Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews Day 1

It's freaking cold up in D.C. Burr!! It snowed last night, so I had to navigate around in the snow this morning to get to class. I was terrified of falling. Needless to say, I didn't wear my new dress. I dressed for warmth today. My class in super boring, and I have my least favorite teacher ever. He has no personality, he only gives us the 2 required breaks, and he taught today past the time we were suppose to go. Not cool! Doesn't this dude know this is my vacation? LOL!

My trip to Anthropologie was a little disappointing. They didn't have any of the dresses I wanted to try on, and what I did try on underwhelmed me. I didn't even take pictures of 3 dresses, because they were so bad. Due to my weight loss, I'm consistently a size 6 in pants, skirts, and dresses and a size small in shirts. I'm editing my sizing reference to reflect this.

Well, let's get into the reviews, shall we?

First, here's the outfit of the day. Anthropologie Hiking Ruffles Cardigan, Anthropologie Sleeve Pitch Blouse, Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt, AE Jeggings, Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots.


Eastpoint Garden Top ($58). I like the print on this and the size 6 fit ok, but its just not wowing me. I think I could have gone down to a size 4 in this. It's pretty roomy. I'll maybe consider this one at sale time.


Chiffon Swing Shirt ($58). For some reason, this shirt looked like it ran small to me on the hanger, so I grabbed a size medium. It was too big, but I liked it. I really like the color, and it's extremely comfortable. I might try this one on again tomorrow in a small.


Imagining Butterflies Top ($88). I really love the print on this top, but it was a little too dowdy for my taste. Also, I think it would look better if it was longer. It seemed too short-waisted to me. This is a size 6. Pass.


Time-for-Tea Shirt ($58). I thought I was really going to like this top, but once I got it on, I was just not feeling it. I mean, it's ok, but a $58 t-shirt needs to be more than okay. I might consider this one at sale time. I tried on a size small.


Pinned Through Shirt ($98). I really liked this top. I think the print in interesting, and I like the yellow leaf corsage things, but wow-wee this top is expensive! I think I'll wait for sale for this one. This is a size 6.


Winner's Circle Tee ($48). I like the price on this one, but once again, I just felt blah about it. This is a size small and it fit good, but it just didn't knock me over with excitement. Wishlisted for sale.


Drawing Parallels Skirt ($68). I liked the color of this skirt, so I decided to try it on. It's comfy and fits good in a size small. I really like the drawstring waist. It's a nice casual skirt for spring and summer. Wishlisted.


Washi Wrap Skirt ($88) and Who's-Got-The-Button Top($58). This is such a weird combination, but I didn't know what else to put with this skirt. I don't care for either one of these pieces. The shirt is not the most flattering on a busty girl like myself, and the skirt makes my hips look way bigger than they are. Also, the waist is uncomfortably high on this skirt. Pass on both.


Contemporarian Dress($128). I really like this dress. I was so excited to try it on. They only had one left in the store and it was a size 8. It fit good everywhere except the top. It was a little bit too big through the shoulders. The arm holes dipped way down showing my bra. I would love to try this on in a size 6 for comparison. Another problem is the back has cut outs, so I would have to wear a strapless or halter type bra. I don't really own a good supportive one of those, so I would have to buy a new bra to wear this dress. Still, it might be worth it. It feels so good on, and I love the retro vibe. Should I go back tomorrow and get this one? I could have the arms tailored.


Pezza Dress ($128). I love the color of this dress, and man, it is comfortable. This is a size small. It was a little snug through the torso, but not enough to size up. It was borderline too low cut. I liked it, but I didn't love it. Wishlisted for sale time.


Sunny Soiree Dress ($148). I was really excited to try this dress on. It has a bird print on the skirt! I'm a sucker for bird prints. It was pretty disappointing on, though. This is a size 6 and it fit good, but you could see right through the top. That's unacceptable for a dress that cost this much. Also, it seemed too similar to my Vappu Dress which only cost me $40. Pass.


Blooming Goldenrod Dress ($138). This is another little dress I was excited about trying on. It looked like it ran small, so I grabbed an 8. It fit good, but there was something about the top half of the dress I didn't like. I think maybe it was the shiny fabric. I don't know, it just didn't win me over. Wishlisted for sale.


Spring-Ready Dress ($98). I wasn't expecting much from this dress, but I loved the jewel-toned green color, so I decided to give it a try. What do you know? I loved it! The color is awesome, but I also love the easiness of it. I can just picture throwing this on with some cute sandals in the warmer months. I can also see wearing it with boots and a cardigan right now. It's very comfortable, and I think the price is awesome for a Maeve dress. This is my alternative to the Take Action Dress. It's a lower price point, and I think I prefer this one to the Take Action anyway. I brought this one back with me.


No Name Dress. I don't see this one online. This was a disaster. First of all, it smells like Diesel fuel. LOL! I'm not joking. This dress stinks! Now, about the fit. The top half looks ok, but what the heck is going on with the bottom part? It looks like a child sewed it. Who would this look good on? You should have seen the side view. It was worse. Crazy! Pass.


Glanz Dress ($158). Talk about bad sewing, this dress was shorter on one side than the other. It was horrible. This is the second one I tried on. The SA had to bring me another one because the zipper was broken on the first one. Poor, poor quality in this dress. Also, it runs really small. This is a size 6 and I couldn't zip it all the way up. Pass.


If you are wondering about the 3 dresses I tried on that were so bad I didn't take pictures, here's the run down.

