Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews Day 3

Well, I've reached my final night here in DC. Tomorrow I take my test and then make my way back to reality. It was a drizzly, overcast day here, but that didn't stop me from wearing my new purchases. These jeans are so comfortable. I usually hate high waisted things, but these have the perfect amount of stretch in them, so the high waist doesn't bother me at all. If fact, I like it because it really gives these jeans that 70's vibe I love so much. Here's how my outfit turned out today:





I have one final round of reviews for you. I wrote down the items each and every one of you requested. I even went to Anthro's website and wrote down descriptions for each item, so I would recognize them in the store. Today, I managed to find 3 more of the items you guys requested. Sorry I wasn't able to review all your requests. It's crazy the number of items Anthro doesn't carry in their stores. I picked up a little something today for a contest to celebrate hitting 200 followers. I'll announce the details of that next week. I won't be able to blog again until Saturday since I will be driving back home tomorrow night. So, enjoy your night off from me. LOL!

Memory of Feathers Dress ($158). This one surprised me. I actually really liked it. I love how fitted the top is on this dress. The halter top was very flattering. However, the skirt portion was a little too poufy for my taste. Still, I was digging the retro vibe of this dress. This is a size 6.


Rise and Shine Dress ($98). I grabbed a size 6 in this, but I don't know what I was thinking. It's a button down - I almost always have to size up in button downs. I was able to get it buttoned, but there was definitely some pulling in the chest area. I would say this fits true to size if you are less endowed, but if you are busty, you will need to go up a size. I like that it has hook and eye closures between some of the buttons to prevent gapping. Nice touch!


City Touring Dress ($138). I grabbed this one since it's pretty much the only dress left in the store that I haven't tried on. LOL! This is a size 6 and it fit well. This dress was just a yawn fest on me. Pass.


Silk Blooms Eternal Top ($88). I tried a 6 in this top and it fit great. I really like it! It's a pretty print and very comfortable - just the right amount of flowy. It's a bit pricey for what it is, though. Wishlisted for sale.


The Gathering Tank ($48). Here's another top I really like. Obviously, I love the color. It's a beautiful jewel-toned green. I also love the fit and the price. I wanted to buy this today, but I've already exceeded my limit, so I'm going to have to wait a little longer for this one. This is a size small. Wishlisted.


Hanging Gardens Top ($78). This is another pretty top. It reminds me of a colorful version of the Ascending Roses Top. I tried a size small and it fit good. It didn't wow me enough to wishlist it, though. Pass.


Fly With Me Top ($78). Here's another pretty green top. This is a size small. The fit on this one was weird to me. In the battle of the green tops, I'm going with The Gathering Top. It has very pretty detailing on it, though. Pass.


Bespoke Yoke Tee ($78). I didn't care for this little tee at all. The fit was all wrong on me. This is a size small, but I don't think sizing up to a medium would help any. Another problem with this top - it's super sheer. Pass.


Banter Top ($58). This top was not flattering at all. It's too short on me, flares out in a way that makes me look wide, and the bottom is completely see-through. This is a size small. Pass.


Delicate Drafts Cardigan ($98). I saved the best for last. This is another one I'm late in the game trying on. I really, really loved this cardigan. It was the last one in the store. This is a size small, and the fit on it was perfection. I wish I could have taken the picture with the cardigan open, but I wasn't wearing anything underneath. ;-) Only problem - this sweater is pricey! Especially for this late in the season. I'm just going to hold out hope that there will be some left when it goes on sale. Wishlisted.


Well, that's all folks! I hope you all enjoyed these reviews! It was my pleasure to do them. If you have any questions, comment below and I will do my best to answer them. Have a great night!



  1. Love the color and fit of the delicate drafts cardigan on you!
    Safe driving tomorrow!

  2. I love the delicate drafts cardigan on you as well! Plus I immediately disregarded online because I thought it would emphasize my hips but it clearly doesn't! Wishlisted!

  3. Outfit is PERFECT! That cardigan looks great with that blouse - nice job! Hope the drive home is a good one!

  4. Thanks so much for the three days of reviews! Safe travels!

  5. Great OOTD! I LOVED both of those dresses on you as well - I can't wait for Spring and Summer :)

  6. I love the outfit you have on for the day! Those jeans are killer! And everything you try on is gorgeous! Have a safe trip home! Cheers!

  7. Carolyn: Thanks!

    Steph: Yeah, this cardigan is great! I was afraid of the hip thing too, but nope, it's very flattering.

    Tracy: Thanks! I wasn't sure what cardigan to put over this top, but I think this turned out well.

    Deanne: You're welcome! Thanks!

    Jenn G: Thanks! Me either!

    Sherry: Thank you! These jeans are killer! I love 'em!


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