"Saturday comes, Sunday comes, we go..." - The Hundreds in the Hands

Another Monday has come and almost gone. Today was a good day. I had plenty of work to keep me busy, so the day went by pretty fast. I got all my blog sale purchases shipped out. It felt good to take care of that. I signed up for a SQL class in D.C. at the end of this month. I'm looking forward to getting out of the office for a week. I'm going to my usual place, so I will be able to do tons of reviews at Anthro while I'm there! Something to look forward too! I can't wait!

My husband has said I can get one dress for Valentine's Day, so I've been thinking about what dress I should get. I've narrowed it down to the Soft Structured Dress in the floral print, the Woody Nymph Dress, or the Take Action Dress. Right now I'm leaning toward the Soft-Structured Dress. I think I will get the most wear out of that one. I'll have to call customer service to get it, though. It is sold out in medium online. I really like the Woody Nymph Dress, but I think I can get that one when it goes on sale. As for the Take Action Dress, it is very flattering on me, but it's not really my style. What do you guys think?

Today's outfit was put together in the spur of the moment this morning. I decided it was time to wear the Wooded Hideaway Skirt again, but I wanted to style it differently this time. It took all the effort in me not to wear a black cardigan. I don't know what is up with me and the black cardigans lately. LOL! Last time I wore a teal shirt with a black cardigan. This time I went with a taupe cardigan with a black tank underneath and a teal belt for some color and waist definition. I really like how this turned out. I even got a thumbs up from the housecleaning lady as I walked by her in the hall this morning at work. Oh, and the guy who waited on me at the post office told me he liked my shoes.

Today's song is one I just discovered today. I always check out the Indie Spotlight on Itunes each month. This month, the first song on the list was by a band called The Hundreds in the Hands. I really liked the song, so I decided to delve into the band deeper. There was this song called Pigeons that had lyrics that seemed appropriate for a Monday. Also, it has a really cool video with a drunk girl vomitting sparks! LOL! The funny thing is, I was doing this weird thing with my legs in my photos tonight. As I was going through my pictures, I thought to myself, I look pigeon-toed. I swear I didn't plan it. Weird, huh? LOL! I didn't use any of them except one. The first shot is my "pigeon shot."

Hideaway 019

Hideaway 005

Hideaway 024

Hideaway 034

Hideaway 011

Hideaway 072

Hideaway 076

Hideaway 081

Hideaway 099

Skirt: Anthropologie Wooded Hideaway Skirt

Sweater: Anthropologie Hiking Ruffles Cardigan

Cami and Tights: The Limited

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Ruche



  1. Looking fantastic as always Bonnie. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  2. Bonnie - you look amazing as usual. I really like how you use belts to highlight your tiny waist. AND I love the shoes. For the Valentines Dress - I vote for the Soft Structured Dress. It looks like you and I think you can style it a ton of ways... not to mention I want the same dress! :) We have the same body type but I am much bigger than you - so we tend to like the same things. Have a gorgeous Tuesday! xoxo

    Girls Day Out gdo-family.blogspot.com

  3. I also vote for the Soft Structured Dress. I think it looks wow on you. The other two are cute but I think more sale worthy.

  4. I think the Soft Structured dress is machine washable (? not that I've done mine yet!) whereas the Take Action is dry clean only so based on that it would win for me! You could wear it for work, date night etc. I hoping mine will be quite versatile. That is very sweet of your husband to offer you one thing for Valentines :)

  5. I just called and spoke to anthro customer service and maybe this will help you make up your mind! :) The following are all on sale:

    Laced with Grace - $89.95 style #19627728
    Network Dress, both colors - 69.95 style #20044731
    Woody Nymph Dress - $79.95 style #20287355
    Rugged Carats Dress - $59.95 style #19706555
    Graceful Drape top - $49.95 style #20014627

    Not on sale: Soft Structured dress, Gull Wings dress, Take Action dress


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