Florid Diamonds Dress ($158). Two words: Sack dress. Also, weird little sash that didn't look right once I tied it. Maybe with a belt this dress would be tolerable. Maybe...

Flounced Mocha Dress ($128). Three words: Beyond sack dress. This dress looked ridiculous. I tried on a size 4 because I could tell this thing was going to be huge. Even the size 4 looked like a circus tent.

Botanical Crossway Dress ($188). This was alot of dress. I've never seen so much fabric. It was so not flattering on me.

Well, there you have it. Day 1 of reviews. I'll be back tomorrow with Day 2. If you have any request, comment below, and I will try it on if the store carries it. No song tonight. I'm too tired. Have a great night!



  1. Thanks for the reviews! Would you mind doing a review of the tuileries dress? I havent seen it in irl and it looks so pretty.

  2. Hey Bonnie, thanks for the reviews! (Sob on the quality of the Sunny Soiree and the Glanz.) If you see the Cherry Drops Corset or the Tippi Dress, I'd love to see reviews for them! Or really anything that I listed in this post: I'll love anything you try on, though!

  3. Great reviews! I would like to request the Top Brass Pullover and the Tied Down Dress. Plus I second the Tuileries Dress request!

  4. I love that green skirt! Do you remember how much it cost?

  5. Thanks for the reviews! I really like the Pinned Through Shirt, though I will most likely wait for sale too. I'm disappointed that most of the reviews for the Glanz dress are negative. I had high hopes for that one! Oh well.

    The top you have on in the first photo is the Eastpoint Garden top. I picked it up a few weeks ago and love it! I had to size down 2 sizes though. I don't know why it's not showing up on the website, but this link my work:

  6. I think the green skirt is the Drawing Parallels Skirt which is currently only showing up in Navy online. It's $68.

  7. Awesome reviews! Thank you! I tried on the Contemporarian dress, too, and didn't buy for the bra reason. I LOVED it though. And it looks fantastic on you. Do you think you'd be cool with wearing the strapless? If so, then I'd put this dress high on your list!

    I know for me that the bra problem will make me pass over a dress or top in my closet. I hate strapless or other halter bras and always feel like I'm not getting enough support. I just need a regular bra for my girls. Sigh.

  8. The Spring Ready Dress was the right choice. It is absolutely gorgeous on you Bonnie :) Thanks for all the reviews. I haven't made it into a fitting room in AGES!

  9. love your blog and love your pics. I'm hoping someone will review the new tuileries dress....if you see it, please try it on for me - I want to order it online (I live NOWHERE near a store...) but don't know what size to order. I'm large in the chest and want to know whether this dress in a size 10 would accomodate my girls :)

  10. Hi Bonnie

    could you do a review on the Sunday Shopping Skirt? I love that blue shade, as seen online.

    such a pity about the botanical crossway dress. I was hoping to buy it cos it looks so beautiful:(

  11. I love the No Name skirt & the Pezza dress on you!

  12. Oooh, there are some great finds! Thanks for sharing!!


  13. The Pezza dress looks LOVELY on you!

    And I bought the green Drawing Parallels skirt this weekend - I couldn't resist the beautiful green!

  14. Hi Bonnie - great reviews. Too bad class is so boring - at least you get to go to Anthro at the end of the day :) I thought the Pinned Through shirt looked great on you as did the Pezza dress. The color of the Pezza dress is stunning on your skin tone - personally I think it looks better than the Contemporarian dress. Enjoy the rest of your adventures there, I look forward to more of your reviews :)

  15. Wonderful reviews. Your original photo with the
    Hiking Ruffles Cardigan has made me rethink returning mine. Can't wait for Day 2's reviews!

  16. Love the Pezza dress on you! And I'm so glad you got the Spring-Ready dress. It looks lovely on you! What size were you wearing in that pic?

  17. I love the Pezza and Goldenrod dresses on you. Both are very flattering!

    Sharon in DC

  18. Great reviews! Loved the Pezza and Spring-Ready dresses on you. Also, the Odile blouse looked super cute. Waiting for Day 2 reviews...

  19. Thanks for the reviews!

    Is the Looping Lanes belt still available in your store? I am upset I missed out on one :(

  20. Thanks for the reviews! I think you look cute in everything!.... But I understand how it feels to like something and not to like something in person. I really like the dress you brought home with you. :)

  21. Bonnie-- the Spring Ready Dress was an excellent choice for you! It looks beautiful!! It's currently at the top of my wishlist and it will be mine in the green. I'm a natural redhead and I will love having a green dress in my wardrobe! Question though-- how did you feel the sizing one was for you? I usually wear a 4, but the dress looks like it has the potential to run big. However, I do have to make sure that my 34D's are covered, so I'm not sure whether to to stick with my usual size or to go down a size. Thanks for any info you have on that. Also-- I've seen the Contemporarian on a number of people and I've felt "meh" about it, but it's really lovely on you! If you're cool with wearing a strapless bra with it, I think it would be a great choice for you! Aside from the Spring Ready, the Pezza dress was my favorite for you though. It is YOUR color and you look tiny in it!

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  23. Thanks for all the comments guys! Also, thanks to those who provided the names of the mystery items. Since there are so many I'm just going to address the ones with specific questions.

    JG: According to my helpful reader Lisa, its the Drawing Parrells skirt and its $68.

    AppGal: I'm wearing a size small and I still have some room. I think you should try a xsmall.

    Margaret: I haven't seen one in any store in a while. You might want to try Customer Service or EBay. Good Luck!


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