Christmas Party

Tonight was my company's Christmas Party. It's late and I'm tired so I'm gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. Have a good night!

Here's the Polyvore set I planned out ahead of time:

Christmas Party 2010 #2

Christmas Party 2010 #2 by bonniejo featuring high heels pumps

And here it is in real life:

BojChristmasParty2010 014

BojChristmasParty2010 013

BojChristmasParty2010 018

BojChristmasParty2010 039

BojChristmasParty2010 036

BojChristmasParty2010 090

BojChristmasParty2010 087

BojChristmasParty2010 088

BojChristmasParty2010 065

BojChristmasParty2010 075

BojChristmasParty2010 071

Dress: Anthropologie Drifting By Dress

Shrug, Tights, Ring, Earrings, Hair Pin, Purse: The Limited

Shoes: Anthropologie Tritone Trumpet Heels

Necklace: Forever 21



  1. I was just trying to choose between the drifting by dress vs. the discovered lace dress for my husband's holiday party next friday. I still haven't decided yet. But you look lovely! I love the hair!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous! Everything about this outfit is beautiful, right down to the tights and jewelry.

  3. You look great Bonnie and this is such a great outfit for the holidays. Love how the tights complement the shoes. You are really stepping up Kington's fashion game!!

  4. wow, a Christmas party already? You look great! Hope you had fun!

  5. Gorgeous! Such a lovely outfit, I love every element. Did you have a good time?

    I have my works Christmas do next weekend, I can't decide between the Sugar & Cream dress or the Waffle Weave.... :)

  6. What a fantastic outfit, I love it!

  7. Gorgeous outfit! LOVE the necklace with it......what a great find!

  8. You look so gorgeous! So lucky you company still have company parties. Our company has not had a Christmas party for the last two years!

  9. This is such a pretty holiday outfit! I love how you accessorized it too. :-)

  10. What a classy outift, especially the very elegant lace tights! You have to be the best dressed lady that evening.

  11. i missed this post!! i love this look, it is truly beautiful and very ladylike.


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