up some lovelies! Happy Birthday to you! :)

  5. Happy Birthday, girly!!

  6. Happy Birthday! That dress is adorable, the print is great :)

  7. Great purchases! I love both of them, they are very flattering on you!

  8. Why don't you smile with your teeth showing? Your pictures looked forced and uncomfortable (sorry)

  9. Katie: Gorgeous photo! I love close-up shots of plants. I want to frame some and put them in my apartment.

    AppGal: Happy Birthday! I would have spent mine that soon too, but I'm on a strict budget now, so I patiently waited till later on in the month.

    Jenni: Thanks! Yeah, it is on the shorter side, so you longer torso girls are probably out of luck on this one. I was afraid it was a little short on me.

    Mandy: Thank you!

    crys: Thanks!

    Jess: Thanks! It is a great print.

    Char: Thank you!

    Anon @ 12:59: If you read my blog on a regular basis instead of leaving random negative comments that you are not sorry for then you would know why I don't smile with teeth.

  10. You're happy (and vain) enough to take gratuitous photos of yourself but can't squeak out a smile? Please!


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