Over the Bridge and Through the Woods

"I recall the sun in our faces, stuck and leaning on graces, and being strangers to change." - Iron and Wine

Well, I didn't go to Raleigh as planned today. My husband didn't want me to go, and since he's the babysitter, I had no choice but to stay home. My trip to D.C. is a week away, so I'll get to do plenty of reviews then. I spent the day doing laundry and going through some old scrapbooks. It's fun to go through old pictures and reminisce. I've changed so much from the person I used to be in those pictures. I feel like I finally know myself and what I want out of life. It sure did take me a long time to grow up.

My husband and I went out to some more of my dad's land this afternoon to take pictures. This particular land has this cool old bridge on it, so I decided to get some shots with it. The camera died before I could get all the shots I wanted, so I think I will revisit this bridge another time. I have the worst camera ever invented. It literally lasts 10 minutes fully charged. Maybe I just need to get a new battery. Anyway, we took the rest of the shots near some woods on this same land. When I was little, my dad had his tobacco beds here. There's a pond near the tree line that was used to irrigate the beds. I remember having such a good time running through the big sprinklers on warm spring days. I had to convince my husband to drive down there. There was a big mud hole, and once again, he was scared we would get stuck. As I predicted, we did not get stuck. I was proud of him for finally facing his fear of mud. LOL!

I'm wearing a purchase that just arrived in the mail today. I got this top for $10 from Kjrsten's Blog Sale on Have a Cute Day. I love the Rosette detail and the pale pink color. The open cardigan I'm wearing over it is a really old Anthro purchase. I think I bought this back in 2005. I've only worn it a handful of times over the years. It's completely sheer, so it's not very practical. I think it really works over this Rosette top, though. I love the green and pink together. I forgot to take a Friday night butt shot, so I took one today to make up for it. LOL! The butt is smaller than it has been in a long time. These jeans are a size 6, and are usually a little on the tight side, but they are fitting really nicely these days. It felt good to look so trim in these! Although, I don't like how you can see my jeans through the shirt, but I guess there is nothing to be done when a shirt is as thin as this one.

Today's song is "Tree by the River" by Iron and Wine. This is off his latest album, "Kiss Each Other Clean." This album sounds alot different than his usual stripped down style. I have to say I don't like it as much. I've seen a video of him playing this song acoustic, and it was way better than the jazzed-up album version. Regardless, it's a beautiful song about times gone by. I thought this was an appropriate song for the nostalgic mood I'm in today. Have a good night!

Bridge 083

Bridge 103

Bridge 111

Bridge 115

Bridge 130


Bridge 007

Bridge 024

Bridge 030

Bridge 037

Bridge 050

Bridge 048

Bridge 071

Bridge 056

Top: Anthropologie Rosette Top
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Jeans: Pilcro Straight Leg Jeans
Shoes: Anthropologie Raines Heels
Earrings: Anthropologie Cloud Burst Earrings



  1. your husband is a saint to go out with you every day and take several photos. Mine thinks I'm a goober taking clothes photos and doesn't have time to indulge my silly blog habit! So my kids take mine! You better make him something extra nice for Valentines! Your shoes are cool!

  2. You're coming to DC? Thats where I live! What are you coming here for?

  3. Holy! Skinny Minny! Your family's land is unbelievable...photo shoot perfection. The colours of the rusty bridge are wonderful. Seventh photo - again, catalog quality, you look gorgeous. Congrats to your hubby for conquering his fear of mud lol...

  4. Peggy: My husband HATES taking my pictures. He also thinks I'm silly. He was being really nice today, though.

    joke: I'm taking a SQL Server class for work.

    Tracy: Thanks girl! If my camera would have lasted, I think we could have gotten some better ones on the bridge. Maybe next time...


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