Stripped Down

"I want to hold the hand inside you. I want to take a breath that's true. I look to you and I see nothing. I look to you to see the truth." - Mazzy Star

I'm so unmotivated today. I stayed in bed until noon, cleaned up a little bit, laid around some more, took a shower, and went out for a photo shoot. I still haven't folded up all the laundry. My husband filled out all the kids Valentine's for school tomorrow. If it was up to me, I would have just thrown the candy in their bookbags and told them to hand one out to everybody. I'm glad someone is responsible in this house. LOL!

We went out to one of my dad's packhouses today. This packhouse is in bad condition, so my dad is going to tear it down. Apparently, metal is a hot commodity right now, so my dad's been hauling it off by the trailer loads to sale. As a result, this packhouse has been completely stripped of it's tin. I've been wanting to take some indoor photos in a packhouse, but they are all so dark inside. Since the roof has been torn off this one, it was the perfect opportunity to get some inside pictures. We waited until really late in the day to take these, so we would have some pretty light.

Guess what I'm wearing today? The lace top I wanted from Fossil! When I saw it was selling out, I decided to order a small to see if it would work, and it did! It's a little short waisted, but I think it's suppose to be. It hit the model on the website in the same place it is hitting me. I love it just as much as I thought I would. I decided to keep the accessories and makeup to a minimum today and let the top speak for itself.

Today's song is "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star. I loved this song back in my high school days. I haven't heard it in a really long time. I was listening to Pandora radio as I went to sleep last night and this song came on. Oh, I love it so much! The vocals, the guitar riff in the background, and, of course, the lyrics. I'm so glad this song is back in my life.

StrippedDown 017

StrippedDown 036

StrippedDown 086

StrippedDown 100

StrippedDown 069

StrippedDown 042

StrippedDown 146



StrippedDown 160

StrippedDown 163
Jeans: Pilcro Trouser Jeans
Shoes: Seychelles Apple a Day Pumps
Bracelet: Arden B
Earrings: Anthropologie Cloudburst Earrings



  1. You always look so cute and adorable! You never have an off day. I hate women like you! :)

  2. Hi, i read your blog everyday and it never fails to entertain me. You have done a wonderful job keeping up this blog. You looked great each day with every clothes you wear and photos are amazing. You should be a model :-)

    Elise J.

  3. I adore this song by Mazzy Star, so so dreamy!! It definitely takes me back.

    By the way, come on over and try your luck at winning an Anthro gift card!

  4. You look stunning!! Love the confidence that shines through in your photos...

  5. Love your new shirt and the pics are amazing! I love old buildings, it's too bad your dad has to tear it down! I heard this Mazy Star song on the radio last weekend and fell in love with it again too. I had the CD in high school/college and would play this song over and over when I was in one of those dreary moods. I'm sure my roommates thought I was nuts!

  6. Cute! I have a similar lace top from Free People that I love. Looks great with the wide leg jeans.

    Also, a huge mazzy star fan :)

  7. Love the top-the small definitely works!

  8. Gorgeous outfit! That top is beautiful.

  9. I also LOVE that song!!! I'm glad you got that blouse you's very pretty!

  10. Kerri: Thanks! I assure you, I do have off days. Did you see the Oompah Loompah shoot? I deleted most of the pics from that post, they were so bad. LOL!

    Elise: Aw, thanks so much for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoy it!

    Dea: Anthro gift card? Yes please! I'll be sure to check you out!

    Alana: Thanks! I may give the illusion of confidence, but I still have my insecurities.

    Megan: If I had been your roommate, I wouldn't think you were nuts at all! LOL! I hate that my dad is tearing this buiding down. Just look at all that beautiful wood! They don't build things like that anymore.

    Becca: Thanks! Oooh, I love Free People!

    Louise: Thank you! It is very "me."

    Maven: Thanks! Glad you approve!

    Beck: Thank you!

    Dawn: Me too!!

    Meghan: Thanks! I love it so much!

  11. Maybe one of the best shoots yet. That top is so freakin' YOU! It's wonderful with those jeans. I'd be tempted to make one of those shots my header photo, if I was you. So glad you got that top in time.


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