Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews Day 2

It's been a long day. I'm glad to be relaxing in bed now. I was too tired to even go out for dinner, so I ordered room service. It was a little warmer today and sunny, so I decided to wear my Soft Structured Dress. I really, really love this dress! It has a pretty print, it's flattering, and it's comfortable. I had planned on wearing my Frye boots and knee socks with this dress, but the cold temperatures here forced me to come up with something else. I decided to wear it with my cockle shell tights and booties. Here's the result:




I've got another round of reviews for you. I tried on everything I could find from your request. I'm going back one more time tomorrow, so let me know if there is anything else you would like me to review.

Tuileries Dress. I don't see this one online anymore. Weird. Anyway, I had alot of requests to review this one, so "ask and you shall receive." This must be a really popular dress. There was only 4 on them left in the store. There was no 6 or 8, so I tried on a size 4. What do you know? The size 4 fit perfect. So, this dress runs one size large. I liked the fit, but I'm just not digging the print. The silk feels really great against the skin. This seems like a quality-made dress. For those of you that really love this print, this dress is a winner.



Tied Down Dress ($98). Here's another reader request. I tried on a size 6, but it was a little too big. I think I need a 4 in this dress. So, again, this dress runs a full size large. It wasn't anything special. It felt good and looked ok on, but it just didn't have that wow factor.



Sail Shapes Dress ($158). I never noticed this dress online, but it caught my attention in the store. It's such a cute print and silhouette. This is a size 6 and it fit good. I really like this dress! I can see this being a really great staple during the spring and summer. The only thing that bothered me about it was it really emphasized "the girls." LOL! Still, I'm kinda in love with it, but I'm going to wait it out for sale. Wishlisted.



Canopy Lookout Dress ($128). This dress was new to the store today. It comes in letter sizes rather than numbers. I tried on a size small, and it was a little big up top. It's a pretty dress, but I just wasn't feeling it. I like my white Beda dress better. Pass.


Sing Sweetly Party Dress ($148). I'm a little late to the game trying this one on, but better late than never right? I love the sweet bird print on this dress. I tried on a size 6 and it fit like a glove. I just don't have anywhere to wear this and it would require a strapless bra. However, I might consider this one on sale.


Pezza Dress in green ($128). I decided to try on the Pezza dress again, but this time in the green colorway and in a size medium. I prefer the size medium over the small. I had more room for "the girls", so they were happier. However, I prefer the blue color to this green. So, I've wishlisted this dress in blue in a size medium.


Lunar Cycles Top ($88). I thought I was really going to like this top, but oh, I was so wrong. First of all, the material feels awful. It is very abrasive and scratches at the skin. Next, it's completely see through, but nothing a cami couldn't solve. Lastly, the arms on this sucker were so big I felt like I could fly to the moon and see the lunar cycles up close and personal. LOL! Pass.


Springing Season Blouse ($68) and Pilcro High-Rise Flares($98). This keeps happening. I try on something for fun, thinking I'm not going to like it, and I end up loving it. Such was the case with this little blouse. I think it was the combination of this blouse with the jeans that did it. I LOVE THESE JEANS! So much! They are so 70's and so me! If I could wear these jeans everyday I would. Can you tell I love the jeans? LOL! The shirt with the jeans is just perfection to me. I feel like myself in this outfit. I didn't care if I had to sell my soul to the devil, there was no way I was leaving the store without these jeans. I brought this outfit back with me.



Carambola Peasant Top ($98). There's a fine line between flowy and circus tent. This top was verging on circus tent. This is a size small and there was a little too much material going on for my taste. It's a pretty print, though. Pass.


Nana's Doily Top ($128). Ok, if I had known the name of this top before I tried it on, I wouldn't have tried it on. That's gotta be the most awful name ever. I would never wear anything named in tribute to an old relative's doily. So not sexy! LOL! Anyway, this is a size 6, and I had too much room up top. Apparently, grandma is well endowed. LOL! I couldn't resist. Anyway, size down a size in this one. I think in the proper size it wouldn't be half bad, but I can't get past the name. Pass.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this second day of reviews. I'll be back with another round tomorrow. Have a great night!



