Loungewear, Outerwear, and Underwear, Oh my!

Today wasn't too bad for a Monday. I have been in good spirits, and nothing major happened at work. Also, I got a package in the mail, so that always makes for a good day! I finally broke down and bought some UGG type boots. I think they are so ugly, but I really wanted a comfortable pair of warm boots that I could just slip on to run to the grocery store or the like. The winter version of flip flops, if you will. I found some at American Eagle that were only $30, and I had a coupon code for 25% off and free shipping. So, that's what was in my package along with some grandpa looking pajama pants that look and feel so comfy! I might just wear those to the grocery store too! LOL! Maybe it's the cold weather, but all I have been wanting to buy lately is loungewear.

It is one of those rare days again when I'm not wearing any Anthropologie. Most of my outfit came from The Limited. The Limited was my favorite store for work clothes until I became an Anthroholic. I don't know if they have changed, or if I have become spoiled by having so many Anthro things, but I don't find as many things that I like there lately. I got this sweater a couple of months ago, but this is my first time wearing it. I think the black lace compliments the pale pink color of the sweater perfectly. It was another cold one today, so I took pictures of my outerwear and underwear. Well, not really my underwear, but the clothes underneath my outerwear. You know what I mean.... Have a good night!

LaceyCardigan 005

LaceyCardigan 002

LaceyCardigan 016

LaceyCardigan 022

LaceyCardigan 023

LaceyCardigan 032

LaceyCardigan 042

LaceyCardigan 047

Sweater, Cami, Pants, Hat, Ring and Earrings: The Limited

Coat: J Crew

Scarf: Arden B

Shoes: Mudd



  1. so pretty!!

    and i know what you mean about ugg-ly boots, i recently broke down and bought a pair. they are my house shoes/study/be cozy footwear

  2. I really love that sweater...such pretty lace detail! I have some old AE Ugg-type boots too and I have to say, I love them! I actually think they're cute! You'll love how comfy they are.

  3. What a pretty pink cardi - the lace trim is the perfect contrast in black. You look super gorgeous in non Anthro items as much as you do in Anthro!

  4. I love the lace on the cardigan, so pretty! I haven't been to The Limited in a long time, I too kind of replaced them with Anthropologie, but your outfit makes me want to go there again soon!


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