"We won't get far flying in circles inside a jar because the air we breathe is thinning with the words that we speak." - Death Cab For Cutie

I've been in a melancholy mood today. I'm blaming it on the weather. It's been cloudy and overcast all day. My little girl looked on my phone earlier and saw a picture of a cloud where the weather info was, and she said, "There's a storm coming Mommie." You know, she right. It's suppose to storm tomorrow. It's amazing to me how a 3 year old can pick up these electronic devices and know how to use them better than me. She figured out how to get on Facebook earlier and she said, "Mom, I'm on Facebook." How does she know these things? LOL!

I went for a retro look today. I'm wearing the Chocolate Chip Dress with a yellow cardigan with flowers on it from Ruche. I put on a bright shade of red lipstick this morning to give it even more of that retro vibe. My husband said I looked like a sexy schoolteacher. It was just light enough this afternoon to take these photos outside. They are a little on the dark side, but it kind of fits with my mood today. My little girl brought me a flower during the middle of the shoot, so I used it in some of the photos. Those photos are my favorites. I think I'll hire her to be my photo shoot assistant. LOL! She saw one of the pictures on my computer screen earlier and said, "Aw, mommy, I love that one with the flower." So sweet!

Today's song is a yet to be released new song from Death Cab For Cutie. This is the title track from their new album "Codes and Keys." It comes out in April, and I couldn't be more excited. This is a live version, so the audio quality is not the greatest. I'm lovin the lyrics and the piano on this one.

Well, we are getting closer to the weekend. I'm thinking about making a trip to Anthro. I need to go shopping for my kids spring/summer clothes, so it couldn't hurt to swing by Anthro and do some reviews. We'll see if the hubster will let me out of the house. With gas prices being so high, I have a feeling he's going to say no. Maybe I can sweet talk him into it. Please don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a beautiful necklace from Anthro! It ends on Friday at midnight. Have a great night!

Codes And Keys (Gibbard Solo, Live in SF) by
Codes and Keys - Death Cab For Cutie








Dress: Anthropologie Chocolate Chip Dress

Sweater and Necklace: Ruche

Tights: The Limited

Shoes: Anthropologie Raines Heels



  1. That is SUCH a cute sweater! I actually had that dress, but returned it. Seriously regretting it now!

  2. Bonnie, great outfit!! I love how the flower complements the cardigan so perfectly, and you have the cutest little girl, on Facebook and all!!

  3. Hi Bonnie - you look so sweet in this outfit (cuz you are sweet).... but the outfit is really great. I love the dress. I wish I would have snagged this one - just like Chrissy says - seriously regretting not getting it.

  4. Love your dress!!!

  5. That last picture is gorgeous.

  6. Chrissy: Thanks! I love this dress! Maybe you can find one on Ebay.

    Dea: Thanks! She is a cutie!

    Sherry: Aw, you're sweeter! LOL!

    Mommyblogger: Thanks!

    Gigi: Thank you!

  7. Are you going to be at the Raleigh Anthro @ Southpoint? I am heading that way for a bridal shower on Saturday and was hoping to be able to stop by that store...maybe I'll run into you there :)


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