  1. I really like the pilcro pants on you, very flattering. About the sail shapes dress I have heard that on it is amazing, but online it looks less awesome. I do love it on you! I think it may be my next big purchase, I thought the tied down dress was my next one but I have been underwhelmed by the IRL reviews.

    P.S-I really like the outfit you were wearing today!

  2. Great reviews! I think your jeans were my favorite item of the day! So glad you bought them. You will get TONS of wear. Super excited to see tomorrow's reviews. If you see the Thatch Palm blazer in green, can you review it? Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much for the reviews! I'm sure the Tuileries Dress will be available online again. Perhaps the warehouse does not have them in stock yet.

  4. Hi Bonnie, the pilcro jeans looks stunning on you! Did you get size 6? I wanna buy that too:))

  5. Thanks for the reviews! If you are able to find them, would you mind to try a couple of these:

    Land Of Springs Dress
    Magellan Dress
    Memory Of Feathers Dress
    Rise & Shine Dress
    Advection Pullover

    A big thank you!

  6. Can you try the Cherry Drops corset if you can find it?

  7. The Pilcros are fantastic and I'm glad you bought them. And I hear you on not liking the Tuileries print, but FWIW, that dress is really flattering on you. You look great in it.


  8. Those Pilcros are great. What size did you buy?

  9. Min Mavin: Yes, definitely get the Sail dress instead of the Tied Down. More bang for your buck!

    Carolyn: I'll look for the jacket tomorrow.

    Melissa: You are probably right.

    Miin: I got size 28's which are equivalent to 6' s.

    Sandrine: Sure, I'll see what I can find.

    Alana: OMG! I crazy about them.

    Anon: I looked for it today but it wasn't in the store. Sorry!

    Beth: The jeans were one of those purchases where there was no doubt they were going to be mine. Love em! Thanks about the dress. I just can't get past the print.

  10. Anon: Size 28. These jeans are so bomb!

  11. Bonnie, thank you so much for the reviews. If you are going to store again and see any of the following, could you please do a review on them:
    Wisteria Halter Dress
    Wispy Cirrus Blouse
    Tepore Cardigan
    Ivory Tower Tank
    Magellan Dress

    I know it is a long list, but whatever you find would be great.
    Thanks a lot!

  12. Yay!! I love when I find an article of clothing that majkes me feel like "me". Awesome! Those jeans are a great find! Not a bad price either....

    PS: Are you sure the dresses are fitting big, and you're not really a size 4 now? You're so tiny, girl.....

    Thanks for doing all this while on your work trip!

  13. Bonnie,

    I am really loving the Sail Shapes Dress on you! somewhat romantic but the patterns are not so busy which will make an awesome work dress with a solid cardigan thrown on!

    Your reviews are awesome!

  14. Aww, Bonnie, it's too bad the Lunar Cycles Top was uncomfortable - I actually really like it on you!! I am all about the "flowy" this spring :) Great buy on the jeans! They look awesome on you.

  15. You look so lovely in your Soft Structured Dress. Really, Bonnie, stunning!! Thanks for the reviews! I had been curious about the Sing Sweetly dress. I haven't been able to try it on in the store because the zippers are always broken! :/ Definitely a better sale buy I think with the whole zipper issue. Enjoy DC!!

  16. Amber: Girl, I'm so sorry. They didn't have any of those items in the store. :-(

    Tracy: I know, it's so great to find something that you are so sure about. Thanks, but I think those dresses just ran big. I don't think I've made into a true size 4 yet.

    Jin: It's a great dress! Can't wait for it to go on sale! Thanks!

    Erin: Thanks! I was really hoping I was going to like it, but it just didn't do it for me. I'm all about the flowy too, but this one was a little too flowy for me. LOL!

    Cat: Thank you! I really love my Soft Structured Dress! So glad I decided to go ahead and get it at full price. It was my Valentine's gift from hubby.


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