3rd Time's the Charm

This is not my outfit of the day. My outfit today was pretty boring. When I got home, this pretty dress was waiting for me, in the right size this time. Oh, what a difference the right size makes! I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it online. I was dying to try it on, and I did on my last trip to D.C. I tried on a size 6, and the fit was just off. I thought sizing up to a 8 would make it too big in the neckline, so I gave up on it. When it went on sale a couple of weeks ago, I implusively bought it in the size 8. I just wanted it to work so bad! As you know, I received a size 4 instead of a size 8, so this dress elluded me once again. Well, I called customer service last week to see if they could find a size 8 for me, and they did! I have to say, the third time's the charm with this dress. I love it, the husband loves it, and even my oldest son said these pictures looked really nice!

My husband took some of the pictures tonight with his new fancy cell phone. He researched phones for what seemed like a year and finally settled with this one. Boys and their toys! LOL! I don't know what kind it is. Phones just aren't my thing, but it does take pretty good pictures. The first 4 are from his phone. He did some cool effects like sephia and black and white.

I'm super excited for this weekend! I have an Anthropologie shopping trip planned with Dea from Dea Diaries and Erin from Designer Me. I can't wait to meet up with these girls! It should be a fun time! Hubby has already informed me that I'm not to buy anything, but I have some returns to make, so maybe I can sneak a little item for exchange in there. ;-) Have a good night!





SnowyEgret 008

SnowyEgret 016

Dress: Anthropologie Snowy Egret Shift



  1. Bonnie,

    Love, love, love this dress on you! :) You look so beautiful! Did you find it hard getting the dress on or off? I felt it was a little tight in the shoulders. What color shoes are you wearing? :)

  2. What a beautiful dress. It fits you wonderfully. The proportions weren't working for my body, but on you-divine!

  3. you made the right choice sister - this is fabulous on you!!!

  4. WOW...this dress is great on you. It totally suits you. I bet you're so glad you tracked this down.

    How exciting you'll be going shopping with Dea and Erin. I hope you guys take some fitting room reviews!

  5. Your persistence really paid off -- the fit, style, and color of this dress really suit you. And the reddish-brown tones in your hair really accent all those gorgeous neutrals int he dress. I'm so glad you stuck it out and found one in your size. I can't wait to see all the different ways you wear it!

  6. this dress is so bomb on you! I wanted it, I mean I still want it. It's in my vitual shopping cart! GAH!

  7. You look beautiful in the Snowy Egret dress Bonnie! fits you like a dream, and so gorgeous.
    Have fun meeting your fellow blogger friends. Make sure you ladies take plenty of pictures in Anthro :-)

  8. Really nice!

    I love your style.

    I particularly like the outdoor photos in your styled outfits. Like this one: "Lucerna Winterized" post. :-)

  9. The dress looks great on you! have a fun shopping trip with the blog ladies!

  10. Wow Bonnie I LOVE this! That dress is gorgeous and the fit? Perfection. Have a fantastic time with Dea and Erin, sounds like a lot of fun! Are you planning to do reviews afterwards? I do love a good review post :)

  11. That dress looks fantastic on you Bonnie! Have fun shopping with Dea and Erin!

  12. Elizabeth: Yeah, it is tight through the arms, but big through the neckline. Whenever I had to reach up today, the whole dress came up with my arms, because it is such a tight fit there. Thankfully, I don't have to reach up that much! LOL!

    Pamela: I didn't think this dress was right for my body either, but I sized up and "magic!"

    Cindi: Thanks! I am glad I stuck with this dress! I will definitely do some reviews.

    Jamie: Thanks! I'm looking forward to styling this one!

    Kjrsten: Your comment made me smile! Thanks! Hope you are able to pick this one up out of your vitual cart one day!

    Jen: Thanks and will do!

    Anon: Thanks! I prefer the outdoor shots too!

    Ali: Thanks! I will!

    Louise: Thanks, and yes I will be doing reviews!

    Debbie: Thanks,I'm excited about the shopping trip!

  13. Elizabeth: Oh, I forgot to answer your other question. My shoes are brown. They are the Seychelles Apple a Day Pumps.


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