Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Walled City Blouse ($118). This blouse was one my friend had tried to find the last time we were at the store. They had sold out of them at the time, but they must have gotten a new batch in because there was a whole rack of them in the store this time. It fit good, but it was a little too flowy for me. There were very floaty streamers on the back that trailed behind me everytime I walked. I wasn't a fan of the streamers. It's a pretty blouse, though. I love the print, and it's extremely comfortable. I might be able to live with the streamers if I could get this one on sale.


Longwing Pullover ($88). I absolutely loved this top. Yes, I know it's a tad bit see-through, but nothing a cami couldn't solve. I love the peachy color and eyelet pattern on this top. The best thing about it, though, was the fit. It was impeccable. This is a size small. It's one of the most flattering things I've had on my body in a long time. I think it's due to the smocking in the front and back. It killed me to leave this top behind, but in the end, I thought this one would be around longer than the Heartsease Habotai Blouse, so I opted for the blouse instead. This is most definitely wishlisted.


Margent Blouse ($78). I really wanted to like this top. I love the rich blue color and the embroidery. Once I got it on, though, the love affair ended. It just seemed really matronly on me. I think it's the high neckline and sleeves. I feel like the top should have either a scoop neckline and sleeves or a high neckline and no sleeves. This is a size 6, and it fit good. Pass.


Sun-Stiched Skirt ($128). I had added this pretty skirt to my wishlist as soon as I spotted it online a couple of weeks ago, so I was really excited when I saw it in the store. I grabbed a medium for some strange reason. I think when I held it up it looked like it ran small. Once I got it on, I discovered that my eye wasn't as good as I thought it was. It was a little too big. I think a small would have worked better. Anyway, I didn't try the small because the colors in the skirt underwhelmed me in person. The skirt seemed drab on me. At this price point, it wasn't special enough. I will reconsider it come sale time.


Hamatreya Skirt ($88). Now, this skirt had the vibrant colors I was looking for. This is a size 6, and it fit great. I love the print. It's so comfortable and the skirt is not too flared. Wishlisted.


Monarch Skirt ($78). Yet another skirt I fell in love with. There wasn't a size 6, so I tried a size 4. It fit great. I love the beautiful butterfly print and lightweight gauzy fabric. Wishlisted.


Sunrise Shirt Dress ($168). This beautiful dress caught my eye online in the green color. My store only had it in white. Although, the white is beautiful, I already have a white Beda dress, so I knew if the fit on this one worked out, I would want the green one. To my disappointment, the fit did not work on me. I tried a size 6, and it made me look like I was pregnant. It looks fine from the front, but the side view was not pretty. I couldn't size down due to the buttons at the chest, so I just accepted the fact that this dress doesn't work on my body. It's a shame, because the embroidery and sleeves on this dress are oh so lovely. I see this working well on less bustier girls. Pass.


Land of Springs Dress ($118). This is not something I would typically try on. It was a little bit out of my style comfort zone, but it seemed like a cute lightweight dress for summer, so I went for it. This is a size small, and it fit well enough, but it just didn't wow me especially at this price point. Pass.


Counting Angles Dress ($168). Oh, Tracy Reese, why oh why must you make such pretty dresses that destroy my bank account? I was all set to purchase this one until I tried on another Tracy Reese dress, the Dynamic Zags Dress. The Zags Dress trumped this one, but only by a little bit. This is a size small and the fit was great. It's made from comfy linen and has lots of visual interest with all the angles of fabric. This is unlike anything I have in my closet. It's a must-have dress for me. Wishlisted.




  1. The first blouse is the Walled City Blouse. I have it but I had to go down 1 size since it was so flowy. I tried it with a skinny belt and it helped with the streamers in the back. I just love the colors in it and it does look great on you!

  2. Loraine: Thanks! I edited my post to include the name. It's a beautiful blouse. I'm glad you made it work for you!


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