Blooming Lattice

Happy Friday! This has been one long day! It felt like I was at work forever. I'm so happy it's the weekend, and I have all my Christmas decorations up, so I can relax a little and catch up on some books. I had a good time at the Christmas party last night. I had heard they were giving away a Kindle, so I was really hoping to win that, but I didn't. I did win something, though - landline phones. Hilarious! Who the heck uses those anymore? My friend's boyfriend had a app on his cell phone that scans barcodes, so he scanned it for me, and apparently, the phones cost $50. I want to sell them on Ebay, but I don't think anybody would buy them.

I got my photographer friend to take my outfit pics today. I figured I needed to step up my game since I'm sending one of these in for Anthroholic's Reader Outfit Post featuring the Blooming Lattice Cardigan. I wasn't feeling the best today, and my eyes were killing me, but we still got some good shots. I can't believe the people we encounter while we are out taking these photos! This one guy asked if we were married. We said no, and he proceeded to tell my friend he needed to "get that." I didn't relize I was an object and not a person. My friend said he already got one, and I said I was already got. LOL!

I've had this cardigan for awhile now, and looking back on my previous posts, I realized that I usually style it with dresses. I decided to try something different today and pair it with a blouse and jeans. I got this blouse from Anthropologie last year. I don't know the name of it, but it is made by Edme and Esyllte which I learned during a google search means "Butterfly and Bicycle." I guess that explains why there is a picture of a butterfly and bicycle on the label. Well, I've rambled on enough. Have a great night!

Picture 17

Picture 21

Picture 22

Picture 25

Picture 33

Picture 28

Picture 30

Sweater: Anthropologie Blooming Lattice Cardigan

Blouse: Anthropologie Edme and Esyllte Blouse

Jeans: AE Jeggings

Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots

Hair Pin: Anthropologie



  1. love the way you styled it - this is a winner for Kim's upcoming feature! haha - too funny- you were already "got"!!

  2. I love this pairing! You are so right, I always see this with skirts and dresses too. The color is great on you.

  3. ha ha love the banter btwn you, your friend and the passerby!

    Also, you look fierce in the 2nd picture, something about the arch of your eyebrow, kind of sassy and don't mess with me attitude! My favourite one is the "one" picture, not sure why, I think it is the unexpectedness of the wording on the wall :)

  4. Fabulous pictures, and LOL about the guy and his comments. People are INSANE!

    I love how you styled this. First time I've ever noticed someone pairing it with jeans. Love the look.

  5. that strangers comment was funny .. lol ... loved ur top .. like the bohemian vibe in the outfit .. this top was featured in nov 2009 catalogue


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