Find a Penny...

We got our dog, Penny, back! We are so happy! How did we get her back? Well, here's the story, I'll call it the Curious Case of the Missing Penny. If you recall, our little dog went missing on November 11. She just vanished without a trace. We had given up hope until last week when I saw a picture of a dog on my Facebook News Feed. It was posted by someone I was friends with but didn't know. They sent me a friend request a while back and since we had 40 mutual friends, I accepted even though I didn't know them. The picture had the description, "Our baby Cami!, November 14, 2010." As soon as I saw the picture I knew it was her. I compared pictures I had of Penny to the pictures of this dog and all the markings matched up. I decided that I needed to find out if this was our dog or not. I started by looking in the phone book. I found one name that matched, so I jotted down the address. I told my mom about it the next morning. I stayed with the kids while she rode out to the address. She saw the dog in the yard, and she also was convinced that it was Penny. The lady saw my mom in the yard and came out. She said she had gotten the dog from her uncle. My mom came home and told me this. I decided to call the sheriff, because we were so sure it was her. The sheriff paid a visit to the lady, and she told him she found the dog on the side of the road, a road that is 20 miles from our house! I don't know why the lady told my mom a different story. Maybe, she just didn't want to have to give the dog up. Anyway, that day they took down their Facebook page. Curious... Then the next day, their page was back up minus the pictures of the puppy. Curiouser.... I printed out pictures of the puppy and gave them to the Sheriff. I had plenty of pictures of her from all different angles since she was always getting into the frame when I took my outfit pictures. I knew all these outfit pictures would come in handy someday! Fast forward a week later. The Sheriff finally went to their house tonight and compared the puppy to the pictures. It was definitely her, and we have her back home! Apparently, the people were really upset about letting her go. I'm sorry for that, but we have been upset too, and she was our dog that we bought and paid for. So, that's the story. Crazy, huh?

So, today's outfit was very casual and comfortable. I had a horrible headache all day and just generally didn't feel well, so I wanted to wear something comfy. I called customer service about my dress last night. They are going to try and track one down at a store for me. So, we'll see. Did anybody get anything at the sale today? My husband let me order one thing to put under the tree since it has been on my wishlist for awhile now. It's the Musamman Tote. I saw it in a store awhile back and fell in love with it. It was sold out online. I had to call 3 stores, but finally tracked one down. It's on it's way to me from Los Angeles.

Well, we've decided to let Penny stay inside from now on. This ought to be interesting. LOL! She's in bed with the kids right now. You know what they say, "Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck." In this case, we definitely had some good luck!

LustrousLavaliere 046

LustrousLavaliere 054

LustrousLavaliere 031

LustrousLavaliere 039

LustrousLavaliere 088

LustrousLavaliere 084

Penny 018

Top: Anthropologie Lustrous Lavaliere Top

Pants: Pilcro Cohort Cords

Cardigan: J Crew Jackie Cardigan

Shoes: Fossil Tabitha Flats

Ring and Earrings: The Limited



  1. Awww! So glad you got your puppy back. I would be heartbroken without my Samson.
    You look adorable today, and I love the last pic with the kids and doggie. ;)
    Feel better.

  2. Congratulations on getting Penny back! That is really great! Your outfit today looks really comfy, but still stylish. I especially love that last picture of you with the kids and Penny. :)

  3. That is so lucky that you were able to find about your dog on facebook! And good thing you had all those pics of her from your blog. I bet your kids were really thrilled. Happy day!

  4. What a great story. I am so glad you got your pup back!

  5. Yay! I'm so happy you got Penny back! What a wonderful holiday present!! Love the picture with you and and your family--precious.

  6. Oh my goodness! Bonnie I am so glad you got your dog back! Glad to hear your outfit pictures helps whole lot for this investigation!


  7. Gosh that is so weird but I am so glad you got her back! Did they just pinch her from near your house?! Strange but hooray for Penny, just in time for Christmas :)

  8. oh i'm so glad you were able to get your penny back!

  9. Bonnie, I'm so glad this story had a happy ending! What kind of awful people were they that would keep a dog that clearly belonged to someone else? I can't even imagine - how dishonest and unkind!

    I'm glad we live in the age of technology for this reason - had it been 50 or even 100 years ago, you may not have had photos of your baby that helped get her back. I think I'm going to read your posting over again now just because I'm so glad it ended happily!


    (fellow NC'er) :)))

  10. what a wild story about the dog!! sounds fishy - like maybe they knew she belonged to someone else but didn't try to hard to find the owner. What a freaky thing to find her via FB!!

  11. I am so glad you have Penny back!!!! What an amazing story! Wow!!! I bet the kids are so happy. While I can understan someone not wanting to give up the cute pup, I find it hard to believe that they would make up two different stories and not be able to empathize with YOUR family about losing the dog.

  12. I am glad you got your dog back! As a veterinarian I will tell you that dogs are so much happier in the house- they are pack animals after all- so I am glad you will be letting her sleep indoors!

  13. Agree 100% with Christina Bonnie. I've lived here in the south for 9 years and I never heard of people keeping their dogs outside up north unattended, even in good weather. People seem to do it here for some reason - please don't let your dog roam the yard alone when you're at work. Plus, dogs love to be inside with you! Dogs are meant to be family animals and kept inside. She will love you for it.


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